so as i've said on here, i'm homeschooling now.  full time, no training wheels, no joke.  one of the pieces of homeschooling for us was choosing to send the girls one day a week to this absolute gift of a school called 'Earth Native'.  the benefits of Earth Native are layered- on the surface it is exactly what I think kids their age should be doing:  playing in the woods, getting dirty, having an adventure.  it also offers me a great day to get work done and have some mental and emotional space from the girls.

i took a picture right when we arrived on wednesday.  they were clean.  excited.  nervous.

two of the girls have good friends who are also adventuring into Earth Native with us this year and one does not.  that one had me stay for quite a while, but once she was sure i could go, i left!  it was the first time i had left all 3 of them somewhere since May and it was glorious!  i knew they were not only having the time of their lives, but learning and growing AND i had a productive day!!

when it was time for pickup i showed up early (of course) and this is what i saw..... dirty.  tired.  ecstatic.

these are the moments when i just look at those faces and think 'this is right.'  i am so thankful for these three lives and what an adventure this truly is!  i am so so thankful.  for all of it.


time capsule

what a treat it was to have my friend at Janice Reyes Photography create this sweet video of my favorite people. i only cried once watching it and i know it will be a family treasure forever.