having been someone who was the 'new girl' quite often in life and struggled to find my place among friends that felt like home, i cherish that feeling perhaps more than most.  moving from school to school definitely taught me valuable life skills and i can drum up a conversation with a stranger at the drop of a hat, but left me without a group of friends that i had shared my whole childhood with.

i remember in high school after moving my 9th grade year my parents sat me down and tried to gently talk to me about my lack of friends.  they were trying to encourage me to invite people over or ask classmates to do social things together.  i was one part embarrassed, one part apathetic to the whole thing.  luckily for me by my senior year i had finally found a group that felt like home.  mostly misfits and new kids, but they were my people.

as an adult it has felt infinitely harder to find my people.  especially with children who rightfully require the majority of your attention and love, it can be so hard to find and invest in true friends.  perhaps the only thing i hate about austin is the fact that wonderful people move here from all over the country but then eventually most move closer to their families when they have kids.

i woke up this morning thinking about starting my day and i felt this immense thankfulness.  i am in a period of life where i have my people and it feels so wonderful.  i have amazing friends at church, i have my sister and her family nearby, i have a fun group of social friends that i look forward to spending time with, and i get to have a sleepover every night with my best friend of all.  if life has taught me anything, it is that things can and do change in the blink of an eye so for today i want to say 'thank you' to the people in my life that make it so amazing.  to the people that make me feel loved and make me laugh, 'thank you'.


happy happy new year to all!  yes, i have been missing in action.  life has swallowed me whole it seems.  i am trying to avoid 'resolutions' but it is past time for me to incorporate more wisdom into my daily life and infuse my girls with truth.

a long time ago i had an index card spiral notebook i took everywhere with a verse on each card to memorize and internalize.  i'm reverting to my 1995 self and picking up a spiral today.

so go to the comments and share verses, truth, and wisdom with me you think should be in the book!!