school.... again.

so remember when i wrote a post about our decision to send the kids (well just lily at the time) to a university model private school?  i mean i remember that decision making process like it was yesterday.  it was so emotional for me.  i questioned everything.  it felt so serious.

when we first considered a university school i said 'no way, no how' but when the rubber hit the road on actually figuring out kindergarten, i scaled back my personal and work commitments to make it work.  i never thought it would be the right thing for us, but it sure was.  fast forward three years and i would have told you all along that i would 'no way, no how' homeschool my kids.  but here we are.  and i'm homeschooling.

i have had so many people ask me why we came to this decision and there are so many facets of it, that i cannot even figure out how to explain it to anyone else other than that it is right for us.  that i am fully excited and ready for it.  that my kids chose it.  that i know without a doubt it will be a challenge, but that it is the best for our family.

what that means for my friendships and community that i have built over the past couple of years?  i'm honestly not sure.  will i feel completely lonely and isolated?  i certainly hope not.  i just want to love my girls, help them learn, and enjoy some laughs along the way.

so here goes nothing...