when i was little i loved to wear big t-shirts as nightgowns.  whenever i was in trouble my dad noticed i would tend to wear one of his old shirts just when i knew he was angry with me.  he would come in at bedtime for my 'talk' and there i was innocently wearing his worn out 'lone star beer' ringer tee.  (my favorite had a scene of armadillos drinking beer.... i know you're shaking your head right now and that's okay with me)

it was totally subconscious.  i really wasn't that smart, but dad noticed it enough to finally point it out.

today i was in a crummy mood.  just grumpy all around yuck and i noticed for the second time that when i'm in a bad mood i keep wearing my haiti clothes.  i have on the t-shirt i wore during most of the trip and the bracelet i bought at heartline.  i guess i figure somewhere deep down that was a time i found simple joy.  that i had perspective.  that i thought less of myself.

i'm not sure the outfit helped today but it made me smile when i realized the more things change, the more i seem to stay the same. 


this year for the christmas i gifted my dad with the promise of an experience.  we've done this before and always enjoyed it.  i loved the year my sister and i took him zip lining!  the promise was a trip to the shooting range. 

i have never been to a range, never shot a handgun.  two things he is very experienced with!

moon is in town helping my sister and knowing the littles would be at preschool today, i decided it was the day for our outing!  i picked him up 9:30 after finding out the shooting range is open 9-9 7 days a week.  (because of course being in a shooting range at 8pm on sunday night makes total sense.)

the indoor range is located logically next door to a pawn shop.  so clearly we're talking a top notch joint.  the folks at the range helped dad guide me to a small semi-automatic pistol.  we donned our earphones and protective eyewear and headed for our target!

we opted to share a 'lane' (is this the correct terminology?  is it like bowling??)  i have to admit for the first 10 minutes every time someone shot their firearm i flinched.  it is freaking LOUD in there even with the headphones on- and the air pressure changes every time someone shoots.  its a little unnerving at first.

i would like to brag that i'm a pretty good shot.  maybe its all that time i spend staring down the barrel of my heavy 70-200 zoom lens sure-ing up my hands?  ha!

the most 'mollie' moment of the morning came when a bullet casing flew out of my gun and into my cleavage.  wearing a glamorous sports bra (as usual), the thing was burning hot and stuck to my skin.  i turned around to shake it out of my top, unwittingly while pointing an armed gun at my dad and the shooting range attendant.  neither of them were amused.  and i have the battle scars to prove it.

(taken 5 hours later!)

all in all it was a fun experience.  i'm glad to have shared it with moon and i still love 'experiences' as gifts.  now i just have to think of what to give him for father's day...


if you haven't caught on yet, we now live in what someone recently referred to as 'the sticks'.  now to be fair, it isn't exactly country living seeing as we are 15 minutes from downtown but on the other hand we DO have a septic tank.

to me in many ways it seems the best of both worlds.

until you take the bugs into consideration.  wait, not just bugs-   don't forget the vermin.

we were out on a walk yesterday in the rain.  it was just barely sprinkling when we headed out and the girls were loving it!  kevin was pushing annie in the stroller and i had a firm grasp on eve and lily's hands.  i was so happy when we got to meet another neighbor who was also outside- we haven't met as many as i'd like quite yet.

then as we round a bend in the road eve nonchalantly said 'that's kinda a big spider' and i glance in the general direction she is facing and HOLYFREAKINGSHIT i screamed 'KEVIN!!!!'

it was a full on huge tarantula just casually making its way across the street.  i jumped back and pulled the girls with me.  kevin reverted to his 11 year old self and set a fabulous example by spitting on the spider (which in the rain you would think it might not even notice?).  the thing literally charged kevin and thankfully 11 year-old kevin is a pretty quick runner.

we turned around on the walk since it was starting to actually rain rather than just drizzle and i promptly announced 'if we ever find one of THOSE in our house, i'm moving downtown'


i knew this house we just moved into has to have some kind of story.  it has enough little quirks and personal touches that i have been curious about who planned this out.  our next door neighbor and kevin struck up a conversation tonight and we found out the original owner was a guy named blake neely.  a texas-born composer.  (you can see more of what he has scored here) very cool!

he also said those all important words that every neighbor longs to hear.... "feel free to use the pool any time you'd like"


i read this post sent out by a friend about trusting money more than we trust god.  i couldn't help but chuckle into my coffee cup as i feel like this is perhaps the first time in my life that isn't true.

and the weirdest part of all is the peace i have about it.  what paul said to the phillippians is eerily true- god's peace surpasses all understanding.  i can't explain it.  i am not responsible for it.  this peace i have just IS.

and really i don't know what i'll do with myself when kevin does go back to working because frankly i like having the guy around :)