merry christmas! i genuinely wish each and every one of you a happy, smiling, warm, loving, spirited celebration of the birth of the savior of our lives.

the past few days have had me taken over by a spirit of the holidays to the extent that i am just wanting to love on my friends non-stop! i feel completely and totally blessed this Christmas in so many different ways that i didn't expect and didn't even know i could dare to hope for this year.

emotions are running so close to the edge these days that i actually cried this morning while i was getting ready for work because i was watching a tivo'ed oprah about children in south africa!! i'm really getting out of control! : ) heehee


ok, i really REALLY want an ipod.


check out my new website- www.homepage.mac.com/molliedonovan- created lovingly by my ".mac" account. we've gone multimedia! : )


$5 if anyone can sit me down and explain a front side bus and why oh WHY is it such a big deal for 64 bit processing to break the 4gig ceiling?

are you as confused as me? try listening to this for 8 hours a day in training!

seriously though, as crazy as learning all of that apple-talk is, the job is going well so far. cool people abound.

so when i'm drunk at your holiday party this year and i start talking about motherboards, just shake your head and move on. heehee.


i have been bed/couch-ridden for the last 3 days with one NASTY case of strep throat (seriously yall, the doc had to prescribe a vicodin-esque pain killer just so i could swallow...and you know about me and vicodin!)

the following are my obervations:
1) it is shockingly harder to be witty when your verbal abilities are reduced by 50% or more - i'm not a physical comedy girl
2) you realize that you have certain friends who you can just sit with, talking isnt required to enjoy them
3) tlc has some kind of design or life makeover show on the air pretty much 24/7
4) tivo's positives include saving you from having to watch infomercials at 3am

now i just have to make sure i can talk by monday- when i start my new jobby job.



who says that its bad things that always happen in threes?

three was my favorite number growing up - i always wanted to be number 3 in softball, basketball, you name it. if the jersey number 00 was taken (undoubtably the coach's daughter got this one, what was universally known as the coolest number on the team) i was first in line to get number three. or 03 as it was on the jersey.

so this year, ironically enough in '03, i've done some odd things in threes. three places of residence. three moves for my family members. three important relationships in my life experienced major change. and now three jobs!

my mom, whose decorating taste has always eclipsed my own, is a staunch believer in decorating in threes. three vases, three pictures, etc. i believe the rule having something to do with the visual stimulation of the odd number. so now that i've done things in threes, i believe my life is visually pleasing enough for me to be calm and content and give all of this rearranging a rest!

at least for the rest of the year (....kidding.)
in case you havent heard:

au revoir & bonjour

just a heads up that you should look forward to many future posts extolling the greatness of the ipod i'm gonna buy with my employee discount. oh yeah baby.


my dog died. and i wasnt there. i'm not even close enough to get to pet her goodbye.

who else other than my family has been with me since i was twelve?
who else would have kept me safe all of those times i camped out in the back yard?
who else could have made my brother so happy and proud?

it just seems like so much to let go of.


sic 'em bears.

this weekend i'll be drinking ninfaritas, throwing back a big O at george's while juice newton blasts from the jukebox, hanging out at the tent outside the football game (where all the real action takes place!). there is something very nostalgic about going back to your college town and visiting old haunts.

it should be a really good weekend. as a very smart man put it, i'll be going to the game, not to see baylor lose, but to see tech win.


ready for the "revolutions"? i am. if you need to play catch up, check this out.

dont forget to brush off your pocket protector and snap on your suspenders... its dork time. (credit for that joke goes squarely to storeythegreat)


get ready for another mushy post...

so i am sitting at my desk at work (getting a lot done! hah) and i realized through something a friend just emailed me that my biggest gift this weekend was just loving my friends. it is a gift to surround myself with people who truly love me the way that i love them. it is a refreshing and wonderful place to be in my life to know that i am choosing to surround myself with positive people who add value to who i am.

and for those of you wondering what happened to cynical mollie...

check this out- i was reading a cnn article this morning (like i said, getting a lot of work done!) and i came across this quote: A University of Chicago survey, released earlier this year, found that most think adulthood begins at age 26.




i am really really excited about my birthday, but not in my typical 'hooray for halloween' fashion. don't get me wrong, i'm still looking forward to handing out candy and hanging with friends dressed en costume drinking lots of alcohol on 6th street. but honestly, i had a hard time even getting excited about dressing up this year.

