merry christmas! i genuinely wish each and every one of you a happy, smiling, warm, loving, spirited celebration of the birth of the savior of our lives.

the past few days have had me taken over by a spirit of the holidays to the extent that i am just wanting to love on my friends non-stop! i feel completely and totally blessed this Christmas in so many different ways that i didn't expect and didn't even know i could dare to hope for this year.

emotions are running so close to the edge these days that i actually cried this morning while i was getting ready for work because i was watching a tivo'ed oprah about children in south africa!! i'm really getting out of control! : ) heehee


ok, i really REALLY want an ipod.


check out my new website- www.homepage.mac.com/molliedonovan- created lovingly by my ".mac" account. we've gone multimedia! : )


$5 if anyone can sit me down and explain a front side bus and why oh WHY is it such a big deal for 64 bit processing to break the 4gig ceiling?

are you as confused as me? try listening to this for 8 hours a day in training!

seriously though, as crazy as learning all of that apple-talk is, the job is going well so far. cool people abound.

so when i'm drunk at your holiday party this year and i start talking about motherboards, just shake your head and move on. heehee.


i have been bed/couch-ridden for the last 3 days with one NASTY case of strep throat (seriously yall, the doc had to prescribe a vicodin-esque pain killer just so i could swallow...and you know about me and vicodin!)

the following are my obervations:
1) it is shockingly harder to be witty when your verbal abilities are reduced by 50% or more - i'm not a physical comedy girl
2) you realize that you have certain friends who you can just sit with, talking isnt required to enjoy them
3) tlc has some kind of design or life makeover show on the air pretty much 24/7
4) tivo's positives include saving you from having to watch infomercials at 3am

now i just have to make sure i can talk by monday- when i start my new jobby job.