Lily pretends

our first time playing 'birthday party'

lily is a big fan of make believe... especially when she's the center of attention :)


moody susanna

sweet susanna


workout time at my house has become a fruitful breeding ground for folly lately. babies crying, lily doing yoga with me, you just never know what will happen while i workout in front of the tv.

you see, i still have 3 more weeks until i can take annie to childcare at the gym (i am genuinely counting down the days) and since the elastic on my maternity pants seems to be all that can handle my post baby girth right now, i have taken things into my own hands with a mixture of p90x & insanity with a little 'couch to 5k' thrown in for good measure.

today i did my p90x kenpo (fancy word for kickboxing) video and managed to back-kick over a kitchen chair and punch myself in the chin.

those are the moments i am happy to be dealing with these lbs in the privacy of my own home. hopefully by the time i make it to the gym i will have regained a little of my pre-baby coordination?


annie will grow up either loving or hating 'smooth criminal'. judging by the number of adaptations we've come up with today alone, i'm guessing it will be the latter.

versions today included:

annie are you poopy? are you poopy...are you poopy, annie?

annie are you smiling? are you smiling...at your mommy, annie?

annie where's your swaddle? your swaddle...where's your swaddle, annie?

on one hand i would feel genuinely terrible keeping her from what could be a true love of all things michael jackson, but on the other hand i could be preventing her from getting into a lot of trouble with her mama's p.y.t. dance from college. its really a toss up.


parenting and becoming a mom, especially of a preschooler, has taught me to see things differently in more ways than i can enumerate.

while you may see a front yard constantly cluttered with random balls, pillows, and a bat- i see a house where my girls spend nearly every afternoon gallivanting around the yard waiting to see who can spot daddy's car first as he rounds the corner home at the end of the day.

while you may see a child wearing a disaster of an outfit and wonder if she realizes her shoes are on the wrong feet- i see a little girl whose budding personality drives her to seek out all things 'dark pink', that proudly dresses herself the minute she wakes up in the morning, and has mastered putting on her shoes all by herself.

while you may see a mother irresponsibly using treats as a bribe- i recognize a mom doing her best to make it through the grocery store with three babes who knows the power of a doughnut.

while you may see a lady with random stains on her shirt and a messy ponytail- i see a mom who has been able to let go of perfection and who knows her children only look for her smile to warm them, eyes to comfort them, and hand to hold onto no matter what she is wearing.

while you may see me and think i'm keeping it all together- i know how fragile our peace really is and how much i appreciate every day we make it through with laughter and hugs.

i've never been more happy to be given a new perspective on it all. and never more thankful for the 'under 4 feet' crowd who is determined to keep me young, silly, and seeing things their way.


lily: i want to watch a movie on the line
me: huh? what movie?
lily: the movies on the line
me: what line??
lily: the LINE! where there's lots of movies to pick
me: OHH!! online! you want to watch a movie online!
lily: yes! on the line!

duh mom.


lily is my little buddy. i think there are moments when we both miss the days when we could just focus on each other. i had a bit of an overwhelming day today and after kevin bathed the girls and she was in her nightgown i just decided lily and i needed some time together.

i asked her to go on a treasure hunt with me and she immediately yelled 'YES!' and grabbed a bowl (to carry all of the treasures in of course)

while she grabbed the bowl, i grabbed my camera.

a few pics- click to see them bigger

she jumped right in to the spirit of the walk- even dubbing a part of the journey an 'enchanted forest' where we weren't allowed to talk. i am so happy that the days are getting longer and the weather has warmed up. we both needed this. big time.
every day i am one step farther away from having babies. every day it makes me just a little bit sad knowing this phase of life is so brief and is only getting shorter.

and yet every day i look forward to it all the same.

i'm having one of those days when i just need an extra breath of fresh air. thankfully its going to be in the 70s all week. i foresee lots of time spent outside. please cooperate, miss annie. mama needs a decent night of sleep (ie. longer than an hour and a half at a time) and some time with the warmth of the sun on my face.

its hard to be a light when you feel like your flame keeps getting blown out.


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snow dayyyy!!! what a treat for my born and bred texas gals to wake up to a dusting of snow. it was just enough to make a few snowballs & run around in our brief version of a winter wonderland. they really loved it!

more pics HERE.



learning new skills on a cold pajama day