i absolutely cannot help myself. this is the only thing that has made me laugh so hard i've cried in weeks...

man i love this stuff.

what i don't get is how he fooled anyone into voting for him.

i just wish we had good candidates to look forward to in 2008, but man they aren't exciting me. hillary clinton? you gotta be f'in crazy.


imagine the earth represented by a village of 100 people. what would that village look like?

this short video has a lot to say.


kevin's sandal that was NOT left in the dogs' room yesterday...

kevin's sandal that WAS left in the dogs' room yesterday...

kevin should know which dog owes him about $80 by which one poops leather for the next few days.


things picked up by one of my 5 senses this weekend at acl:

- sweat. mine, other people's, you name it.
- 60,000 people all enjoying themselves and getting along
- pot... and lots of it. (i havent smelled that since i moved to dallas, it doesn't randomly waft through the air here)
- ben kweller with a tampon up his nose trying to stop a nosebleed that was dripping on his guitar and making streaks of bright red on his piano keys
- maudie's queso. it is the stuff of gods and i ate the whole bowl.
- cool rain on sunday morning that later turned into stifling humidity
- my favorite pastor's hugs and love that still bring tears to my eyes. we need that back in our lives.
- laughter at brenda's house late saturday night about our willie nelson fiasco
- the beauty of town lake. i think it misses me.

i miss you too!


i got my lucy fix today after work. i went to hang out with her and michelle for a while and got to watch her try and take her first steps! granted she was more falling toward michelle than walking, but it still counts!!

now its that time again... here come more lucy pics!!

submarine lucy!

daddy's girl

AND in case you wanted proof she is tim's child...

has everyone else already realized that 'fergie' from the black eyed peas was once the star of nickelodeon's 'kids incorporated'??

how did i not know this? i loved that show!

now that i've written this i am realizing its entirely possible that none of you ever watched that show, but if you did... i'll bet the theme song is running through your head right now.

(kids incorporated... k! i! d! s! woah oh oh! looks like we made it, with kids incorporaaaated)


the long-awaited, much anticipated, yearly tradition of fantastic music, yummy food, and lots of sweat is only 4 days away!

acl starts on friday and so far God is smiling down upon us with the weather forecast- highs in the upper 80s means that it will literally be twenty degrees cooler than last year.

the plan of attack...

gnarls barkley*
nickel creek
cat power
thievery corporation
matt nathanson
ray la montagne*
john mayer
van morrison*

ben kweller*
nada surf
secret machines
the shins*
the long winters
aimee mann*
the raconteurs
kings of leon*
iron & wine
willie nelson

kathleen edwards*
kt tunstall
jose gonzalez*
matt costa
ben harper
g.love and the special sauce
tom petty

* absolutely positively cannot miss this show!!


from my devotion today:

The proliferation of both spoken and unspoken judgment found primarily within us, the Church, has forced many to not know or understand our faith.

We are constantly trying to separate ourselves from a world that Jesus wants us in. Not only that, he wants us to see our own sin and not make such a big fuss over everyone else’s. Our sin is our connection with our neighbor, our salvation is our hope, and the good news of the Gospel is our message.



kevin and i were at the galleria on saturday, and when we weren't running into murff and ame, we were laughing our butts off at the newest exercise gadget at the brookstone store - the igallop.

it is essentially a stool with a motorized seat intended to mimic horseback riding. the motion it simulates seems a little more like sex to me than riding a horse, but maybe i just haven't ridden a horse recently enough... and maybe i need to!

my first instinct was that i was being a dirty bird, but i'll leave it up to you. HERE is the japanese commercial for the igallop. whaddya think- excercise machine or extremely expensive joy ride?