as the father sent me, so i send you.
john 20:21

we are being sent. as matthew hansen said this morning at church, we need to be love to people who need love. it isn't a checklist. sitting around feeling like we are being good 'do'ers while forgetting its about 'be'ing isn't doing anyone any favors. i want to BE. i'm working on it.

things feel exciting but unsettled right now and i'm not so good at unsettled. i get what my sister and i refer to as 'the pit'. the pit is that feeling in your stomach when something just isn't right.

in the midst of other changes and the chaos that is life these days, my annie is turning one on tuesday. say it ain't so. the joy of my life is almost 365 days old. despite the craziness that having a third child has brought to our family (a friend once referred to the third child as 'sinking the family battleship')... i wouldn't trade susanna kathleen for the world. not for a single moment of peace and quiet. not for an easier trip to the grocery store. not for a hip suv instead of a minivan. nope. not a chance. she is ours, all ours and i thank God for her every step of the way.

lots of pictures to come this week hopefully!

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