its about time for "the holiday talk." in the donovan household around any major holiday or event, inevitably at some point my dad would gather me, erin, and tim in one room and give us "the holiday talk."

the talk varies from holiday to holiday and usually comes after some kind of argument between us kids, but all in all the jist of the talk is to get along with each other and by all means, not disappoint our mother. he always closed it out with a fairly grumpy, but stern "now, we're going to have a good Christmas dammit." of course you can fill in the blank with any holiday or vacation, etc.

the best part about the holiday talk is, it actually worked. he would remind us that his first priority was making sure my mom had a good time and that we didn't ruin her holiday with bickering and pulling each other's hair.

so this time, i think "the holiday talk" is going to have to pull double duty. some people, and you know who you are, have already started bickering before Christmas (or erin's wedding) are even upon us. so this time its my turn, and i promise to do my part to uphold my end of the bargain.. but "we're going to have a good Christmas AND wedding, dammit."


today's post is dedicated to meg jones.

Satellites. And, What are they?
by Casey Burpo

we love ya, me with a g!


blogs are tricky little things. its funny- i can post pictures of my sweet puppy, my adorable neice, links to my wedding pictures- all without any kind of hub bub or upheaval. then i post something remotely amusing (that, by the way, was forwarded to me in the first place) and everyone has something to say!

in other news, casey is home and recovering well this evening. (is that not the saddest face to ever don a satellite?!) i swear, i am going to be the most paranoid mother on earth if this is any indication. at the slightest whimper or cry, i am by his side, petting him, making sure everything is okay.

the only slightly funny sight is of his shaved legs and butt- with a furry tail stuck in the middle like a soul patch. i would have taken a picture of that, but there is a whole process involved in having him stand up... plus its kinda mean. : )

i know its kinda ridiculous the lengths we will go to for pets these days, but i am also so thankful that we are able to provide him with this kind of care!

from my satellite dog to yours, merry christmas.


you just never know what you are going to come across on the internet...

this is the one, the only, cortney bailey. a fellow kappa kappa gamma member from college, she is now starring in a flick called "12 Hot Women" and is soon to be seen on the latest and greatest edition of the television show "the bachelor."

i swear, i cant make this stuff up.
check out it!


i just came home to change my underwear. i just about crapped my pants at the vet this morning when i got the quote for casey's knee surgery.

apparently because of his size, we've had to upgrade to a TPLO surgery. what does this jargon mean? it means casey is going to have a permanent metal plate on his knee and the price tag just skyrocketed to $2,500.


after this, casey had better make it big with his high kick routine to pay us back.


is there anyone out there that can tell me WHY i have a record in my cell phone address book for a "tammy" with a 303 area code?

how weird is that. i dont know a tammy! does that ever happen to you?

kevin has the most organized cell phone address book i've ever seen. every entry is a uniform Last name, First name. oh yes, until we had been married for months my record was still "Donovan, Mollie". i finally convinced him that being his wife, i was pretty sure he didn't need to refer to me by last name so now i'm just "Mollie".

i should just call the number and figure out who this is....


i'm watching 'grease' on tv right now and so far every single dress i've seen at the big dance could easily be on the racks right now at anthropologie.

all of the cute caplet shrugs and full skirts- its cracking me up. i wonder what bad movie i'll be watching in 10 years and suddenly realize that style is completely in fashion again... lets hope its nothing from the mid 90s a la 90210.


s - c - o - t - s, we're the scots, we're the best.

my alma mater, good old HP, is headed to the high school state football championships this weekend. go scots!

whew. that was tiring. i just dredged up more school spirit than i had probably my entire high school career.


what's that you said, lucy? i'm your FAVORITE aunt?!

aww...so sweet!

look at me!! i'm lucy!!

aren't i fabulous and adorable?! hooray for me!

what's that you said, dad?

mollie is my coolest aunt? i totally agree.


i've attended two doctors appointments this week. one for me, one for casey.

the first was my annual exam. girls know that is slang for "the gyno". it was your usual slightly uncomfortabe appointment. now i don't dread the annual exam, but i certainly see it as a necessary evil.

of course my appointment was with the nurse practitioner, whom i have never met. so as this total stranger sticks her hand where no stranger's hand has gone before, i winced slightly and she said, "wow, i guess you don't like this."

ummmm hello?! who DOES like this? i thought that was the craziest comment. i wanted to say, "oh no, i actually love it." i mean, what should creep her out more, someone who winces or someone who seeems to be enjoying that moment?

moving right along to casey's appointment. anyone who has visited with our son lately may have noticed his slight limp. on and off the past couple of months he has been favoring one of his back legs. the doctor had to knock him out for a few minutes to test his leg and we got the bad news... casey has a stretched/torn ACL.

yeah thats right, the girl who is insanely prone to sports injuries has a dog who needs orthoscopic surgery on his knee.

the good news? it looks like everyone in the burpo family has lost weight since the wedding. its clear that kevin has (hello?! skin & bones!). but it was nice to see after casey's and my appointments that we are eating right. casey is down to a slim 79 pounds!


i am working today from mozart's on town lake. its such a gorgeous day- the sun is shining and the breeze feels amazing. this is the view from my picnic table.

the amount of freedom that i have at this job is a shock to the system after filling out time cards at apple and having to keep a consistent lunch hour.

i'm going to finish up some stuff here and then go for a jog before a few conference calls i have this afternoon. who knows, maybe i'll even take casey for a w-a-l-k. shhh... don't tell him. i want it to be a surprise.


i didn't exercise this weekend, but you could say i was in hardcore training. have you ever shopped for 5+ hours the day after thanksgiving? that would put anyone's stamina (not to mention patience) to the test.

the visit home was great. thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays- it seems to be the most relaxing of holidays. casey had a *fantastic*holiday. he has finally warmed up to my parents' dogs - the first couple of times they met, he wasn't sure about them but he seems to have decided that they can belong to his club.

