four years ago at this very moment i was checking in to the hospital to have my first baby. i was a nervous nellie about so many things, terrified of the c-section i was heading for, worried about how i'd be as a mom, and really really anxious to just meet you already!

it was a rainy day and i had spent the last month or so swimming as much as possible to pass the hot july at 9 months pregnant. i waited all day long on pins and needles for my 5:30 surgery and just a few minutes past 5:30 i met you. i heard your cry and saw your face and i have never been the same.

you made me a mom. you are FOUR today. that means we have had roughly 1,400 days together. 1,400 good mornings, 1,400 good nights, and millions of kisses.

you are curious, LOUD, girly and determined. you have a little bit of attitude, but i secretly like that. your favorite color is pink. (dark pink to be specific) you are so interested in life and ask the best questions. you love love dressing like a princess and picking flowers. you ask me every day when spring is coming so that you can pick them on a daily basis again.

you love having long hair but hate having it brushed. your obsession with shoes (that you likely inherited from your dad or perhaps GaGa if it skips a generation) cracks me up. you often ask me to wear dresses or fancy shoes and i have to explain to you that mom just isn't that fancy :)

you love sharing your room with eve and get the biggest kick out of making your sisters laugh. you are truly becoming a little girl and are no longer my baby or toddler. i am so looking forward to this next year with you as we make our way towards FIVE.

happy birthday sweetness,

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Colleen said...

That made me all teary eyed this morning. I know the feelings and emotions behind your little girl turning 4. I have only a few short months until mine does also. It is such a fun adventure to watch them grow, learn and see their personalities blossom. Happy 4th Birthday Lily!!!