my sweets. they sure are crazy and i'm so lucky they are mine :)


Baby 3

baby girl is getting so big i can see her breathing! at least i think that's her breathing...


Unlike the game “Simon Says,” with the church, if Jesus says it – we just memorize it – we don’t do it. If I ask my daughter to clean her room, I don’t want her to come back to me and say, “Dad – I memorized your words. I can say them in Greek. We did a study on what it means to clean my room.” No – I would just want her to clean it.

-Francis Chan


lily might like the new minivan more than i do. she is amazed by the auto sliding doors and continues to exclaim 'mommy its beeeeeeautiful!' when she climbs in.

she is beyond thrilled to be in the middle seat and can see where we are going and can 'see the sky' (through the sunroof). i asked her if she liked it and would help mommy and she said "yes, i'll hold the baby's hand and give her a paci and when eve cries i'll say 'its okay eve, we're almost there!'"

lord i love that girl.


"almost everyone is struggling, to wake up, to be loved, and not feel so afraid all the time. that's what the cars, degrees, booze, and drugs are about."
-anne lamott


best feeling all day: watching eve point to the moon yelling 'moon! reach reach reach!' waving her hands in the air trying to jump for it.

most bizarre feeling all day: sitting in the drivers seat to test drive a minivan. i felt like i should be driving a gaggle of kids to church camp instead of my (soon to be) threesome.

feeling i'm most looking forward to of the day: my eyes closing for more than 45 minutes at a stretch. this pregnancy insomnia is for the birds.


eve moves at 2mph. its fine unless you're actually trying to GO somewhere and its getting really uncomfortable to carry her everywhere and i'm exhausted. which leads me to this morning...

we were going to the bookstore and lily followed me to the car, got in, eve is still standing on the front porch. i said 'let's go eve!' about 5 times and she just stood there. ignoring me.

mind you, she is fully aware of what i'm asking her to do and she is capable of following directions. she is choosing to ignore me.

so i strap lily in and called out 'bye eve!' waving to her on the porch and started to drive away. i slowly backed down the driveway, pulled up to the front curb, and rolled down the window. she's just standing there saying 'mama?' with her head tilted, very confused and i called out 'are you coming???' and she yelled 'yes yes yes!' and ran down the yard to the car.

of course this whole time lily is concerned & saying 'i hope eve decides to come with us! we can't leave her!' and i'm telling her 'we are NOT leaving her lily, i'm trying to teach her a lesson'

all that because i am too tired to walk back up the driveway to get my child off the porch.

and to top it off- it is TOTALLY something my dad would have done to me, who i pretty much thought was crazy until i became a parent and realized he was a genius.


today i unfortunately have a plea to pass on that makes me doubly sad having just commemorated orphan sunday. so many beautiful children in this world simply looking for a family, for love, and ultimately, for the Father.

this is a repost from my sweet friend Ali's site. please pass this on or contact the woman below if you can be of help.

There's other stuff I want to say today, but this is on my heart and it's really important that this sweet boy finds the right home. I can't say much more without getting really involved in the subject. Please pass this along to anyone who might want to adopt baby Luke!


Baby boy "Luke"
born September 7, 2010
Born full-term at 39.5 weeks
6 lbs 4 ozs
19 1/2"

Baby Luke was diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome. He was discharged from the hospital on October 25th, and is with a temporary care family. He is being fed by a g-tube and is doing very well. A speech therapist, occupational therapist, and physical therapist have been working with him weekly. Both birth parents continue to express a strong interest in making an adoption plan for Luke.

Birth parents are educated professionals. Birth mom received excellent prenatal care of this planned pregnancy. No history of alcohol or drug usage. The birthparents are willing to consider an adoptive family residing anywhere in the USA. Their number one concern is that an adoptive family will have a great deal of knowledge about Prader-Willi syndrome and be ready to offer a structured environment in a loving home to their son with full understanding of challenges the child may face. Birthparents are not requesting an open adoption.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to be considered as adoptive parents for this little boy.

Thank you,
Leslie Wright,MSW
Birth Parent Counselor
Family Resource Center
5828 North Clark St
Chicago, IL 60660


lesson learned: no letting the girls split a milkshake at lunch.

the banging was actually quite loud in person :)

to add to the humor of the situation, lily was yelling from her room 'stop! i'm trying to sleep!!!'