its nice to be home now gearing up to celebrate Christmas- the most important holiday of the year and my favorite to decorate for. the tree is up, the lights are on, and i'm ready to roast chestnuts on an open fire.


walter dewey pickerell
august 6, 1916 - november 13, 2005


i think i just closed my first deal at work. i should know this afternoon for sure, but based on the phone call i just had, i'd be surprised if it didn't go through.

this calls for some celebrating! good thing i'm meeting tim for lunch- its never good to drink alone!


mollie burpo. how weird does that sound?

mary kathleen donovan burpo. what a mouthfull! as far as the social security administration is concerned, that's my name! i got my new social security card this week.

it was so strange on the first day of work, the president walked me around and introduced me to everyone as "mollie burpo" and i chuckled inside (and out loud) every time i heard it.

its one thing to add "burpo" to the end of my name with people who have known me for years as "mollie donovan", but its entirely different to meet someone and have their impression of me not include "donovan".

i blame it on my parents. if they hadn't given me such a kickass name that i love so much, maybe it wouldn't make me so sad to leave it behind. i know it makes kevin a little sad inside when i make fun of the name "burpo" and i'm sure one day it will be second nature to sign credit card slips with that name, but for now? its just plain awkward.


this weekend kevin and i attended a wedding shower for my sister and her fiancee. it was a very trendy wine tasting hosted by two of the hippest twins in history.

i am happy to report that after playing a very heated game of "who is cooler: mike or erin" i learned that my new brother-in-law has a grasp of street slang that would rival a rapper.

in other news, california says "hi!"

i'm still fumbling around in the dark for the most part with this new job, but i'm sure to come across a light switch before too long... right? right. (i hope)


just in time for thanksgiving, i have something to add to my "things to be thankful for" list.

i was sitting in a meeting yesterday, perched gingerly on my seat in the conference room at AMD. we were discussing an upcoming project for about an hour and a half.

a little background: i am uncomfortably dressed in work clothes that i have chosen based on the fact that they rub my open wounds less than my other options. i have a giant piece of tegaderm on my hip that is slowly filling with goo.

about 45 minutes into the meeting, i feel something warm tricking down my leg and a brief glance confirms my dread- i am dripping down my leg. i tried to casually stuff kleenex under my leg and sit through the last half of the meeting just wanting to get up and run to the bathroom.

by the time the meeting ends and i can finally get out of my chair to hurry to the ladies room...i realize i have left a dark circle of ooze on the fabric chair.

the lessons we should all learn from this?
#1. be thankful for things like skin. hooray for skin! thanks to skin, we usually don't have to be concerned with things like oozing on furniture.

#2. next time you are about to sit down in a conference room or waiting room chair with mysterious stains...find another chair.


there i was, cruising down bee cave on my bike yesterday, enjoying the warm sun, chatting with jenny on my left.

suddenly all i remember is realizing our bikes are too close together, yelling "shit! shit! shit! SHIT!", pushing off her shoulder to try and regain my balance and the next thing i know, i am scraping myself across the shoulder of the road, gravel in my hands, my leg, my stomach.

OUCH. that freaking hurt. the pain of the accident compared to the pain of cleaning the asphalt out of my skin? doesn't even compare. the pain of cleaning out the asphalt compared to spraying open skin with bactine? forget about it.

thankfully brenda was kind enough to come pick me up and didn't seem too worried about whether or not i was going to get blood all over her brother's pickup truck. thank goodness for good friends.

all in all, i'm doing ok. its just some road rash afterall, but its gonna sting for a few days.
working from home definitely has its benefits. so far i've had the pleasure of learning via 'good morning america' that molly is one of the top three female dog names.

tell me something i don't know.


sitting in the airport yesterday afternoon, i was thinking about how much of a bummer it is to be on a southwest airlines flight holding a ticket marked with anything but an "A". when you have a lousy "B" or the dreaded "C", you know you are most likely going to be confined to a middle seat.

i struck up a conversation with a friendly guy next to me in line and we were talking about being in line "C" and what criteria you use to pick your seat. as we walked down the row, i spotted a coveted empty aisle seat!

the two older guys in the row were in the window and middle seat and were both wearing camoflauged ballcaps. i sat down and quickly realized that they had been saving the seat for a third "real tree" clad guy who was coming down the row behind me. they yelled to him "you'd better find yourself a seat because our row is full!" their friend walks up to our row and says, "well i was going to try and find a seat next to the prettiest lady on the plane, but you two beat me to it."

ahh, good old fashioned charm.

over the course of the flight i learned that the guys were on their first plane ride in over 20 years and their destination was bow hunting for boar out in burnett. they were such nice guys. its funny how quickly you adjust to your surroundings. pretty soon i was trading in words like "thanksgiving" for the colloquial "thanks givin".

when i landed and was waiting for my bags at the carousel with kevin, i challenged him to pick who i would have chosen to sit next to on the plane and he was not surprised when i pointed at the camo group. when he asked why- i answered "it was the closest thing to riding next to my dad!"


cruel and unusual punishment.


my feet are sore. i think yesterday was the first day in at least 2 years that i wore shoes with a hard sole for 8+ hours in a row. i'm serious.

so despite the fancy shoes, the only other shocker came when i met the other new business developer for design reactor - his name is kevin and he appears to be in his late thirties.

i learned at lunch that he is not. he is in his late forties.

i asked him if he had a good deal of sales experience before joining design reactor. his answer? "actually i have about 18 years of experience as an art director for various advertising agencies and then about 6 years of experience in management consulting"

just so you know, he wears fancy shoes. and they match his belt.


the new job is going well so far (just ignore this ugly black laptop i'll be using from now on). everyone here is really great and the work they are doing is fantastic.

my freak out moments so far have not been kept to a minimum... but i kind of expected that. i had to fly to california with sinus pressure, which was not fun at all. i kept trying to nap to make the 4 hour flight go faster, but resting my chin in my palm would shut my mouth and breathing through my nose was NOT an option... so it was a long flight.

