happy halloween from my cat, bat, and witch! my birthday and halloween were fabulous and i hope you can say the same for you and yours.

more pictures from trick-or-treating HERE


this morning i stepped outside my comfort zone a little. at the gym i am most comfortable at kickboxing or running. every once in a while i wander into a weightlifting class, but that is about as crazy as i get.

until today. i headed into zumba and quickly scanned the faces around me to make sure there were no familiar faces (aka no one i know to make fun of my moves later). i was in the second row behind a group of 5 college girls wearing UT t-shirts. i predicted that they were lapsed drill team types and i would be shamed by their skills... i was wrong.

the class starts and there is no explanation of what to do. everyone in the class already knows the moves so i was just laughing a little at myself and following along as best i could. it was actually really fun, but admittedly not the best workout. so we get going and i immediately felt like drew barrymore in 'never been kissed'. i was this dorky older woman acting like an idiot with about 10x more enthusiasm than the college girls in front of me.

is this the new 'thing' for college girls? acting like nothing is exciting and you're not really trying to do anything? i swear i burn more calories reading than these girls did in zumba barely shuffling their feet. it was so strange! heck we even did the cabbage patch at one point and i almost told them to step aside, i was around when the cabbage patch was cool!

i think it is safe to say my girls would never fit in with this crowd. they can't even pretend to not get excited about just about anything. let's hope that never changes!

and for a taste of how idiotic i looked, here is one of the dances from today- straight from the teacher's youtube channel. haha!


these girls crack me up. my favorite part is when lily says 'this one's kinda tricky...'


break my heart for what breaks yours.

perhaps you heard this week about the horrific injustice experienced by a toddler in china passed by over and over again in the street while dying. if you haven't, i don't suggest you look into it. i unfortunately read and watched the entire thing in disbelief and it got me down. to be honest, i was already a little down that day and it kinda threw me over the edge.

my sadness over the brokenness of our souls is hardly newsworthy but it has stuck with me this week.

fast forward to sunday morning. the leader of 'HELP' spoke about our initiatives in Haiti and showed lots of pictures to celebrate what has been done but also to talk about the need. the pervasive need just swallows me and paralyzes me and i found myself crying.

break my heart for what breaks yours.

we talked about the good samaritan. i would usually think 'yeah yeah, i know that story' but it hit me as he read luke 10 and i jotted down for kevin to read 'that toddler' and he nodded and whispered 'i just thought the same thing'. and so i just sat and cried.

i don't have a pretty package to wrap this up with a bow. i don't know what any of this means. my heart is broken and its breaking and i don't know what i can do or what God wants me to do. i just don't want to feel paralyzed by it anymore.

the first small step is our second annual garage sale for orphans next sunday, 30th. if you're in austin and have anything to donate, please email me. here is a picture of the home last year's donations were able to provide for over 30 of our sponsored orphans in haiti:


“Sometimes I would like to ask God why he allows poverty, suffering and injustice when he could do something about it. But I'm afraid he might as me the same question."


eve muttered to me something that sounded like "blah de blah blah friendship".

i asked 'what sweetheart??' and her response was "blah blah blah de friendship".

i said "eve, i dont understand."

she said slowly (for those of us clearly delayed to catch on) "frieeeeeeend shiiiiiiiip. you know, when you love someone and they love you back. and sharing."

lily responded "oh eve, you don't just share with your friends. you are supposed to share with everyone, even if they aren't your friends."

and i just sat there wondering when and why life ever gets more complicated than that.


life has turned to pure crazy. fall is upon us, my sweet baby turns 1 in less than two months, and i truly feel like i'm losing a bit of my sanity by the day.

this month alone i have already shot 22 families and have 6 more to go. my type a ridiculousness as it relates to work (in its completely limited capacity) means i am currently up to date on editing all of those sessions. which in turn means i could likely fall asleep this very instant...

it is encouraging to have so many people trusting me with the important job of taking their portraits, but discouraging to feel like you are not doing the best job at home during this busy season. i see others around me succeeding, failing, seeking and i am so frozen in place making sure none of the balls i have in the air fall- i can't even reach out to help them.

i've cried some tears this month. they were the first i have cried in really quite a long time. so long, i actually couldn't remember the last time i cried when someone asked me recently. heck, i cried some tears today!

all this to say, my apologies if it is quiet around here for a bit. just trying to keep the objects of my life that are in motion from colliding.


four. i was promised a magical wonderful child the moment they leave the 3's behind. for a while i wasn't convinced. lately? i have to say i think i fall deeper in love with my four year-old every day.

we still have our hard days, don't get me wrong. but all in all, four has been so much fun.

Lily cuddles, she loves, she draws, she storytells, she climbs, she NAPS!, she is the best version of herself.

it is so interesting to me that the response i get from nearly everyone when they meet my kids and realize how close in age they are is one part 'what were you thinking' and one part 'are you doing ok?'. so far, yes it is a little crazy, but at the same time, i get to experience so many stages of baby and toddlerdom all at once.

at least that is me looking on the bright side today, you may need to remind me of this tomorrow.


so you know how important 'mimi' the bunny blanket is to eve, right? well a few weeks ago she left mimi at e's house under the watchful *achem* eye of her daddy.

we were mimi-less. i predicted a total breakdown. thankfully kevin talked eve into believing annie wanted her to sleep with one of her lovies instead. i got home shortly after and dug up the spare mimi and crisis was averted.

in the two days mimi spent at e's house we got the following sequence of pictures chronicling her brief visit. eve absolutely loved seeing what mimi was up to until they were reunited...

relaxing with tv and a brew after a long day

brushing her teeth

sleeping on a nap mat

playing on pinterest

working out on mike's bike

running errands

listening to a podcast

another late night beer