this year my enthusiasm about my birthday is all about growing up- and not in a "holy crap i'm in my upper 20's" way, in a "wow, i am really happy to be where i am" way. it feels good to be happy in my life regardless of all of the crap that happened this year- i am doing better than ever.

so as i wax on nostalgically about turning 26 and enjoy the last 36 hours or so of my 25th year, just know that if you're reading this, you most likely had a hand in getting me to this place of contentment. thank you. i couldn't ask for a better birthday present.


t minus 4 days to 26. thank goodnes. 25 kinda sucked.

well, i should say more accurately that most of 25 sucked. either way, even though i dont like the sound of the number 26 and being in my 'upper 20's' really sucks to my assmar... i'm ready.

now if i could only get my halloween costume in order...


rollercoasters are really only fun at the state fair.

i had my own mini rollercoaster this morning and i am pleased as punch to say that despite the white knuckle grip i had after opening an email from my ex-boyfriend (names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved...wink wink) i was actually able to loosen my grip, throw my hands over my head, let go of my fear and exit promptly to the left as soon as the car came to a halt.

not to say that i enjoyed the ride, but hey, at least i didnt throw up.


this weekend @ acl fest was truly amazing. i had so many memorable and wonderful experiences...

being in awe of shawn colvin's spunk and wonderful family ties while listening to her melodic voice

rocking out with liz phair but wondering who gave her that outfit to wear and where she was hiding her angst in that mini skirt

swaying to alexi murdoch and wanting to touch his beautiful curly hair

napping in the sun while listening to the friends of johnny cash honor his legacy of amazing tunes

feeling entirely moved by the truth in patty griffin's lyrics to 'let him fly' and wondering how a woman so small could be so strong

letting g.love take me back to sitting in my dorm room freshman year of college listening to his music in a desperate effort to be cool

enjoying how polyphonic spree causes me to spontaneously jump around and smile so big

the beautiful coyness in ben harper's voice only momentarily distracting me from my desire to throw my panties at such a gorgeous man

the classic comfort in r.e.m.'s tunes that seem to tie so many different times in my life together.

the amazing gifts of the weekend weren't all limited to the musical genius that descended upon austin for three days. it was a great weekend because i got to share all of these things with my sister and my wonderful friends.


take back the night!

this is it folks, the weekend i've been waiting for. i'm not going to let anything get in my way THIS YEAR. austin city limits music festival starts today! due to the most unfortunate of circumstances ever, my plans were ruined last year the day before the festival...but nothing...and i mean nothing is getting in my way this time!

i am so excited! can you tell?! i have had the craziest week ever and its about to be topped off with the craziest weekend ever and i couldnt be more thrilled.

expect a full report on monday... until then... if youre not with me in austin...be jealous. ; )



here lies mollie's blog. it died of neglect after only 4 precious months of life.

i've been thinking about it and i think i'm going to try and pull a lazarus and resurrect this sucker. no promises. : )


here are some new words to flex your brain muscles with (not to mention how much they'll help you win friends and influence people, ha!)

Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.

Foreploy: Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid.

Dopeler effect: The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.


its 80 degrees right now. at 4pm. in august. in TEXAS. damn, i love this weather.


are you currently attempting without avail to be considered tragically hip and poised on the cutting edge of up-and-coming music? i'm not, but if YOU are... check out the streaming volkswagen radio stations, radio vw. there are 4 stations with somewhat distinct sounds. they're supa cool.


i'm about to blow your mind in two ways.
1) by blogging more than once today. (i admit, i've been bad lately!)
2) by bringing this whole blog thing full circle

okay, my second actual blog was all about the guest character on 24 and my super human ability to place him in 1985's Teen Wolf...remember? (probably not!) i was watching seinfeld episode "the big salad" and noticed something that is probably not at all exciting to anyone else but me, but i'm putting it here anyway.

in this episode, the guy at the stationary store is stiles from Teen Wolf aka jerry levine!

AND the girl george is dating (who takes credit for elaine's big salad) is president palmer's press secretary from 24!