then i got lost. then kevin saved me. then i got mad and frustrated and sick and tired and cranky. and kevin still saved me.

then i tried to complain about things like sore feet and sinus pressure to my sister who had been with a friend whose husband unexpectedly passed away on sunday... and that saved me again.

i'm tired. and cranky. i'm going to bed.


things found in the process of cleaning out my cubicle:
loose change, lots of it
fabric swatches for bridesmaids dresses
lists and lists of bands for CD compliations
old fashioned christmas lights
old gumballs
a glass etched plaque with my name on it
my nametag with my maiden name on it
an easter basket

and lots and lots of trash.
the most precious baby i've ever laid eyes upon...

lucy victoria donovan
8 pounds 13 ounces
october 26, 2005


i am not in the army, nor do i ever plan to be, so why oh WHY did i think that bootcamp class at my gym would be a good idea yesterday? i am in pain. the kind of pain that makes you walk like you are 85 and wish you had never heard the word "lunges".

the bright side? when i recover, i get to have sex with a semi-pro cyclist! check this out! i'm so proud of him!


"bummer man... he delivers."
- father of the bride

i started crying today when i found out i have to use an HP computer at my new job. its not all about the computer. it just made me realize how bummed out i am about leaving apple. i think thats the best description of it.

the thought working on a windows machine bums me out. windows blows. thinking of not being at apple bums me out. i'm not sad about leaving my job- my job sucks. but working at apple? man, its amazing.

its been an amazing experience to work for one of the most recognized and admired brands in existence. its been wonderful to work for a visionary like steve jobs. i'm going to miss it.


i went downtown today to have lunch at the roaring fork with the three big-wigs from design reactor. it was a party of four: me, the ceo, the president, and the key strategist. someone in my head is singing that seasame street favorite "one of these things is not like the other one"

as i waited for the rest of my lunch bunch to arrive i had to hold back the giggles watching tens of hundreds of thirty-something men saying things like "business plan" and "hows the PL on that". they all walked by wearing their starched button down shirts and black pants with shiny belts. its just so out of my realm! its a big day at apple if someone actually has on a belt... and an even bigger day if the belt matches their shoes.

the meeting went really well and i formally handed over my signed offer letter. i am really excited about their plans for austin and i have a good feeling about this new venture.

i strolled back into work, slowly slipping into a food coma from the delicious lunch, and stopped cold when i saw a giant sign meant to encourage us to start out this new quarter strong. it said "pick up the pace!!" and was on a table of complimentary chips and salsa. so ask me again if i'm gonna miss this job....


i know i keep making empty promises that i'm going to stop making fun of the people i work with and how dorky they are, but in two weeks i'll be working solo and i'll have much less material to work from.

i came to work this morning and was greeted by flyers everywhere announcing the new "apple chess club". now i can respect someone's desire to play a nerdy game like chess, and when i'm 80 i am sure i will enjoy a rousing 'check mate', but at work?? what is going on here?

the newly formed club is going to meet on mondays at 7pm... after work....but in one of the work meeting rooms. um... yeah. the flyer also says its "byob" (bring your own board) and that "beginners to pro are welcome". what the heck does that mean? is there such a thing as a professional chess player??

nerds. i work with nerds.
i was so excited to find out this weekend that our wedding video is almost complete!! they have posted our "highlight video" online if you want to check it out: go here!

i have watched it probably 10 times and if i'm being totally honest- i started crying before it even started playing the first time : ) it just completely captures how HAPPY we were that day.


my fortune cookie last night read: A man does not know what he is capable of until he tries.

i gave my two weeks notice this morning at work. on my 28th birthday i will begin a new adventure at design reactor.

i will have to adjust to life without constant chatter of 100 other people in my hometown of cubeville. life without a rearview mirror on my computer to stay on top of things. being miromanaged to the point where i am told exactly how many phone calls i am required to make in a day. life without an access badge attached permanently to my hip.

i'm going to have to get used to life downtown in the hustle & bustle of austin, relying independently on myself for results and success. life at an agency surrounded by creative people doing really interesting work. answering to the president directly on how things are going and if i am going to hit my targets.

whew... gotta take a deep breath.


i should be ashamed of myself, but you HAVE to read this - click here


confessions of a 28 year-old newlywed sales girl:

- i fake cell phone calls when i don't want to talk to people in public. yes, even you.*
- i rudely honk at bad drivers and curse at them for doing things i did two miles back.
- i make excuses for my music choices when people get into my car and my stereo is blasting christian music.
- i look inside the kleenex after i blow my nose.
- i pretend to make fun of kevin when he wants to go to the macaroni grill but i secretly love their eggplant parmesan.
- in classes at the gym i secretly hope other people in the class are jealous of me.
- i was recently offered a job by a company that apparently has more faith in me than i have in myself. and thats a shame.
- i've never spent more than $50 on a pair of shoes in my life... and no one that matters cares.
- when julie told me the compliment her mom gave me after her rehearsal dinner, i prentended to laugh and shake it off, but i think about it often because it is one of the nicest compliments i've ever recieved
- i secretly registered for wedding gifts cheesy people would want to give and returned them all
- i don't pray enough. even though i always feel better, act better, love better when i pray more often.
- i wear pajamas so seldomly that i almost always forget to pack them on trips- even to my inlaws' house.

so what's your confession?

