lily: what's this mommy??
me: an animal cracker
lily: its a tiger!!
me: you're right, its a tiger.
(lily takes a big bite, eating the tiger's head)
lily: what's this mommy?
me: part of an animal cracker?
lily: no! its a QUIET tiger!!


i cannot believe august is already coming to an end. this time at home on the weekends has been so precious for me. i have just loved it!

thankfully going back to work next week i'll be shooting a wedding for the most amazing couple- that will help the adjustment back to work so much!

today we took advantage of the cooler (haha) weather and went down to town lake. we walked, people watched, fed swans, then headed to waterloo for lunch.

lots of pictures HERE



seriously, what is cuter? how she says 'quack quack' or her ridiculous obsession with those darn fingers??


lily is so not allowed to watch the weather forecast anymore.

she heard the term 'cold front' and got SO EXCITED about it that she insisted on wearing a jacket to the grocery store at 4pm... in august... in texas. it was 95 degrees and she had on a yellow cotton sundress, two left shoes (one black, one navy) and a blue sweatshirt hooded jacket.

she insisted she wasn't hot.


so fun to be highlighted on another great blog today!

head over to check it out!

confessions of a city eater


we got an update letter from the 3 year-old little girl we sponsor in brazil today and i read it to lily. she was so interested in fabiana that she brought the letter to bed. learning her favorite color and that she has 8 siblings was super exciting for her, but she was confused to learn that they don't have enough drinking water.

me: do you have all the water you could ever want to drink?
lily: yes! i do!
me: fabiana doesn't have enough water
lily: is she really really thirsty?
me: i'm sure she is.
lily: does she have maybe orange juice to drink?

sweet girl.


the girls love it when i use grass to whistle really loud and it cracks me up when they hold the grass up to their mouths and squeeeeeeeal like they are whistling too.


it has been a pretty lazy weekend. we had fun at the liebster berry household saturday night and today we have read more books than i can recount.

just now i was cuddling with kevin in the playroom, eve saw us from across the room and immediately walked with open arms towards us for a group hug. how did i get so lucky??


shared with me this morning based on a conversation had last night by a missionary we bought chapstick and cd's for who is moving to ethiopia in two weeks...**

"Nadine and I would sit for hours in her room," she began. "Mostly we would talk about boys or school, but always, by the end of it, we talked about God. The thing I loved about Nadine was that I never felt like she was selling anything. She would talk about God as if she knew Him, as if she had talked to Him on the phone that day. She was never ashamed, which is the thing with some Christians I had encountered. They felt like they had to sell God, as if He were soap or a vacuum cleaner, and it's like they really weren't listening to me; they didn't care, they just wanted me to buy their product. I came to realize that I had judged all Christians on the personalities of a few. That was frightening for me, too, because it had been so easy just to dismiss Christians as nuts, but here was Nadine. I didn't have a category for her. To Nadine, God was a being with which she interacted, and even more, Nadine believed that God liked her. I thought that was beautiful. And more than that, her faith was a spiritual thing that produced a humanitarianism that was convicting.'"

** how's that for the most random run-on sentence you've read all day?


my baby's all grown up. sniff sniff.

more of her on the photo blog :)


words are powerful- definitely not a subject of controversy. but this morning i was impressed by these amazing images of a study done on the power of words to affect something other than the human heart.

masuru emoto did a crazy experiment of the effects of words over water. he took samples of water and froze them while introducing them to either positive or negative words. through specific messages and prayers, the water took on different forms amazingly reflective of his input.

just a really neat and tangible visual of the way our words impact each other. but as james is quick to point out. its not an issue to tackle at the tongue, its a heart issue.

water wrapped with "you make me sick" while freezing:

water wrapped with "love & appreciation" while freezing:


purging. i'm in a purging kind of mood (and no, not the sonic oreo blast i just scarfed down, i'll be keeping that inside, thankyouverymuch). i cleaned out our toys last weekend and today started in on my closet.

i only have 3 button down shirts left hanging in what used to be my 'work clothes' section. and honestly, its probably 3 more than i really need.

i talked to my mom in the middle of today's cleanse and she wanted to be sure i didn't give away too much just because i'm pregnant and things don't fit right now. i was sure to tell her i have plenty of clothes no matter what i choose to donate right now.