AND she's from austin!

so we have mollie in austin, writing about scott paulin who guest stars on 24 after appearing in Teen Wolf with jerry levine who later has a bit part on seinfeld in the same episode with michelle forbes, hailing from austin, who will go on to star as the press secretary on 24 with scott paulin!

whew. did that make anyone else tired and/or confused? and have i managed to impress you with my vast knowledge of horrible actors?
what do you get when you put together two of your favorite things? more than just peanut butter and jelly, my friends!

check out this new ingenious and overdue partnership between volkswagen and macintosh! (not to mention i LOVE the polyphonic spree song as the soundtrack)


has anyone been shopping lately at a whole foods or perhaps a central market?

everytime i go through the checkout line there, i feel like i'm being silently evaluated on my social hip-ness. the most awkward moment for me is the inevitable 'paper or plastic' delimma. is this a trick question? does one answer confirm their assumed disdain of me and the other redeem me in their eyes depite my obvious daily use of hygiene products and makeup?

and most importantly... why do i worry about it?


wise words for the day:

when life hands you lemons,
add ice, vodka, and a sippy straw

: ) happy monday- viva lance!


i regret to inform you that nearly three weeks have passed without anything either
a)interesting or b)inspiring enough for me to bore my public with.

unless you count getting hit on by my chiropractor
watching my brother open wedding shower gifts wearing a dirty 'confucious say' t-shirt
starting to train for a new triathlon
agreeing to run my first 1/2 marathon with my two best friends from high school

believe me, you didnt miss anything.


happy 4th of july!!

what better way to celebrate our independence than with some thought provoking and eloquent words from our commander in chief?

"They misunderestimated me."
"Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream."
"If affirmative action means what I just described, what I'm for, then I'm for it."
"More and more of our imports are coming from overseas."
"It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it."
(quotes taken from the book, George W. Bushisms)

and for your viewing pleasure, please check out the daily show's debate between governer bush and president bush. its hilarious stuff.


one classic piece of advice is 'know your audience'. when it comes to any form of entertainment, be it writing, public speaking, stand up comedy...an essential part of success is knowing your audience.

this is my primary struggle in the world of blog. know my audience? i cant even see my audience! i've got people from work checking me out, my friends and their friends are reading me, and now my sister is getting my site forwarded to her from people i didnt even know knew i had a blog!

so do i talk about my crazy weird weekend of being hit on by a medical professional and weddings galore and awkwardness with old friends and getting entirely too drunk?

i guess until i decide i am either brave enough to be completely honest with the entire world or i feel confident that everyone has lost interest and is no longer logging on to see what shenanigans i'm up to, i'm feeling the need to censor just a little. sad but true.
welcome, beinvenidos, wilkkomen! i wanted to take a chance to greet all of you who are joining us in the middle of our broadcast. for your viewing pleasure, check out the archives! now you can see how this mess got started...thanks to my whiz of a roommie, they're up and running!


there are certain drinks that should not come by the pitcher. i believe that i have a solid case that margaritas should be one of those drinks. i mean really, shouldn't they warn you that ordering pitchers of margaritas for just two people isn't wise? its exactly what you're imagining, an entire pitcher filled with margarita, that sweet nectar of the gods.

casey convinced me last night that indeed, margaritas *should* come by the pitcher and that we indeed *should* order one. i'm not sure what the decision making process was for ordering the second pitcher before happy hour ended, but we did. for some reason, i dont think i put up much of a fight on that one, in fact it could have been my idea. : )

regardless, the best part of the night came when casey was people-watching out the window at jaime's scoping out the eye candy that was the 20-something rock crowd gathering across the street to see the White Stripes at Stubbs. she was commenting positively about a group of attractive young men, when she suddenly spotted a not-so-attractive, slightly squatty member of their foursome. in her inebriated state, she said with disdain, "come on guys, its not thanksgiving dinner, you dont have to invite the short guy!"

it took me a moment or two to decipher her comment, but as soon as it set in, i nearly lost my margarita in the fit of laughter that ensued.

man it was a fun night.


the volunteering gig was very fun, but also a bit of a let-down. The fabulous parts include:
* meeting Dennis Quaid
* getting to drive an H2 (although its smaller than you expect it to be and easier to park)
* taking an elevator with Dennis Haysbert (he's bigger, more beautiful, and more impressive in person)
* about 15 character actors whose names I struggled to remember were there (including Christopher McDonald and Robert Loggia)

unfortunately, i did not get to meet meatloaf and i had all my dreams of making out with dennis haysbert shattered by the tall leggy blonde with fake boobs he had on his arm. i wanted to hand him a note that said, "hey dennis, i'm the real deal, ditch the silicone queen and meet me in 5 minutes" but i resisted.


i'm volunteering tonight for the Dennis Quaid Charity Classic Celebrity Golf Tournament that is happening in austin this weekend. my job? i get to drive around in a swank new SUV and pick up the celebrities from the airport and escort them to their hotel or take them wherever they want to go.

