i'm sooo lucky.

as i sat with my family this weekend, enjoying a sandwich at the coolest place in dallas, i just kept thinking "i'm sooo lucky!"

*quick aside: my bias-free opinion of potbelly? its seriously a GREAT sandwich. the place is cool, very energetic and fun and everyone working there just seems to be having a good time.*

my dad seems to be truly enjoying his time at work. he has quickly won over the hearts of the people at potbelly and earned the nickname "blue" (as in 'you're my boy blue!' from old school). his sandwich venture is so far very successful and he seems to have renewed energy.

my mom loves being at the middle school so much, she actually misses work already this summer. she is having a well deserved vacation though and had a great time dancing with her daughters this weekend.

my sister has found new happiness in the past month and my brother and michelle are doing as great as ever.

i am just so glad that as i get older and life gets more complicated and things get tangled, that i can still sit and have a sandwich with my family and just be happy.


little white lies. do we call them "white" so they will still sound innocent and pure?

i'm telling one tomorrow. its been planned for months really and i dont feel bad about it one bit...so why is it i can't tell the lie face-to-face? i'm doing it over the phone.

i feel completely justified in WHY i'm lying...and if i were dealing with a reasonable person in the situation, maybe i wouldnt have to lie. but i do.

i'm a terrific liar- i was born with a gift. my mom will be the first to tell you- i have always been, as she says, "so good at lying its scary." and i'm not talking about the "no that doesnt make your ass look big" kind. i think it was just a natural overflow of my insanely overactive imagination growing up.

i wrote a paper in a college english class when assigned to do an "interview of a baylor employee" about a fictional elderly lady who supposedly had a job working nights at my dormitory because she was lonely now that her husband had passed away after a 5 year struggle with testicular cancer and it was easier to work than be at home all night in the bed they had once shared. i got an 'A'.

so tomorrow my skillz will be tested once again. this time i'm just hoping for a passing grade.


previous post has been suspended for reasons relating to my guilty conscience and not wanting to get caught in my own web.... i'll put it back up in a few days....


bunko. only a game for the anal?

before i go any further, let me first clear this one thing up- i am indeed anal at heart. in the vein of being competitive natured, having a slight obsession with being "on time" to things (other than work), and i am generally specific in wanting things exactly as i want them (but who isnt?)

i raise this question, not because i dont enjoy the dice game, on the contrary. but because my attempts at gathering a group together to introduce them to bunko have failed. i know its not because the game isnt fun, because it really is, no matter how much that makes me sound like an old lady. i think bunko is too anal for my friends.

see... when we have girls night, we dont want rules. we want to show up whenever (of course as i've explained, i'll be on time), bring some wine, discuss anything under the sun, and just have a good time. we even have field trips sometimes! but what no one seems to be keen on is the idea of having and exact multiple of 4 people there...at a specific time...and find substitutes in their absence, etc.

and ya know what? i'm glad. i need more hands-free time in my life. more willy nilly. more go-with-the-flow.


i'm starting my happy book.

i gave my friend a monogrammed journal as a gift that she has dubbed her "happy book." instead of writing about the joys and trials of life like a typical journal, she uses it as a collection point for all things "happy." pictures, copies of emails, compliments, receipts from good moments, stories of that time that made you laugh SO hard...

i'm starting my happy book today. it has been 'one of those days' and i could just use some freakin happy!

so keep your fingers crossed that the cleaners can fix my favorite dress in time for the wedding this weekend... and i'll get to work on the book.

deal? deal.