*today's post inspired by post secret


my weekend in pictures...

i spent exactly 3 1/2 hours cleaning out my closet yesterday. it was a frighteningly large endeavor but now, the fruits of my labor are a clean and organized closet of clothes i actually want to wear!

i got rid of roughly 1/4 of my clothes and am still a little heavy on the casual wear, but i saw the error of my ways when i counted 36 t-shirts in the stack. now we're down to a respectable 12. the good thing about cleaning out my closet when kevin is gone is that i can't use him as a distraction to avoid all of that work... and no one is around to see that i'm wearing my wedding veil while i'm doing it.

the hard things to get rid of are the sentimental clothes. i have held on to a pair of jeans since my senior year of high school. i wore them through college, kept them as my hopefull "skinny" jeans through the heavy years, and rejoiced when weight watchers got me back to the point where i could slip them on. i thought they were SO cool when i bought them. they are all torn up and patched and soft. i wore them with pride to a jackopeirce concert in college- i remember looking at myself in the mirror in collins room 403 thinking, "oh yeah these jeans are HOT." that was the night the lead singer gave katy a hug and we put their bumper sticker on my car and drove around for hours.

i've packed them up and moved them around austin with me and now i'm finally getting rid of them. its hard to let go of all of that!

saturday was the day of football at the burpo house. we are not really sports spectators - we lean more heavily on the participation side of things. it is rare that we would both sit down and actually watch more than one football game in a row (especially on a saturday with gorgeous cycling weather) but there were so many great games on! casey was so excited that tech AND baylor won that he had a little too much shiner and sacked out on the couch.

and yes, i am working on getting an actual digital camera and not subjecting you to crappy picture phone pics anymore!


i was driving down the drag yesterday looking for a place to park and i noticed something interesting. and, no, it wasnt the requisite 'homeless' twenty-somethings with dreadlocks selling trinkets made of some form of hemp with a cute little puppy tied to what is probably a hemp rope. they are always there.

i parked and started searching my car for loose change when i noticed that the street went:
metered parking spot, metered parking spot, metered parking spot, handicap spot.

am i the only jerk out there thinking, "hey! how come the handicap spot doesn't have a parking meter?"

oh... i guess i am. crap.


i love this picture of kevin and i enjoying ourselves at rusty and andrea miller's wedding.


what i did this weekend
by casey burpo

when momma told me i was going to get to go to dad's bike race with her i was soooo excited i almost wagged my tail off my butt, but when we got there it was so hot all i could do was pant and drink water.

i even tried to hide under a big suburban to get away from the sun, but it didn't help much...

so i just kept drinking more water. mom thought i looked like a giant gerbil, but i didn't care b/c that ozarka goodness was the only thing keeping me alive. it is HOT!

i was so tired by the time we got home i tried sleeping anywhere i could... but dad's face is not nearly as comfortable as it looks.

ahhhh, much better! snug as a bug in a rug

but now its monday again and i'm bored. but at least i'm not hot!


why i would prefer to live in texas rather than new jersey based entirely on reality television.

first of all i would like to point out that people on reality television from texas are attractive!

the first reality show celeb i was particularly happy to see hailing from our great state- shannon from the inaugural season of 'the bachelor'. was it just me, or was she not awesome!? she had a cute weimaraner and she wasn't taking no crap from nobody. she was a classy gal who wasn't sure about the whole premise of the show and was not sad to see alex go when he chose the easy girl from kansas instead. (shame on you kansas, i thought you had better morals than that)

this brings us to the amazing race. now some of you may remember that my sister and i tried out for this show, made it to the second round of interviews, were not chosen and subsequently no longer can bring ourselves to watch it- but for a season or two i was all over that show. blake and paige from season two were the runner-up arlington natives who were just to cute for their own good. i mean you have to be at least a little mean to win those shows.

kelly clarkson. need i say more? the girl is now the queen of the "angry but thoughtful white girls who sing the verse of the song and kinda scream the chorus" genre. plus she's one of what my husband refers to as "skinny big girls" and she's proud of it!

any fans of the apprentice out there? amy was the best- and represented for texas in a big way. she was the last woman standing on the apprentice's first season and the only remotely racy thing she did was make-out with one of her fellow contestants... and who can blame the girl for wanting a little tongue?

my pride of texans on reality tv did falter quite a bit with the release of "sheer dallas" on TLC. i choose to believe that the people on that show, while they may be representative of dallas, are not representative of texas. i also only saw one episode of the show... so i do not have enough knowledge to speak to the matter properly. i realize this show puts my entire theory into question, but i must press on.

now i would like to take a moment to explain why i chose new jersey as my example of a state i would not want to live in, based entirely on reality television. i will admit upfront that my choices of shows for this section is questionable at best as they are both on MTV. the first being "real life" and the second being "my super sweet sixteen".

last year an episode of real life aired called "i'm in a summer share" all about people who rent houses together on the jersey shore. this was my first real introduction to jersey 'style' (which i put in quotation marks because i do not believe it is actually style-ish).in case you missed this groundbreaking documentary on shore rats, let me catch you up. acrylic nails, big hair, horrible accents, guido beefy guys, etc. all i can say is, "ew."

on to the latest episode of sweet sixteen. this show is horrible and it mainly focuses on brats who are unappreciative and selfish... but man they can throw some great parties! that is, up until last week. this episode featured a girl named "cindy" who is from staten island and lives in jersey. not only was she the usual level of brat/selfish but her party was crap!

yes thats right, i'm basing my desire to not live in new jersey (or staten island for that matter) on a sixteen year old's birthday party. but seriously, you had to see the episode to understand. her party compared to the others on the show is like comparing brie to ez cheese. its just not even a suitable alternative. the horrible accents make the show a bit hard to watch, not to mention the stereotypical overprotective brothers who would apparently rather get tattoos and groom their facial hair than learn proper grammar.

exibit a: a picture from the show of the big brother and the guy who came dressed as "prince charming".

i'll wrap this up by saying, clearly i watch too much television (or at least too much MTV) but i hope you will agree with the following synopsis: people from texas are generally cute and they kick ass on reality tv and accents from new jersey are ick.

disclaimer: for the sake of my argument i would like to admit that i have chosen to disregard jessica and ashlee simpson from this essay and my reasons are two-fold.