pretty sweet gig, eh? i'm hoping to have at least one good story out of this when its all said and done, and if i do, you'll hear it here first : )

the only thing i'm worried about? meatloaf is actually listed as one of the celebrities who is coming and i used to have a recurring dream that meatloaf had kidnapped me. i'm not sure if i'll be traumatized in real life if i have to get in a car with him- but i'm hoping not! it does help that he's lost some weight and cut his hair, because the meatloaf who used to kidnap me was more the heavy, hairy one.

wish me luck!


when i hear the phrase "mary kay party", i drum up visions of ladies gathering in the afternoon wearing pantsuits with patterned scarves and gold jewelry. an older, very put-together woman pulls up to a split-level house driving a pink cadillac and carries her travelling make-up kit into the house where she is greeted by the smiling crowd and the smell of tea and freshly baked cookies.

what i dont envision is six fun gals in their mid twenties going out for mexican food and margaritas and stopping by the mary kay lady's house afterward. certainly i thought this kind of sales went out of style along with avacado colored appliances. surely in 2003, people dont gather for makeup parties! oh, no my friends, i assure you they do. and i've been to one. i tried to approach the party with a neutral frame of mind. i mean, as their slogan goes, their goal is to enrich womens' lives- its not just about the makeup...right? so is it wrong that i feel much too hip for mary kay?

to preface the story even further- i should state clearly and honestly that i'm a girl who loves makeup. i am a huge makeup fan- i love wearing it, i love buying it, but i'm also extremely loyal to bobbi brown (and i know you boys are thinking, "new edition?" but, no its a brand) and i felt a little like i was cheating on my makeup by being there.

an hour after arrival, we had just finished the cleansing process. though the sales lady was proud to say that the 'scientists' at mary kay had successfully reduced the cleansing/moisturizing process from 5 steps to 3 (wow!), it still took us an hour. in truth, it was kinda fun- my hands and face were feeling awfully soft! we even exfoliated our lips.

when we did get around to the makeup portion of the evening, i proceeded to apply the makeup i was given in what i believed to be a liberal fashion. unfortunately, the mary kay lady disagreed and proceeded to apply layers of blue eyeshadow (i swear i'm not lying) to my lids.

so the part of the evening i'm most proud of would be the moment when i decided that despite having taken up 3 hours of this woman's time, i was not going to make a purchase. for one fleeting moment, i considered buying a bar of soap, but after seeing the pricesheet listing for it at $15 i decided that i'd stick to my lever2000.

we were also offered the opportunity to become mary kay sales ladies, but envisioning me smiling, presenting makeup to groups just takes more imagination than i possibly have.
a crack here, a pop or two there... going to the chiropractor can be a bit unnerving. but i have decided to do my best and embrace this opportunity as a chance to work on my backbone. literally and figuratively. those of you who know me casually may not realize that i'm a total push-over, but i am. seriously...its quite sad.

i have two solid examples so far this week of the baby steps i'm taking in this direction. one involves confusion over shopping carts at the grocery store, and the other involves holding out at a mary kay party. (expect elaboration on the mary kay experience in the next blog)

so i'm working on straightening up my back...and 'standing up for myself'. this should be interesting.

(oh, and am i deep or WHAT?!!)


i've officially gone 36 hours without a pain pill. why? well, i've based this decision on two crucial things.

1) i was having WAY too much fun (check out my last blog...i was...uh...shall we say "under the influence"?)

2) the fact that everyone i told about my new friend, vicodin, said something to the effect of "wow, that stuff can be really addictive!"

and then i read this article online. and then i saw this site. and then i decided that i should stick with recreational drugs instead. good move, i think.


alrighty kiddies...i have been proven wrong. vicodin and i are new best friends. this is some good shit. oh yeah, hit me again.

i need to go to the mall to get a new phone and my roommate says i'm not allowed to drive. how come i'm not allowed? just because i'm giggly? just because i'm all tingly? what gives?? why's he gotta pull a power trip like that?

thank god for roommates who arent on vicadin when you are.
lets talk about vicodin. (yes, i've moved on from athletics to drugs. its a slippery slope.)

whats the deal with vicodin? how do people get addicted to this stuff? so far i dont feel much better at all. i was ready to get crazy with this stuff...maybe i need to take it with a beer chaser? maybe its having trouble working its way through my massive amounts of muscle? anyone have any theories?
the blog gods have spoken. i will now be required to blog about things other than triathloning. why, you might ask?

i herniated a disk in my lower back and i've been sentenced to 8 weeks sans running or any other high impact activity. so much for my social life ; )

i'm pretty grumpy about it, but i will say that i have decided to volunteer at the danskin this weekend instead of racing it so that i can be involved and have a new kind of experience with triathlons. i'm going to be swimming in the water for a few hours, making sure anyone who needs help swimming makes it through the course. i'm called a 'swim angel'. despite my dissapointment about not being able to compete, i'm really excited about possibly helping other people complete their first event.


talk about a rollercoaster of a weekend! sheesh.

