i should rename the blog 'adventures in downsizing'.  our big move is this week! we are reducing our living space by 1100 square feet and have been busy selling furniture and things that (thankfully) just won't fit in the new house.

people's reactions are pretty polarizing.  they either respond positively with something along the lines of "oh wow, that will be so freeing" or they respond on the negative with "are you serious??"  well, YES we are serious!  i know this will not be without its challenges, but we are definitely up for it.

this is of course not to say we won't miss our (not so) little piece of paradise.  i have moments when i want to sit down and have a really long hard cry about leaving but honestly, i just don't have time.  moving 5 people is a full time job.  and i have a full time job already.  and did i mention school's out for summer already??

so we have 6 more days here in our 'country' abode and as we head back to civilization, i'll take lots of pictures of the new space once its up and running.  i'm truly thrilled about our new neighborhood and the people we are going to be living life with at our new address.



i've been watching hgtv long enough that i've convinced myself i can throw around phrases like 'reno' and 'demo' when referring to the house and sound legit, but let's be honest.  i probably sound like a crazy person.

here is a mini before/after of some of the drywall changes happening this week and after today there will be no more tile or carpet in the house (save the girls' bedrooms since they loooooove carpet and it does make a small room feel much more cozy).

i wish i'd taken 'real' before pictures with a camera that doesn't also make phone calls, but this will have to do!

arches in entry way surrounding a skylight removed, including inset wall arch
(subtopic: architects of the 90s.  wtf)

before/after of the arch madness


dear annie,

when i tell you pacifiers are not allowed outside your room, please don't think you're fooling me when you walk around with your hands covering the bottom half of your face.  or when you hold your blanket lovey in a ball with something clearly inside.  or when you have a suspicious lump in your leggings.

not born yesterday