i have so many memories imprinted in my mind that involve index cards and without fail they all involve my dad.  he rarely went anywhere without a pocket full of index cards to jot down his thoughts and ideas.  i have seen countless index cards on my mom's bathroom mirror with little love notes and so many on the kitchen counter saying 'i went running, be back in a bit.'  

in my makeup drawer there is an index card.  it has been there for over 10 years and is written in the unmistakeable handwriting of my dad.  it is an apology.

i see it most days and it never fails to make me smile.  this morning as i was getting ready, i pulled open the drawer and while rummaging for something the note fell to the ground.  when i leaned over to pick it up, i turned it over in my hand and thought about how much i love my parents.

see the thing that strikes me most about the note is, i don't remember wheat the apology is for.  i don't remember what feelings were hurt, but i do remember there were tears involved and for better or worse i was upset about something that seemed important at the time.  all these years later what stays with me is not the argument, who was right, what feelings were hurt or why.  what stays with me is my dad loves me so much, he will always make sure i know i am loved.

as i go about my day with the girls i will hope that they do not remember the arguments, the hurt feelings, the yelling or the grumbles.  my hope is that they remember that their mama makes sure they always know they are loved.


i'm going to pretend that wasn't my first thought when lily asked what rhymes with 'duck'. 

....ummm TRUCK!  yeah, that's what i was thinking... truck.
you know that moment when you're about to say something and you can almost feel it coming on a message wire from your brain out your mouth and it is too late to stop, but you're already thinking to yourself 'really?  i said that??'

i had one of those this morning.  eve was bringing me her craft scissors a little to swiftly for my liking and as she was rushing my way, i said it.  'don't run with scissors!'

hilarious and wise all at the same time.


day 17: i am thankful for groups like help one now for changing our world view and perspective

day 18: i am thankful for afternoon snacks in a bowl shared with the little hands of my girls

day 19: i am thankful for peppermint mocha creamer for getting me in the holiday spirits early every day

day 20: i am thankful for ideas that grow into vision that grows into reality

day 21:  i am thankful for family time & holidays. 


day 11:  i am thankful for the photographic history of my kids.  i love looking back over their babyhood through pictures

day 12: i am thankful for caffeine.  i don't know how i'd make it through the busy season without it.

day 13:  i am so thankful for the joy my kids find in each other (during their good moments) and the patience to wait for that joy during the not-so-good moments

day 14:  i am thankful for fuzzy socks on concrete floors.

day 15: i am thankful that after years of painfully straightening my wavy hair, 'beach waves' are finally in style and i can be lazy and stylish at the same time

day 16: i am thankful for whatever genius thought of pandora.


day 9:  i am thankful that my kids have such amazing cousins.  from the ones they see on a regular basis to the ones they don't see as often, they are all so loved by us!

day 10: i am thankful for the families that trust me with capturing their weddings and lives.  its an important job and i'm honored to do it.


day 8: i am thankful for perspective, that turns wallowing in to appreciation.


day 6: i am thankful for katy.  finding a kindred spirit at a very crucial point in life saved me in many ways.

day 7: i am thankful for a family who knows the meaning of a good group hug.  and MEANS it! :)


day 3 - i am thankful for my husband.  i have no words for his patience and love.  it is divine.

day 4 - i am thankful for giggles, cuz they help mute the screaming from earlier in the day

day 5 - i am thankful today for warm coffee and cuddles in the morning.  what a way to start the day.
step one:  watch this video http://vimeo.com/52887946
step two: join pure charity (need an invite?  email me mollie@ bloomaustin.com)
step three:  let's do this.


day 2 - i am thankful for soft beds and cool pillows after a long day of kid rearing and business running.
30 days of thankfulness- day 1

I am thankful for my confidence in my faith and peace that comes with knowing God on a personal and intimate level.


so much sweetness.

so on a wild hair i thought i'd pull a jimmy kimmel on lily... she let her sweet spirit shine straight through my shenanigans.