it is funny the things that made me sad as a mom as my kiddos got older. for some reason, the sharp i-teeth were a hard step for me. there is something about those teeth that make a baby look so much more grown up to me.

it made me so sad each time lily and eve got those teeth. it is a natural progression from the adorable two teeth on bottom first and so on for almost all kiddos. not for annie! it is as if she knew how to make something so small into a new and fun part of motherhood instead of something else to dread about them growing up.

enter my snaggle tooth. girlfriend got all her teeth in the most bizarre and abnormal pattern and you never know which one will break through the gums next. i admit i love her snaggly smile so much. i have tried without success to capture it in the past but i just love this snapshot of her in the bath showing her wonky teeth off with pride!


klp said...

i love it! she looks like a prize fighter. except really cute and stuff. :)

Elizabeth said...

This is exactly how my Annie cut her teeth, too! It made me laugh so hard and is too cute!