i was sitting at a client's house amazed by her sweetly behaved 5 year old twins when i spied a sticker chart in the hallway. i asked the kiddos about it and they excitedly said 'its our HAPPY HEART CHART!'

i asked mom more about it and she told me that when the kids started getting older, she wanted to tackle the attitude that starts to pop up along with their molars :) around 4 my struggles with lily started to be more about HOW she obeys, not IF she obeys. at one point a few weeks ago she actually crossed her arms and gave a loud 'humpf!' when she didn't want to do what i asked.

the chart is about spirit, about not just obeying but doing so with a positive, happy heart! needless to say i went to the store for posterboard and stickers and made two identical 'happy heart charts' and got lily and eve schooled in the wonders of a sticker chart immediately. we practiced a few common requests on my behalf (ie. can you please take your shoes upstairs and put them away?) and role played what their responses might look like with a grumpy attitude and then with a happy heart. eve particularly liked the over the top grumpy answers :)

both girls got on board and have been super excited to earn stickers. i have a 'surprise' box (aka old shoe box) that they can select one item from upon gaining 10 stickers and both girls chose candy necklaces as their first reward. i remind them often that we are ALL still learning to 'obey all the way, right away, with a happy heart'.

the proof is in the pudding- here is eve tonight with her booty. she earned 10 stickers this week!


Katie said...

I love this idea! We too are struggling with 4 year old attitude.

Anonymous said...

Genius!! At two and a half, my daughter just last week really discovered the power of NO. I am totally trying this

P.s. - I am really enjoying your Haiti posts

liz said...

would love to see a picture of your happy heart chart. what a great idea!

Elizabeth Phillips said...

After an epic meltdown after the Wii being turned off resulting in no electronics time tomorrow, I suggested we make a happy heart chart for Henry. I told him 10 stickers meant he could have a piece of candy. This only sent H into further hysterics because, "Mommy, candy has so much sugar and us bad for my teeth! What if a happy heart means all of my teeth fall out?"