there are certain drinks that should not come by the pitcher. i believe that i have a solid case that margaritas should be one of those drinks. i mean really, shouldn't they warn you that ordering pitchers of margaritas for just two people isn't wise? its exactly what you're imagining, an entire pitcher filled with margarita, that sweet nectar of the gods.

casey convinced me last night that indeed, margaritas *should* come by the pitcher and that we indeed *should* order one. i'm not sure what the decision making process was for ordering the second pitcher before happy hour ended, but we did. for some reason, i dont think i put up much of a fight on that one, in fact it could have been my idea. : )

regardless, the best part of the night came when casey was people-watching out the window at jaime's scoping out the eye candy that was the 20-something rock crowd gathering across the street to see the White Stripes at Stubbs. she was commenting positively about a group of attractive young men, when she suddenly spotted a not-so-attractive, slightly squatty member of their foursome. in her inebriated state, she said with disdain, "come on guys, its not thanksgiving dinner, you dont have to invite the short guy!"

it took me a moment or two to decipher her comment, but as soon as it set in, i nearly lost my margarita in the fit of laughter that ensued.

man it was a fun night.


the volunteering gig was very fun, but also a bit of a let-down. The fabulous parts include:
* meeting Dennis Quaid
* getting to drive an H2 (although its smaller than you expect it to be and easier to park)
* taking an elevator with Dennis Haysbert (he's bigger, more beautiful, and more impressive in person)
* about 15 character actors whose names I struggled to remember were there (including Christopher McDonald and Robert Loggia)

unfortunately, i did not get to meet meatloaf and i had all my dreams of making out with dennis haysbert shattered by the tall leggy blonde with fake boobs he had on his arm. i wanted to hand him a note that said, "hey dennis, i'm the real deal, ditch the silicone queen and meet me in 5 minutes" but i resisted.


i'm volunteering tonight for the Dennis Quaid Charity Classic Celebrity Golf Tournament that is happening in austin this weekend. my job? i get to drive around in a swank new SUV and pick up the celebrities from the airport and escort them to their hotel or take them wherever they want to go.

pretty sweet gig, eh? i'm hoping to have at least one good story out of this when its all said and done, and if i do, you'll hear it here first : )

the only thing i'm worried about? meatloaf is actually listed as one of the celebrities who is coming and i used to have a recurring dream that meatloaf had kidnapped me. i'm not sure if i'll be traumatized in real life if i have to get in a car with him- but i'm hoping not! it does help that he's lost some weight and cut his hair, because the meatloaf who used to kidnap me was more the heavy, hairy one.

wish me luck!


when i hear the phrase "mary kay party", i drum up visions of ladies gathering in the afternoon wearing pantsuits with patterned scarves and gold jewelry. an older, very put-together woman pulls up to a split-level house driving a pink cadillac and carries her travelling make-up kit into the house where she is greeted by the smiling crowd and the smell of tea and freshly baked cookies.

what i dont envision is six fun gals in their mid twenties going out for mexican food and margaritas and stopping by the mary kay lady's house afterward. certainly i thought this kind of sales went out of style along with avacado colored appliances. surely in 2003, people dont gather for makeup parties! oh, no my friends, i assure you they do. and i've been to one. i tried to approach the party with a neutral frame of mind. i mean, as their slogan goes, their goal is to enrich womens' lives- its not just about the makeup...right? so is it wrong that i feel much too hip for mary kay?

to preface the story even further- i should state clearly and honestly that i'm a girl who loves makeup. i am a huge makeup fan- i love wearing it, i love buying it, but i'm also extremely loyal to bobbi brown (and i know you boys are thinking, "new edition?" but, no its a brand) and i felt a little like i was cheating on my makeup by being there.

an hour after arrival, we had just finished the cleansing process. though the sales lady was proud to say that the 'scientists' at mary kay had successfully reduced the cleansing/moisturizing process from 5 steps to 3 (wow!), it still took us an hour. in truth, it was kinda fun- my hands and face were feeling awfully soft! we even exfoliated our lips.

when we did get around to the makeup portion of the evening, i proceeded to apply the makeup i was given in what i believed to be a liberal fashion. unfortunately, the mary kay lady disagreed and proceeded to apply layers of blue eyeshadow (i swear i'm not lying) to my lids.

so the part of the evening i'm most proud of would be the moment when i decided that despite having taken up 3 hours of this woman's time, i was not going to make a purchase. for one fleeting moment, i considered buying a bar of soap, but after seeing the pricesheet listing for it at $15 i decided that i'd stick to my lever2000.

we were also offered the opportunity to become mary kay sales ladies, but envisioning me smiling, presenting makeup to groups just takes more imagination than i possibly have.
a crack here, a pop or two there... going to the chiropractor can be a bit unnerving. but i have decided to do my best and embrace this opportunity as a chance to work on my backbone. literally and figuratively. those of you who know me casually may not realize that i'm a total push-over, but i am. seriously...its quite sad.

i have two solid examples so far this week of the baby steps i'm taking in this direction. one involves confusion over shopping carts at the grocery store, and the other involves holding out at a mary kay party. (expect elaboration on the mary kay experience in the next blog)

so i'm working on straightening up my back...and 'standing up for myself'. this should be interesting.

(oh, and am i deep or WHAT?!!)


i've officially gone 36 hours without a pain pill. why? well, i've based this decision on two crucial things.

1) i was having WAY too much fun (check out my last blog...i was...uh...shall we say "under the influence"?)

2) the fact that everyone i told about my new friend, vicodin, said something to the effect of "wow, that stuff can be really addictive!"

and then i read this article online. and then i saw this site. and then i decided that i should stick with recreational drugs instead. good move, i think.


alrighty kiddies...i have been proven wrong. vicodin and i are new best friends. this is some good shit. oh yeah, hit me again.

i need to go to the mall to get a new phone and my roommate says i'm not allowed to drive. how come i'm not allowed? just because i'm giggly? just because i'm all tingly? what gives?? why's he gotta pull a power trip like that?

thank god for roommates who arent on vicadin when you are.
lets talk about vicodin. (yes, i've moved on from athletics to drugs. its a slippery slope.)

whats the deal with vicodin? how do people get addicted to this stuff? so far i dont feel much better at all. i was ready to get crazy with this stuff...maybe i need to take it with a beer chaser? maybe its having trouble working its way through my massive amounts of muscle? anyone have any theories?
the blog gods have spoken. i will now be required to blog about things other than triathloning. why, you might ask?

i herniated a disk in my lower back and i've been sentenced to 8 weeks sans running or any other high impact activity. so much for my social life ; )

i'm pretty grumpy about it, but i will say that i have decided to volunteer at the danskin this weekend instead of racing it so that i can be involved and have a new kind of experience with triathlons. i'm going to be swimming in the water for a few hours, making sure anyone who needs help swimming makes it through the course. i'm called a 'swim angel'. despite my dissapointment about not being able to compete, i'm really excited about possibly helping other people complete their first event.


talk about a rollercoaster of a weekend! sheesh.

UP: good times had by all a the party friday night...the mai tais were fabulous.

DOWN: waking up for my 8am practice saturday morning and discovering that my kick ass cell phone and purse were stolen during the party

UP: good friends taking me out saturday night to hear polyphonic spree and buying me too many drinks to help me forget about the stupid punk who stole my stuff

UP (again): spending sunday afternoon at barton springs reading a new book

DOWN: going to the mall to replace my cell phone and realizing that all t-mobile phones are either lame or super expensive

UP: waking up at 6am this morning to swim at barton springs

sigh. i'm exhausted.