ever since i read "mere christianity", i've been trying to be more mindful of the negative side of pride - and how being prideful can take fun, healthy competition and turn it into something else. i'm trying not to compare myself to others to make me feel good or proud of my accomplishments. (but MAN is that a hard thing to do or what?!)

so in the interest of not putting others down to gauge my own success....

yesterday in the triathlon i kicked last year mollie's ASS!

i did - i trounced her by over 17 minutes. woooo hoooo!!

the race was amazing - apart from feeling awesome and really shocking myself with my finishing time of 2 hours, 38 minutes - i was just so inspired by my teammates. they were so excited and positive throughout the race and they were so proud of one another - it was like a competitive-free zone. i loved the way that felt!


tomorrow is the last day with my team in training team - our race starts at 7am. i have to say that since i joined 'tnt' three years ago, this is absolutely my favorite team i have gotten to work with. everyone is just amazing and it will be a bittersweet thing to finish the race.

wish us luck!


bren and i went to a patty griffin concert last night to celebrate her birthday.

there was a girl there in a blue silk shantung dress. i swear it was a bridesmaids dress... but i digress.

patty just rules. she is so cute and sexy and can sing her little tail off. she has so many good breakup songs. i hope her life hasnt been as sad as those songs make it out to be.

it was definitely an austin moment... standing outside at stubbs, slight smell of bar-b-que in the air, nice chill may breeze blowing through, listening to patty sing backed up by awesome guitars and a rocking accordian. it made me glad to live here.


i'm such a consumer.

why do i love all of the songs from ipod commercials?! i own almost all of them. i find myself rewinding tivo when i see a new one to hear the song they've picked this time.

i'm such a nerd, but i just love this new one. its the new gorillaz song, which makes me feel a little less nerdy b/c i've always thought they were pretty good.

by the way - i'm well aware that pretty much everyone else in the free world is tired of these commercials... '


thoughts on a tuesday:

...always employ the buddy system when shopping at stores such as 'forever 21'

...never eat at restaurants where the chairs have wheels.


take one of these

and one of these

then add a little of this

you get this!

then they get to go do this!


10 things i learned on my honeymoon:

1. the sight of your husband in his wedding ring is one of the sweetest and sexiest things you'll ever see
2. do not wear a white shirt without a bra when in or around a rainforest
3. you probably won't have enough lead-time to wear very many of the cute lingerie items you packed
4. when you're on your honeymoon, you look at every other couple in the airport thinking..."i wonder if they are on their honeymoon too"
5. marry someone who doesnt mind when you want to go do something by yourself, you'll be glad you did
6. jellyfish stings don't hurt nearly as bad if you just ignore them - dont touch them or scratch them!
7. i don't miss television when i'm not around it... so why do i watch it at all?
8. when caught in an unexpected rainstorm in a white shirt with no bra, strategically placed backpack straps can improve the situation
9. running in the jungle by yourself is a little bit scary but very cool
10.listening to the rain in the middle of the night, spooning with the love of your life is pretty much as good as it gets.