1) jessica and nick made a pretty smart move by signing the contract for that show. who cared about them until 'newlyweds' anyway??
2) ashlee simpson is not from texas anymore...at least if its up to me. she is so LA its ridiculous.


anyone want to play 'where's waldo?'
things observed over the course of a weekend at austin city limits:

- sweat... a lot of it
- a man who had actually worked his nipples into the design of a full frontal tatoo
- the decemberists are awesome
- millions of particles of dust dancing to the music
- the temperature gauge actually reaching 108
- a girl in high heels. i swear.
- franz ferdinand makes everyone want to dance around
- a middle aged man with a huge pot belly picking up blunts of smoked joints and trying to light them
- a sorority chick wearing a skirt as a dress...and i know this for a fact because i own the same skirt
- 65,000 people all getting along and enjoying themselves
- only one lead singer from a band actually wipe his sweaty shaggy hair away from his face
- hundreds of people roaming around with bandanas/towels/tshirts over their mouths to avoid inhaling too much dust
- every single band making at least one comment about how hot it is
- the whole crowd laughing while jason mraz played an oasis song
- wearing no shirt versus wearing a shirt makes way more of a difference then i would expect - and now i'm even more jealous of boys with bare chests
- girls spending WAY more time and effort trying to impress boys than necessary. (any girl who would dress up in jeans, cowboy boots, heavy necklaces, makeup or anything of the sort in this type of heat should be considered insane and ill fit to date anyway)
- my husband acting as chauffer like the sweet boy he is
- being in the sun for 6+ hours a day wears me out more than it used to


one hundred and eight degrees in austin today. i was outside for six hours of that. whew!

too tired to type...full review of sunday's experience at acl soon to come!

yesterday at the festival was awesome. the heat gets to you at first, but the breeze keeps your sanity in tact. it was definitely not as hot as last year (thank goodness) but it looks like today might rival those temperatures.

in short:
- the frames were rockin
- death cab was good, but didn't draw me in like i expected
- the walkmen were great- very hip crowd
- firey furnaces i did not enjoy. they kinda yell a lot and i spent most of the concert trying to figure out if the lead singer was a boy or a girl
- jet was awesome. they were so into entertaining, by the end they were dripping with sweat
- bloc party kicks butt. their songs make me want to dance around

commentary on sunday's bands and the choice of attire for college and high school girls soon to come.


i thought i'd take a break from all of this ACL talk to bring you this lovely photo of president bush actually asking condoleezza rice if he could go to the bathroom at a UN summit meeting...just in case you need a good chuckle this friday afternoon.

today's joke brought to you by brenda miele:

brenda: knock knock
mollie: who's there?
brenda: banana
mollie: banana who?
brenda: knock knock
mollie: who's there?
brenda: banana
mollie: banana who??!!
brenda: knock knock
mollie: WHO'S THERE?!
brenda: orange
mollie: orange you glad you didnt say banana?

brenda: orange you glad you didn't sell your ACL ticket???!!!



its a twister!!

people in austin have gone completely crazy. we aren't even in the real path of hurricane rita and already i hear the grocery stores are sold out of water bottles and batteries. the latest forecast is acutally much more promising!

in middle school there was some form of natural disaster approaching. it was either a hurricane or blizzard or something - i can't remember. what i DO remember is my mom sending my dad to SAM's to stock up on "essentials" and after an hour he came back with the following:

- 5 pound bag of snack size snickers
- 1 carton of assorted Robitussin cough syrups
- 30 cans evaporated milk

so i guess you could say it runs in my family to plan poorly for events like this, but i have every intention of buying a raincoat before i camp out in the mud for 3 days at zilker park. i'll let you know how it goes!


rita and acl are totally in a fight.


i have proof of how much fun i had at my sister's bachelorette party on saturday... a big brown bruise on the front of my hip bone from going down the waterslide head first one too many times.


i was cleaning out my hotmail inbox the other day. (i hardly ever use my hotmail account anymore since it is 90% spam anyway.) i ran across this email i sent to my sister last november after a night out on the town and it had kevin and i both laughing.

From: Mollie Donovan
Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2004 1:07 AM
Subject: yo

its 1am and i just got to kevin's house. i had to pick him up for the night b/c he started making white russians for himself at home at 5:30. (did i tell you about his recent obsession with white russians?)

we went down to fox & hound to meet up with friends and there were all of these columbian guys there who thought kevin was so funny and kept buying him tequila shots. i made the mistake of leaving him with those guys for an hour. who knows how many shots he took...

then we went to halcyon (the coffee shop with the yummy espresso martinis) and hung out on the couches and met up with some other friends of ours. it was a pretty fun night. except of course i was the designated driver and had to finally tell the columbian guys - named juancho and anjelo- to stop buying kevin drinks.

oh my gosh, can i tell you what just happened? i am sitting here emailing you and i hear the microwave start up and shout, 'hey kevin what are you doing?' and then i hear casey eating something. kevin is drunk and has decided that since he's hungry and making himself a quesadilla, that casey must be hungry too and fed him for the third time today. and no, i'm not

heehee. it just makes me wonder how many of those silly nights we forget about because there isnt a random email to remind you. i wish i was better at journaling. there is just so much to remember.



have you guys been reading this stuff? so you're telling me if i get an internship at the banana republic, i could put "oversaw sales for a banana republic" on my resume and bush might one day put me in charge of U.S. trade with honduras? sheesh. *rolls eyes, hangs head in shame*
i went home at lunch today and let casey into the backyard. we both laid down on the porch and baked in the sun. the concrete was warmer than the sun for once and it felt so wonderful. the sun behind my eyelids brightened and dimmed with the passing clouds and it seemed like my heartbeat was in perfect synch with the vibrating of the air conditioner.

i could have laid there until the concrete swallowed me whole.


