for those of you wondering how miss lily did tonight, we had a GREAT time at erin's show! i'm so glad we stretched her boundaries and went out past bedtime. as you can see, she was ready for her pajamas and bottle, but she was a HIT at the show and did a wonderful job of being flexible!


can you believe lily margaret only has 4 weeks until her 1st birthday? i'm mostly in denial about it still! her two best playgroup friends have turned 1 already and we had a mini cake smash party at our house today to celebrate!

you can see pics on the photography blog of the fun (and the mess)!


my dear friend erin ivey is headed to africa on a mission trip very soon and one of her last shows in town before she leaves the continent is 6:00 this wednesday night at cedar street! anyone in austin should definitely try to make it! she is an amazing singer and i plan to be there with miss lily and the baby daddy.

yes thats right, you read correctly. we plan to take little miss "get me bathed and in bed by 7pm or you'll be sorry" out past her bedtime. hopefully she will surprise and thrill us all with her charm and flexibility when life throws her this little curve ball. i'm sure she will be so enthralled with erin's melodies that she will hardly notice her bedtime creeping by...

and, yes. i'm posting this in hopes that i don't chicken out.
there are those days that i feel that i have been divinely placed squarely where i need to be fed, and today was one of those days!

in church today as we (slowly) make our way through the book of 1 corinthians we landed on the start of chapter 6 and the discussion revolved around our call as christians when wronged or mistreated. man did i need today's sermon! i feel so much peace and i know it is my call not to react harshly and instead to endure and trust in my God.

my hope and help comes from God and i was reminded of that today. i will cast my burdens on the unshakable foundation of His love and promises.

when you do what is right and suffer for it you
patiently endure it, this finds favor with God.

1 peter 2:20

for those of you who want to hear more, check out the podcast of today's sermon once its posted at austinstone.org


moving on to a MUCH more controversial topic.... high heels for babies. yay or nay?

those are the kayla, my personal favorite. too bad they only go up to size 6mo.

i think they are too funny and a photoshoot waiting to happen. you can check them out at www.heelarious.com

thanks to my fashionista sister for sending me those for a good laugh last week.


i just heard about ed mcmahon losing his house due to foreclosure and despite all the thoughts running through my head of how in the world he could be 80 and broke after all those years in the entertainment industry, i had a positive thought.

maybe he should enter the publisher's clearing house sweepstakes?


just plain bored or downright silly? i'm still 50/50 on this one....

thank goodness for self timers :)


we have a new blog layout! whaddya think? i wanted something more personal and my new addiction to photoshop came in handy :)

here are just a couple of pics from our inaugural trip to the lakehouse. more pics with lily's cousins soon to come!

she thought the lifejacket sounded fun at first...

but quickly changed her mind.

much happier in pajamas on the dock.

trying to eat her way out of another life jacket.

lilywhite bubble
and finally dressed in her cutest outfit for uncle mike's birthday dinner


i think my dogs are smarter than lily.

on some subjects they tie. they would both eat their poo if given the chance and have actually done such on occasion.

the dogs eat their throw up while lily just plays with hers like fingerpaint. i consider that a tie.

lily knows how to walk on two feet, so she scores one there.

she also doesn't try to smell anyone's butt which is nice.

however, the dogs still win in the vocabulary competition. they have known "no", "sit", "stay", "walk", "hungry", and "off" for quite some time, but this morning i realized that my consistent use of "all finished" (followed by the appropriate sign language) in an effort to teach lily continues to fall on deaf ears on that front, but the dogs have picked up on it.

as soon as i say "all finished" after meals they swoop in like vultures ready to lick up any piece of wayward banana or waffle that found its way to the floor.

i'll just let them enjoy their intellectual superiority for now :)


am i the only one that had a 'goonies' flash back when obama was speaking last night saying 'this is OUR time'. i kept expecting him to add 'its all over, the minute you ride up troy's bucket'. :)


lily and i meant to go to the grocery store this morning. we really did... but we ended up doing a photo shoot instead :)

i love this field. we pass it all the time and for once we stopped the car for some fun. looks like my lily is finally turning into a little of an outdoors girl!


i went to see the sex & the city movie tonight with two wonderful ladies. if you haven't seen it and are a fan of the show, it really put a huge smile on my face. i probably cried 4 times. without giving anything important away, i will admit i let out a little scream when charlotte revealed their adopted daughter's name was LILY!

i also felt very lucky see it sitting next to my sister- the one girl i know would be there to feed me breakfast in bed if i couldn't gather the energy to feed myself.

miss lily is on the mend and she and i had a gorgeous walk this morning at the botanical gardens. here are a few views from our day...

pink water lily

my lily in a gazebo

yummy giant butterfly