eve's musical genius

her quirky personality wins me over every day.


Best Job | P&G London 2012 Olympic Games Film

i read an article a few days ago that said after interviewing high level athletes the most common thing they claimed as the best thing their parents said about their sport was 'i love watching you play'. that really got me- not 'great job' or 'you are so good' but 'i love to watch you'.

i love everything about that statement. good or bad, win or lose, i LOVE to watch you is what it boils down to. and along that sentiment, here is the best commercial i've seen in a while...


i stood outside on the back porch of our new house today staring up at the stars. they sure are bright out there. i thought they were pretty darn bright at our old house, but i see now that i was wrong.

as excited as i am about this new chapter, i have a twinge -okay maybe more than a twinge- of sadness. y'all know change and i aren't exactly friends! the truth of it is, i have lived in this house longer than any other in my life that i can recall. we moved a lot growing up and 5 years is oddly enough a record.

the girl moving out of this house is so starkly different from the girl who moved in. i was giantly pregnant, managing accounts from home, eager to meet my first baby and still in many ways a newlywed. i move out as a self-employed mom of three beautiful little ladies finding my way as a community member and happily married to my best friend. i never would have dared to hope for the amazing blessings we have experienced while living here. i am so eager to see what this next chapter holds, but nervous that nothing could be as wonderful as these years in our little house on the park.

i'll leave you with this precious iphone shot of my girls at the new pad today.  i can't wait to see them on these steps on christmas morning!


happy happy third birthday, miss genevieve


there are blog posts being shared around lately about not letting pinterest and other over achieving moms make you feel bad about yourself. some answer that your worth is in your kids' eyes.

i'll be honest, its a sweet sentiment, but i just can't get on board. kids let you down. no matter how dearly you love them, your family will disappoint you. building up my worth based on people who are imperfect does nothing but set myself up to be let down.

certainly it is easier said than done but if i am comparing myself to moms who make fancy bento box lunches while my kids eat room temperature turkey, i'm making that mom into an idol. transferring that valuation of myself to my kids' eyes or my husbands' doesn't change that i am only seeing my worth as a reflection of how someone else needs/loves/values me.

i heard an old song today while driving. isn't it weird how you can go 10 or 20 years without hearing a song and the lyrics still in some magic way find their way to your lips? the song belts out "I want to leave a legacy, How will they remember me? Did I choose to love? Did I point to You enough to make a mark on things? I want to leave an offering."

so i will continue to try my darndest to not compare myself to other moms. i will also try to not find my identity solely as a mother or wife. i will call myself a child of God because that is who HE calls me. i am loved for that simple and most important of all reason. thank God.


i remember the distinct feeling as our flight home from haiti descended towards the fort lauderdale airport of how organized everything looked below us. straight streets and grids of houses with orderly traffic signals. i hadn't seen anything like it in haiti. chaos. there everything was curved lines, crowded, houses on top of houses on top of houses.

the woman next to kevin and i on our flight was on her first trip to america. she had the window seat and in her broken english and my awful creole we conversed upon takeoff long enough for me to teach her to use her seat belt and her to say it was the first flight she had ever taken.

as the plane flew beneath the clouds, i saw the florida landscape through her eyes. so flat, so intentional, so clean, so vanilla boring. oh how i wished we spoke the same language. i had so many questions for her.


kevin's version of packing his bedside table:
open box, move contents of drawers to box. close and label box.

my version of packing my bedside table:
open box, open drawer, make stack of all hair bands and miscellaneous earrings that have found their way into the top drawer. open book to the folded page and try to remember when i was reading it last. thumb through an issue of the discontinued 'domino' magazine and lament its untimely demise.

you see, this is why it takes me approximately 10x longer to pack anything than my husband and might just drive him a little bit crazy. it is also how i came to spend an hour on saturday reading my journal from 2003.

2003 was the best of times and the worst of times. 'a tale of two cities' had nothing on my life that year. what pulled me in when i casually thumbed open the spiral was how un-like me the writing sounded. how sad, distant, lost. i started wondering how i ever got to such a low point in my life and how absolutely broken i would be if one of my girls ever wrote the things i was reading.

i was in a terrible awful no good relationship and frankly it was a close call. i made it out by the skin of my teeth and within a year i was healthy again, training for triathlons, making new friends, moving into a positive living situation, and meeting my soul mate. reading it was fascinating and made me so thankful that God has a plan and that it was for me to prosper and not to harm me.

last night watching 'glee' i love love loved blaine's version of 'somebody that i used to know' and for the first time in a long time i feel like i could maybe possibly let go of the anger i have held onto in the back of my heart for the last 8 years. anger at myself mostly for getting myself into that place. letting go means i can see those choices as a part of how i got to be who i am now.

(and as i type this last sentence my children are dancing 'ballet' to the song linked above and i can't be anything but thankful.)


oh boy. where do i begin? longstanding silence aside, things are good around here! we are moving in just under two weeks, work is absolutely insane (in a good way!) and i've been working on lots of side projects as well (seriously what am i thinking?!).

today was our last real holiday in our house. eve's birthday party will be the last hurrah next weekend then we are closing the chapter on this little house that has loved us so well.

looking through the very few pictures i took today of our easter celebrations i laughed at this one. it is so telling of their personalities. lily already dressed to the 9's for the day in pink. eve wearing whatever in the world it is she is wearing (clearly following her own unique sense of style) and annie is along for the ride in halloween footie jammies- just happy to be included.

my three. i couldn't love them any more than i do right this moment!

after a day of packing and hanging out at home, we headed downtown for our church's grillout with the homeless. it is a semi-monthly event year-round but a tradition on easter. the girls enjoyed themselves for about an hour before the lack of food (sorry, i wasn't going to let them cut in line for a burger in front of people who may have not had a hot meal in a while).

it was fun while it lasted though. lily danced a jig with a crazy bearded guy. annie begged for peanuts from a homeless guy on crutches. eve danced to her own music as usual (which was proven when the band stopped playing and she danced on!). i'm sad we didn't get to stay longer, but we were there long enough for communion and to share hugs with friends.

we ended up pinch hitting with a spaghetti dinner at home and got the girls in bed a good half hour before their usual bedtime. note to easter bunny: no candy in next year's basket. we seem to have paid the price for their giant sugar crash all afternoon :)

i hope your easter was memorable and meaningful. he is risen!