i love austin. kevin and i always laugh about how many people gush about austin whenever we are in dallas and then proceed to complain about living there (helloooo? move!). i know people have all kinds of reasons for staying put wherever they are... jobs, kids, etc... but we sure wish more of our friends who loved austin wanted to live down here with us : )

i'm so proud of austin today. not only has austin given more cash donations to the red cross than any other city in texas (despite that we are a fraction the size of big cities like houston, dallas, san antonio)... but now the community has turned out so many material donations, the city officials are actually asking people to stop giving. check this out!


i thought it was interesting to read what newspapers around the world were reporting about the katrina disaster. here is the link:click here
this morning i made it to the gym for a half-ass effort on the elliptical machines. i still can't run. stupid stress fracture.

after i had my share of pseudo running and cnn hurricane coverage, i headed home. i pulled up to a red light sweaty, tired, and ready for a shower. to the left of me is a homeless man with the requisite cardboard sign.

i have an internal struggle every time am in this situation. if only i had a legitimate distraction...i'm not on the phone... i have no one in the car with me... i have nothing to focus my attention on to act like i don't see him... i am just sitting in my car thinking, 'crap.'

i know enough to not give him any money, so i scan my car for food. my ever-present luna bars are scattered around the car. i scrounge up two and roll down my window. i said, "are you hungry?" holding out the s'more flavored luna bars. he comes to the car and says he isn't hungry and asks what the bars are. i said, "they are chocolate granola bars." he reads the label, says "i don't think i like s'mores, but thanks anyway" and goes back to his post on the road median.

then he comes back toward the car - i'm thinking, maybe he changed his mind. nope. he offers me a pencil. he apparently has a stash of wooden #2 pencils that he uses to thank people...

i politely declined. it was really strange. i guess beggars can be choosers.


i never used to even consider gas prices when taking the familiar trip up i-35. i just did the math and my round trip gas to dallas this weekend is going to cost $80.

so when you take into account i am making five trips to dallas in the next two months, that's $400- IF prices stay where they are today. ouch.

i would like to take this time to welcome my anonymous friend from "morgan keegan & company" who checks this blog more than anyone. even more than my mom.


crazy times around the burpo household (how weird is that to say/write?!)

life has been pretty hectic lately and i have a feeling its still only the calm before the storm. i've been working on throwing the baddest bachelorette party ever for my sister.

well, maybe not the baddest party ever, but the baddest party considering the circumstances. the circumstances being that i'm throwing the party for mostly moms that will probably get pretty drunk off of one glass of champagne.

i'm looking forward to it even more than i thought i would. my sister is the kind of person that is constantly trying to make everyone in her life feel incredibly important. i think its high time everyone made sure she feels that important to them. i'm actually really intimidated by the thought of disappointing her... i sure hope i don't.


i got back from seattle last night and was welcomed by the smothering heat of texas. as soon as i stepped off of the plane my face had a grimace - its just so stinking hot here!!

seattle was fun! the weather was amazing, the city is really cool, and our meetings all went well. i learned my lesson yet again that i should never go out late with my field partners. they can put away some serious alcohol! i was very tired yesterday.

i am definitely looking forward to the weekend - the last relaxing weekend at home before my tour of duty begins. i will be out of town for various weddings and showers four out of the next five weekends. (and 4 out of 5 doctors agree that isnt good for your mental health)


let me preface this post by saying that i have not watched an episode of "saved by the bell" in at least three or four years. i swear.

i was out riding yesterday morning and i met up with some girls to ride the "dam loop" which is a 50-mile ride from downtown out to lake travis and back. it is a beautiful ride. the pain of the ride comes in the hills- one in particular called the "dam hill" that starts at the bottom of the dam and takes me about 10-15 minutes to ride in total.

so as i'm riding up hills like this, i tend to repeat a song chorus or bible verse in my head (and sometimes outloud when i'm not completely out of breath). i'll say the chorus or verse one time while sitting and then one time while standing and on and on until i reach the top of the hill.

as i'm approaching the dam hill yesterday - somehow the chorus to a song from saved by the bell jumped into my head. i rode up this hill singing to myself "put your mind to it, go for it. get down and break a sweat. rock and roll, you aint seen nuthin yet."

its from the episode where kelly, lisa, and jessie decide to create a girls' singing sensation called "hot sundae". (the same episode as the much quoted "i'm so excited! i'm so excited! i'm so.... scared!")

the whole time i was just thinking, "where did THAT come from???"


check it out. i'm 2legit.


i am about to go to an offsite with my team at work. we are leaving momentarily to head to "the main event" to have pizza, play laser tag, and miniature golf.

it all sounds tame and innocent enough, but i am so not in the mood. not only that but i am beginning to lose patience with one of my co-workers and i really might kill her. no really, i might.

so if i call you later today, answer the phone. it very well may be my one phone call from prison - so answer, ok?

Originally uploaded by molliedonovan.
we finally got our team picture taken for the luna bar website - i'll post a link when the austin page goes live : )

now i just wish my foot would heal so i could get out there and run with the team!


ok, i dont want to harp on how poorly dressed people at work are, but i can't help myself. i am certainly thankful for our relaxed dress code around the office, but seriously some people take it a little far.

i just saw a girl in the hall wearing black running shoes (you know the kind that a waiter would wear) with white tube socks. she had on navy leggings and what appeared to be a "scrubs" top. it was printed and cut just like a pair of scrubs.

i swear.


it was a regular saturday morning - i met two gals for a planned 45 mile bike ride. we headed off into the great unknown with a map in my pocket and returned 5 hours later, battered, bleeding, and tired in a stranger's pickup truck.

we were so taken in by the scenery that at about mile 15 we missed our turn and went another 20 miles down a road through the hill country. katie got a flat. it started pouring down rain. the map i drew in ink got wet and bled until it was illegible. casey fell off her bike. we rode farther and farther away from our route.

finally we flagged down a pickup truck to find out where we were. the nice guy (ironically named kevin) let us know that we were indeed only a few short miles from johnson city - yes, thats right, johnson city!

