its snowing!!!

bea loves the snow

i'm casey. i am bored by snow.

yippeee for snow!!!!

if i bite your neck, will you play with me?

how about if i sweep the leg?

fine, i'll just play by myself.


i won't go into the disappointing choice that the bachelor made last night... (jen?? really?!!) but i WILL discuss the yum factor of abc's newest choice - andrew balwdin!!

ps. not sure who the chick is ... but its safe to say she's not the future mrs. baldwin

meet the bachelor:
Dr. Andrew "Andy" Baldwin, 29
Lieutenant US Navy residing in Hawaii
Trained as a General Surgeon
Diving Medical Officer for Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit ONE, Pearl Harbor Hawaii.
Hawaii Ironman Triathlon Championship finisher - 9hours 45 minutes

even my mom was curious as to the age cutoff for applicants - this guy is smoking.

he is ALMOST as cute as kevin. almost.


here is the hottie at the ironman:


bea is such a needy little attention whore. if at any moment she senses that a dog or person within the house is receiving attention, she places herself in the middle of any affection being given.

exhibit a:

casey and kevin pose for a picture


bea butts in...

and takes over!


did i mention that kevin got me a new digital camera for my birthday? i love it!! i just did my first upload to the computer and here are a few pics to share...

brit and i at t.a.b.c.

katy and i celebrating our birthdays!

jude's pumpkin stack!

little sloane is all smiles now!

grandpa casey needs reading glasses


i met a few of the girls monday night for tapas and yummy frozen sangria at hola. we had such a fun time!


what a fun weekend!

kevin and i drove out to frisco friday night for lots of good laughs with the perry family. those three give the suburbs a good name :) i always love to see kevin genuinely enjoying himself with one of my friends' husbands.

on saturday i got lots of aunt time under my belt. jude and sloane came to visit for a belated birthday lunch and we had a blast. i have a few cute pictures of them and i'll post them as soon as i upload the pics from the camera.

erin and i tried our best to cheer up a grumpy-pants lucy in order to take a cute holiday picture of her- but she just wouldn't cooperate! heck, the girl is even cute when she's crying!

last night mary and i make the trip to cowtown to visit katy and jay's cute new house! they have already moved everything in and it looks like they've been there for years!

and now for the obligatory lucy pics of the week:

i don't WANNA smile for the camera!

how cute am i in antlers?

my newest trick- fish face!

okay, okay, i'll give you a tiny smile


now THIS is good news - i'm only 22.7! what's your Real Age?


things i learned yesterday:

- hearing that someone you voted for won an election feels similar to a sporting team win, though i don't have much experience with that emotion since i went to baylor and tend to swing democratic

- shaving cream will remove nail polish from carpet (thank you, google!)

- no matter how much i was looking forward to the end of this election season, its really just the beginning of the season for '08

- stephen colbert is a sunday school teacher. just when i thought i couldn't love him any more than i already do...


if you love stephen colbert and are even the slightest fanilow, you'll love this as much as i did:

i have an update to an earlier stated observation/accusation regarding kinky friedman's campaign slogan - Remember that?

i talked to kinky on friday (thanks to my love of npr's friday afternoon talkshow "everything you ever wanted to know") and inquired about its origins. he denied stealing the slogan from zack morris and attributed molly ivins as the creator of "kinky. why the hell not?".

it was pretty darn funny. i just wanted everyone know they can count on me to ask the hard hitting questions when given an opportunity to interview gubernatorial candidates.