workout time at my house has become a fruitful breeding ground for folly lately. babies crying, lily doing yoga with me, you just never know what will happen while i workout in front of the tv.

you see, i still have 3 more weeks until i can take annie to childcare at the gym (i am genuinely counting down the days) and since the elastic on my maternity pants seems to be all that can handle my post baby girth right now, i have taken things into my own hands with a mixture of p90x & insanity with a little 'couch to 5k' thrown in for good measure.

today i did my p90x kenpo (fancy word for kickboxing) video and managed to back-kick over a kitchen chair and punch myself in the chin.

those are the moments i am happy to be dealing with these lbs in the privacy of my own home. hopefully by the time i make it to the gym i will have regained a little of my pre-baby coordination?


Cindy said...

Hang in there girlie. Have you tried Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred? I find I get a great workout in, in 20 minutes. I have all of her videos, that P90X is tough! I guess there's a lot to be said for stress too, have lost 10 lbs in two weeks, but not in a healthy way. Your girls are gorgeous! ;0)

Meegs said...

Thanks for my first real chuckle of the day. :-)

Emily said...

That is too funny that Lily does yoga with you. My Ella loves to "get sweaty" with me while I am doing p90X lean.