i did it! i finished the triathlon on monday in under two hours and with a smile on my face.

i was having fun just being in the race atmosphere. chatting with others in my age group beforehand, getting everyone cheering in the water before the gun, encouraging others when you pass on the bike- it really felt awesome.

once my legs hit the ground i started really looking for my family. i couldn't wait to see lily and kevin. as i turned the first corner on the run i saw not only lily and kevin, but my sweet eve as well. it was such a surprise to see her and hearing lily's voice cheering so loud just choked me up. i was glad to have sunglasses on to hide the tears, but i kept on running!

finishing felt great and sharing it with kevin and my girls felt beyond amazing. they have already decided mommy should do another race next year :)


Anonymous said...

way to go mollie ( and you are a lucky mama!) bet they wouldn't believe it if you told them gaga used to run races!!

klp said...

yay, mols! i felt the same way earlier this year with link - the rest of the family was great, but that little shriek was a tearjerker for me. so happy for you, doing something you love - just for you. you deserve it! it's good for all of you. :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Have been following your blog since you former triathalon days and I admire your drive to get back to it with 3 kiddos...while working...got tired just reading about it :)