i was a teeny tiny bit jealous when i saw all of the pictures posted lately of kids playing in the snow. making snow angels, snow men, wearing cute hats and sporting cold noses.

but then i came to my senses and thanked my lucky stars that i could rake the leaves in a tank top today with my barefoot child playing right alongside me :) after naps we went on a walk and played around in a field near our house. it was a gorgeous afternoon.


well christmas is here in three days and i have made it through the insanity of holiday season both with work and life in general.

we have made it to this point in one piece, but we are down to two wise men and one shepherd in lily's nativity set. we're also missing an angel. heck, i figure as long as mary, joseph, and baby jesus make it to the 25th, its a victory for all involved.

i have a few last minute things i am going to try to get accomplished, but really i'm just ready for some down-time and want to enjoy the miracle of jesus' birth without being concerned about what present isn't wrapped and if there are enough clean guest towels.

merry christmas to you and yours. i really hope you're getting to take deep breaths and soak up the wonder of the season. at least one of us should ;)


its so COLD outside. we are red-nosed in less than 5 minutes these days and actually have to wear COATS! the scandal! :)

the leaves have finally fallen and we raked some together for a little fun in the front yard. of course being outside these days means that we must go visit the mary&joseph down the street.


well who knew that lessons in sharing could be turned against you by a two-year-old.

she is constantly trying to stake her claim on toys, swings, even rocks! in typical toddler fashion she is still living in a world that revolves around her and she is just now starting to learn how to be generous and loving and share with others.

one of my tag lines is 'lily, that is not yours, it is for everybody'. today she turned it against me. we were eating lunch and i asked her to finish her peas and she cleverly said 'mommy, those aren't mine they are for everybody'.



they're here! they're here!!!

ruby and tess


i want to see this. bad.