crazy times around the burpo household (how weird is that to say/write?!)

life has been pretty hectic lately and i have a feeling its still only the calm before the storm. i've been working on throwing the baddest bachelorette party ever for my sister.

well, maybe not the baddest party ever, but the baddest party considering the circumstances. the circumstances being that i'm throwing the party for mostly moms that will probably get pretty drunk off of one glass of champagne.

i'm looking forward to it even more than i thought i would. my sister is the kind of person that is constantly trying to make everyone in her life feel incredibly important. i think its high time everyone made sure she feels that important to them. i'm actually really intimidated by the thought of disappointing her... i sure hope i don't.


i got back from seattle last night and was welcomed by the smothering heat of texas. as soon as i stepped off of the plane my face had a grimace - its just so stinking hot here!!

seattle was fun! the weather was amazing, the city is really cool, and our meetings all went well. i learned my lesson yet again that i should never go out late with my field partners. they can put away some serious alcohol! i was very tired yesterday.

i am definitely looking forward to the weekend - the last relaxing weekend at home before my tour of duty begins. i will be out of town for various weddings and showers four out of the next five weekends. (and 4 out of 5 doctors agree that isnt good for your mental health)


let me preface this post by saying that i have not watched an episode of "saved by the bell" in at least three or four years. i swear.

i was out riding yesterday morning and i met up with some girls to ride the "dam loop" which is a 50-mile ride from downtown out to lake travis and back. it is a beautiful ride. the pain of the ride comes in the hills- one in particular called the "dam hill" that starts at the bottom of the dam and takes me about 10-15 minutes to ride in total.

so as i'm riding up hills like this, i tend to repeat a song chorus or bible verse in my head (and sometimes outloud when i'm not completely out of breath). i'll say the chorus or verse one time while sitting and then one time while standing and on and on until i reach the top of the hill.

as i'm approaching the dam hill yesterday - somehow the chorus to a song from saved by the bell jumped into my head. i rode up this hill singing to myself "put your mind to it, go for it. get down and break a sweat. rock and roll, you aint seen nuthin yet."

its from the episode where kelly, lisa, and jessie decide to create a girls' singing sensation called "hot sundae". (the same episode as the much quoted "i'm so excited! i'm so excited! i'm so.... scared!")

the whole time i was just thinking, "where did THAT come from???"


check it out. i'm 2legit.


i am about to go to an offsite with my team at work. we are leaving momentarily to head to "the main event" to have pizza, play laser tag, and miniature golf.

it all sounds tame and innocent enough, but i am so not in the mood. not only that but i am beginning to lose patience with one of my co-workers and i really might kill her. no really, i might.

so if i call you later today, answer the phone. it very well may be my one phone call from prison - so answer, ok?

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we finally got our team picture taken for the luna bar website - i'll post a link when the austin page goes live : )

now i just wish my foot would heal so i could get out there and run with the team!