UP: good times had by all a the party friday night...the mai tais were fabulous.

DOWN: waking up for my 8am practice saturday morning and discovering that my kick ass cell phone and purse were stolen during the party

UP: good friends taking me out saturday night to hear polyphonic spree and buying me too many drinks to help me forget about the stupid punk who stole my stuff

UP (again): spending sunday afternoon at barton springs reading a new book

DOWN: going to the mall to replace my cell phone and realizing that all t-mobile phones are either lame or super expensive

UP: waking up at 6am this morning to swim at barton springs

sigh. i'm exhausted.


for reasons far too complicated to explain in a blog...i've already had a few mai tai's today. and i have one word for you - tasty. its gonna be a good night.


in about 24 hours i plan on being excessively drunk. okay, maybe not *excessively*, as i am the hostess afterall. today i picked up about $100 worth of alcohol and i plan on consuming all which my guests do not require.

its time, folks. mollie d has had a stressful week.

bring on the mai tais. oh, and dont forget the cute little umbrella for my glass. who's throwing this party? its fabulous!!


hi everyone. my name is mollie...and...i'm a triathlete. (crowd in unison) 'hi mollie'

so at what point does a hobby become an addiction? when you cant seem to turn down chances to race? even though you're tired and you definitely cant afford it?

after having completed the olympic tri on the 18th, i signed up for another one and raced on memorial day. and i have another race next weekend. sigh. i think i need professional help.

in other words...i have nothing else to blog about, because racing has been basically my entire life for the past two weeks. i promise to come up with interesting things to say that dont involve swimming, biking, or running sometime soon.


wise words from the 25th year of my life...

i do not reccommend staying awake for 41 hours, and in that time, racing an olympic triathlon. its just not smart. it will take you much longer than you expect to recover. you're not as young as you used to be.

i DO reccommend you check out my triathlon pictures. definitely in the top 5 weekends of my life.


how do you prepare for a trip when your packing list includes:
high heels
PAM cooking spray
body identification tags
a flask full of rum

thats right, folks. i'm leaving tomorrow morning for memphis. no, the purpose of my trip isnt to serve Elvis omlettes while drunk on rum, wearing high heels and various aquatic gear--- i'm doing a triathlon!! wish me luck! and if you wanna know what the PAM is for you'll have to ask ; )



i'm having separation anxiety. i just dropped my bike off to be shipped to memphis for my triathlon this weekend. i left her with strangers who dont even know how she likes her chain oiled lovingly at night.

and as lame as it may sound, when we're reunited on saturday i'll totally get excited like i'm picking up a beloved pet or family member. twisted, isnt it? i guess after you spend a certain amount of time gripping onto something for dear life while riding 35mph down a hill in traffic, you get close. real close.
i am a genius. no really- i'm the smartest person alive. my proof?

while watching the latest installment of '24' last night, i was distracted- not by CTU agent tony almeida's disarming smile- but by the actor playing the president's lawyer. it was one of those moments when i instantly knew i'd seen him in another role and it tortured me for at least 10 minutes and it hit me...

he was a small, if not inconsequential, character in one of the greatest movies of the 80's. thats right kids, i'm talking about TEEN WOLF. the actor? scott paulin. the role? drama teacher.

you shoulda seen my roommate's face when i launched into a rendition of the prom theme, "you sure don't look like your grandma" in reference to michael j. fox as he appeared at the prom in full warewolf glory and started a new dance craze. so judging from mark's reaction, i'm either a genius or i'm crazy. whichever.


as you all know, (and by "all" i mean both of you actually reading this) i'm a fairly witty gal. but the pressure of the webpage is something new to me. i'm used to the pressure of being witty via email -and even the requisite evite response, but this is a whole new world. so i'm going to start off slowly and ease my toes into the cold foreign waters of the web.

if you're looking for the goods today, i suggest you visit a veteran's site, someone who's already jumped right in. its so witty, i'm included in today's update! www.markphillip.com
yo, check me out, i'm a cyber chick now.