gwen stefani comes on 'ellen' wearing a teeny top.  upon seeing her sixpack abs, i promptly google to find out how old her children are.

seeing they are barely older than mine, i take a look at the fried veggie straws in my hand and slowly set them down.

wherever you find your motivation, right??


lily: what does 'holla mean?
me: challah? its special jewish bread
lily: no, no. when people say 'hollaaaaaa!'
me: oh! um, i guess it means hello in that context
lily: in what part of the world?
me: new jersey??


eve is in a codependent relationship with two fingers on her left hand.  it is simultaneously adorable and disgusting.  she will literally pet livestock moments before shoving those things back into her mouth.  but gosh she looks awfully cute.

the dentist as well as other health professionals have recommended we assist her in ending this habit.  it is just SO EVE that i haven't had the heart to break her of it.  i do ask her to take the fingers out from time to time but they are subconsciously re-inserted within minutes.

enter that yucky tasting nail polish my mother put on my nails to help me stop biting them.  my memories of the stuff is mainly how it used to make my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches taste rancid.  i've had a bottle of it on the counter for a week and just couldn't bring myself to use it until this morning.

eve hasn't sucked on her fingers all day!  i wasn't sure if i believed her but i haven't seen her do it.  i asked her if they tasted like a skunk and she said 'i don't know!  i haven't tasted them!' so in my disbelief i licked her fingernail.  HOLY MISTAKE.  that stuff is just as nasty as i remembered.

so here is sweet eve doing a mime of her finger sucking to satiate her desire for now.  we'll see how it goes at bedtime!


annie likes to push limits, ignore reprimand, and chart her own path.  in other words, she is the 3rd child.  kevin and i have unique appreciation for her personality seeing as we are both also the youngest of 3 kids and perhaps have a little in common with annie.

today in one of her less glamorous acts of defiance, she pretended to not hear kevin's warnings to beware of the front flower bed and marched decidedly into a cactus.  now if this was my first rodeo i'd probably convince myself that this experience will perhaps encourage her to heed our advice more often in the future, but i would be fooling myself.

as it is, i tried to remind her we have her best interest in mind as i used tweezers to pull out each cactus tine from her baby skin.  sweet annie.  i know this is not the last time you will get hurt when the danger seems to clear to us in advance.  being a parent is tough stuff.


so excited to be included in this amazing group of people.  i am tasked with the honor of providing images to help these amazing writers tell their stories.  to read more about the team, head over to the site - http://www.helponenow.org/haiti-bloggers

when we returned from our first haiti trip i had such a hard time putting it into words.  the obligation i felt to bring the experiences and interactions to life gave me a major case of writer's block.  i just couldn't do it.  i am so happy to take this group of story tellers back and give people the gift of their words.