we made a new friend on the beach in mexico... everyone, meet the many sides of coco.

'hang loose' coco

'eff you' coco

'cuddly' coco
happy birthday to me!
happy birthday to me!
happy birthday, hot ta-mollie, happy birthday to me!

my sweet boss sent me flowers!


i'm so ready for november 7th to be here.

in other news, rush limbaugh is a dick.

ps. michael j fox did a similar ad a few years ago for a republican who supports stem cell research, but you didnt hear rush calling that ad 'exploitation', did ya? maybe its because rush was too drugged up himself at the time...
here are a few cute pictures from lucy's first birthday!

bumble lucy, pocahantas, and el guapo

snotty teary eyed lucy the bee

her whole costumed gang

mexico pictures will follow soon!


more adorable lucy pictures...

can you tell that i'm a proud aunt??!!


i'm officially an npr nerd. not only did i join kera this week during their membership fundraising drive, i called the friday talkshow "everything you ever wanted to know" to ask a question that has been perplexing me for years.

heck, a girl has got to get international news and the answers to her burning questions somewhere!

now if only i could get my celebrity gossip at the same time...


i've made the conscious choice lately to try and NOT wear jeans to work every day of the week. i'm going with that whole "dress for the job you want" theory and making the effort to cut back to 3x a week. : )

this plan leaves two days to experiment. today i dressed in a khaki corduroy skirt, teal sleeveless sweater, and brown flats. still casual, right?

i walked into the office and my boss asked me "what's the special occasion?" you know its time for you to shelf the jeans when a corduroy skirt raises eyebrows.


bea is famous!! ok, maybe not famous, but she's enjoying her momentary notoriety online today- check her out!

my agency made the site and bea was one of the chosen pups for the site launch. i love her video- she is so cute!


could my puppies be any cuter?

no. not possible.


umm... lemme see. seven. yeah seven people have called me adorable so far today

check out all my teeth!

not sure how to tell you this, aunt mollie, but you should really wear more makeup.

kevin and i had a blast at the fair- we laughed till we cried on the love bug!