the guy miraculously offered us a ride back to austin and threw our bikes in his truck bed. thank goodness for crew cabs! he was an arborist and he was actually working, so we learned how to properly unload a trailer full of brush, that chickens like to eat other injured chickens, and so much more! : )

thankfully we found a safe way home and had lots of laughs along the way, despite the series of unfortunate events. i just wont be planning any trips out to the hill country again any time soon.


i was making a salad yesterday (my usual lunch) and i pulled the bag of salad out of the fridge. i am lazy and therefore buy pre-packaged salads that come with a little bag of walnuts and cranberries inside to make my life a little bit easier. i opened the salad bag and when i poured it into the bowl - i realized they had accidentally included two of the goodie bags in my salad.

i actually exclaimed "woohoo!!" out loud and then realized i was really glad no one else was around to see that...


my dog has fleas.

no, this isnt the intro to a cheesy country song - its the facts. poor casey is a scratchaholic these days. i had to go buy a bunch of flea medicine and house fogger to get rid of the little bugs. i locked casey in the kitchen while the fogger settled into the rest of the house.

casey + the kitchen = a recipe for disaster.

he ate all of my bananas and opened my boxes of luna bars. kevin and i laughed and laughed imagining casey singing the chorus of gwen stephani's song b-a-n-a-n-a-s while wreaking his havoc.


there is a car dealership in town - champion something... i honestly have no idea what make of car they sell. all i know is, they have a radio commercial in which the jingle is :

who ya gonna call? call champion!

now, i am the first to admit that ghostbusters was a great movie... in 1984. yes, thats right, they are using the over-quoted tagline-slash-theme song from a twenty one year old movie to try and sell cars.

does this seem odd to anyone but me? who exactly is this targeted towards? granted, i remember the name of the dealership due to this ill fitting jingle - but i dont remember anything about their commericals other than the fact that they bug the crap out of me.


i just walked down the hall to the gym and it was the second time in two days that i have seen a girl wearing knee-high black leather boots... at work no less. i'm not even talking about semi-hip stiletto boots - these have both been circa 1998, with chunky heels and all.

could someone send these ladies a memo to let them know that: 1) its summer (in texas) and 2) those boots are ugly.


so the new look for the site is in honor of all of the green things i'm eating. i know its not very 'spicy' or 'hot ta-mollie', but its very representative of my life right now.

i would also like to say that men in suits are HOT. kevin and i went suit shopping for him last night and boy, the instant that jacket goes on, the HOT radar goes off...
kevin fell off the wagon and directly into the nearest taco cabana. sad but true.

me? i'm still trucking along with my new veggie friends...



Originally uploaded by molliedonovan.
my induction into vegan life began bright and early this morning with an 'ultimate meal' smoothie.

it ain't pretty, people. but honestly, even though the first couple of sips tasted like liquified broccoli... after a while it kinda started to taste o.k.


the vegan chronicles**

i headed off to the first meeting of the "beef up your inner vegan" challenge tonight. kevin came with me because he wanted to be supportive - and after hearing the overwhelming benefits - he decided to join me for the next six weeks. we are actually pretty excited about it - we went straight to whole foods and spent a ridiculous amount of money on food that will probably only last us two days.

its interesting what different peoples' reactions have been to hearing that i'm jumping on the vegan wagon - at least temporarily. people can be really defensive of their own way of eating without even realizing what they are defending. but i guess we can all be that way about some things...

in other news, i'm considering buying THIS shirt... as i'm sure it will get some laughs when i'm grumpy from my dairy withdrawl mood swings.

** disclaimer... this post written while enjoying the last wonderful drops of a ben & jerry's chunky monkey pint, effectively ridding my house of the last ounces of dairy. scary thought!! **


what a great weekend - i laughed so hard and had so much fun. it was just great.

we were at the lake with four other couples (when did my life suddenly become noah's ark at events?) and we just had a blast. its really interesting how quickly boys who don't know each other very well can become friends. why arent girls more like that? i so wish they were.

so here's to brittany and jay for having us out to their place! it was wonderful!


binge week...

i have been eating like crazy this week... i've had pizza...twice, nachos...twice, ice cream, and lots of queso. my six week experiment as a vegan starts on monday - i was having such a great time eating to my little heart's content!

then i saw THIS and really meat sounds like about the LAST thing i feel like eating right now.

i guess i can just think of that anytime i start craving dairy or meat... yeah. i think that will definitely do the trick.


well another week is flying by - we are headed to a college friend's lake house tomorrow after work to hang out with the baylor peeps. i'm really excited - its a fun group and i could definitely use a lazy weekend in the sun.

in other news, i got a soccer mom haircut. sad but true... i'll get used to it soon enough but for now i'm going to keep looking in the mirror thinking, 'who is that lady and does she drive a mini van?'


ever since i read "mere christianity", i've been trying to be more mindful of the negative side of pride - and how being prideful can take fun, healthy competition and turn it into something else. i'm trying not to compare myself to others to make me feel good or proud of my accomplishments. (but MAN is that a hard thing to do or what?!)

so in the interest of not putting others down to gauge my own success....

yesterday in the triathlon i kicked last year mollie's ASS!

i did - i trounced her by over 17 minutes. woooo hoooo!!

the race was amazing - apart from feeling awesome and really shocking myself with my finishing time of 2 hours, 38 minutes - i was just so inspired by my teammates. they were so excited and positive throughout the race and they were so proud of one another - it was like a competitive-free zone. i loved the way that felt!


tomorrow is the last day with my team in training team - our race starts at 7am. i have to say that since i joined 'tnt' three years ago, this is absolutely my favorite team i have gotten to work with. everyone is just amazing and it will be a bittersweet thing to finish the race.

wish us luck!


bren and i went to a patty griffin concert last night to celebrate her birthday.

there was a girl there in a blue silk shantung dress. i swear it was a bridesmaids dress... but i digress.