part of our conversation went a little like this:

mom: you don't have THAT much clothes
me: oh mom, i have a lot. too much. i mean, its true i don't have 29 white t-shirts...
mom: i don't have 29 white t-shirts!!
me: you absolutely do, i counted last time i was in your closet!
mom: well.... it depends on what you consider a 'tshirt' i suppose. i mean some are v-necks, some are sleeveless...
me: mom. i am SO blogging this.
::cue laughter from both of us::

so no, i don't have 29 white t-shirts, but it feels good to look at that pile and get it out of my room and into the hands of someone who needs it more than i do!


i was talking to a friend yesterday about a segment she had listened to on npr that featured a christian man whose perspective on social and environmental issues sounded starkly different to the 'religious right'. he was describing the concept that we are to be stewards of this earth and use its resources responsibly.

now i realize its easier said than done, but gosh doesn't it sound like a no brainer to treat the earth as a gift? at least TRY to be intentional about the ways we use and treat it?

i just can't help but feel like this is another example of mainstream western christians using the bible to justify our lifestyle instead of really letting the bible guide our choices & convictions. you can't just cherry pick the parts that jive with you and ignore the hard parts. i feel like everywhere i turn lately that is what i see.

mind you, i am the last one that will line up to throw any stones. i'm just saddened that this mainstream sentiment is what the majority of people have come in contact with as 'christianity' when it seems so far from what jesus advocated.


'i like your Christ, but i do not like your Christians. your Christians are so unlike your Christ.' -Ghandi

perceptive guy. and sorry, but you're going to have to put up with posts like this while i get through this book. i don't know anyone else reading it so i will continue my dialog with the collective YOU :)


seeing them playing together is the best.

i love the lack of junk in her trunk to fill up lily's saggy jammies.


read this today (while cramming before small group tonight. seriously one day i will actually stay ahead of the curve) and thought it was oddly connected to the post below :)

community is about god's redemptive work in uniting diverse people together in Christ. the call of community isn't about finding people just like us, or excluding those who aren't. it's most definitely not about christians finding other christian friends. community, in the scriptural sense, is the result of unlike people committing to love and serve each other and the world.


careful what you ask for... here i am at 20 weeks! 19 more to go!


prepare yourself for rambling. i am just sitting here and a few scattered thoughts from the past few days are hitting me all at once and their interconnectedness seems to be obvious to ME in this moment but i'm not sure i'll be able to effectively communicate my thoughts.

even as a kid i remember having the distinct feeling that no one really understood me. whether it was my inability to articulate in a way that could draw a commonality or maybe a desire to keep a certain amount of comfortable distance between me and others, i'm not sure. it wasn't really until college that i felt i met a few people who 'got' me. in late high school i was lucky enough to meet a few people who, whether they 'got' me or not, accepted me 100% for who i was.

so all that to say, i'm not sure i'm very good at communicating thoughts like these...

the other day i had my sweet friend erin over for dinner and she commented that in reading my photography blog she was struck by how positive i always sound. she said, no matter the session i seemed to have something upbeat, fun, positive to say. we laughed that by reading it you definitely wouldn't know what a pessimist i can be in real life.

fast forward to this morning at church as we make our way through the book of james, we were discussing what he has to say about preferential treatment. i made it through the service, thoughtful as always, but not necessarily getting anything personal out of it other than my complete bias towards people who 'look' like me, who seem familiar to me, who i see and immediately think 'maybe they will 'get' me. and my complete disregard for the fact that my behavior is contrary to jesus' whole message of grace and inclusion.

that sounds like enough of a lesson to get out of the sermon, right?

i thought so. until i sat here just now thinking about my life and my work. and erin's comment.

it's not that i am not being myself when i post my photography, but its definitely a cheerier version of myself. i have to work at being preferred. its what i do. i work at having my photography, my vision, my colors, and my personality preferred over others so that clients will hire ME. not that there is anything inherently 'wrong' with that, but gosh its exhausting.

way back in april, i set aside the month of august as family time. rest time. anything but WORK time. now i am looking forward to it even more than ever. just time to process the past two years of work, of babies, of family, of changes and be able to make intentional choices about the next few months & years.

i warned you about the rambling...