patty just rules. she is so cute and sexy and can sing her little tail off. she has so many good breakup songs. i hope her life hasnt been as sad as those songs make it out to be.

it was definitely an austin moment... standing outside at stubbs, slight smell of bar-b-que in the air, nice chill may breeze blowing through, listening to patty sing backed up by awesome guitars and a rocking accordian. it made me glad to live here.


i'm such a consumer.

why do i love all of the songs from ipod commercials?! i own almost all of them. i find myself rewinding tivo when i see a new one to hear the song they've picked this time.

i'm such a nerd, but i just love this new one. its the new gorillaz song, which makes me feel a little less nerdy b/c i've always thought they were pretty good.

by the way - i'm well aware that pretty much everyone else in the free world is tired of these commercials... '


thoughts on a tuesday:

...always employ the buddy system when shopping at stores such as 'forever 21'

...never eat at restaurants where the chairs have wheels.


take one of these

and one of these

then add a little of this

you get this!

then they get to go do this!


10 things i learned on my honeymoon:

1. the sight of your husband in his wedding ring is one of the sweetest and sexiest things you'll ever see
2. do not wear a white shirt without a bra when in or around a rainforest
3. you probably won't have enough lead-time to wear very many of the cute lingerie items you packed
4. when you're on your honeymoon, you look at every other couple in the airport thinking..."i wonder if they are on their honeymoon too"
5. marry someone who doesnt mind when you want to go do something by yourself, you'll be glad you did
6. jellyfish stings don't hurt nearly as bad if you just ignore them - dont touch them or scratch them!
7. i don't miss television when i'm not around it... so why do i watch it at all?
8. when caught in an unexpected rainstorm in a white shirt with no bra, strategically placed backpack straps can improve the situation
9. running in the jungle by yourself is a little bit scary but very cool
10.listening to the rain in the middle of the night, spooning with the love of your life is pretty much as good as it gets.


yesterday was the best day of my life.

my wedding day was the most exciting, fulfilling, heart-warming, anticipated, life-changing, love filled, wonderful, glorious, memorable, amazing day of my life.

it was every single bit the day i've dreamed of my entire life. kevin and i worked toward that day for eight months, and it was exactly what we were hoping for. today begins the rest of our lives as husband and wife - now the real work begins! we smiled and looked at each other this morning and said, "well, we told everyone yesterday what our marriage is going to be - and now its up to us and God to make sure its exactly that!"

i could really go on and on and on about the day. in fact, i'm going to do just that in my journal so that every moment, every memory, every bit of the past three days will stay with me forever. what a gift this weekend has been.

so what could possibly follow the best day of your life?! well, not the best day of your life! hah. i've been pretty weepy and emotional today and i'm sure there is plenty of that yet to come as well. its a HUGE change and i'm just on the brink of understanding what it all really means for me.

we are off to our honeymoon tomorrow...i am thrilled and cannot wait to continue the celebration!


public service announcement:

despite what all of those skinny brides tell you, you will not necessarily lose weight before your wedding.

you know how they were like, "yeah, its crazy but you just lose a bunch of weight without trying!" and "the pounds just kinda fell off for weeks before the wedding."

they were lying. well, maybe not lying, but they certainly weren't talking about you.

yeah, you know who you are. you were hoping the dress wouldnt be *quite* so tight and you'd lose at least 5 pounds. you were mistaken. you who are now just a slight bit worried about how tight the dress is... yes i'm talking to you!

well on a positive note... maybe i'm not losing weight b/c i'm just really happy! i'm not having a problem eating because i'm not really all that worried about anything. i'm not losing sleep because i know everything will happen exactly as ordained.

heck, look on the bright side, now i won't be one of those 60 year-old ladies who constantly says comments like "do you know how much i weighed at my wedding?! one hundred pounds!" i'll be that crazy old lady that says, "do you know how fast my triathlon was the month after my wedding?!"

hah. lets hope!


compound fractures...

the stress from the past few weeks has been compounding in the last few days. my patience was wearing thin. i was headed for a fracture...or at least a breakdown.

i woke up this morning with a grumble. my alarm startled me out of deep sleep at 7am and i groaned out loud, "its saturday! i don't wanna get up early on saturday anymore!"

i dragged butt out of bed, threw my bike on my car, and grudgingly went down to south austin for triathlon practice. our workout today was a pretty intense hour and a half of cycling followed by a quick jog.

i hammered the crap out of that ride and ran my butt off. i feel like i focused all of that negative energy i've been having and left it all on the road. i feel 100% better than i did yesterday.

only 7 days to go!


i'm not in the best mood ever. see previous post for reference.

i know deep down that next saturday could not be anything but perfect - no matter what happens. i just get a little sink in my heart and pit in my stomach when i think about the possibility of not just sprinkles, but RAIN.

yes, its worthless to even spend time worrying. yes, i know that what is meant to happen that day will indeed happen. yes, i'm being slightly bridezilla-ish. yes, i've prayed about my attitude regarding the subject. and YES, i know i do not want to let anything, even weather, put even the smalled damper on my perspective about my wedding day.


bigger sigh.


you know how when you're trying to lose weight, the scale can dictate how you feel about yourself for the day? a mere digital read-out can make you jump up and down squealing or cause you to kick said digital device and grab your 'fat' jeans off the shelf in your closet in dismay...

these days i live and die by accuweather. my moods and my stress level can be easily forecasted based on the current weather predictions for my wedding day.

it all started when some random chick gave me the farmers almanac forecast for april 23rd - 80% chance of rain. i contemplated bitch-slapping her.

so then i started a countdown to the day my precious april 23rd would show up on the accuweather forecast. i even wrote in on my calendar so i wouldn't forget. i did this months ago.

on saturday, the debut of my wedding day on the 15-day forecast, i jumped around cheering "83 and sunn-nny, 83 and sunn-nny!" then by monday, it had petered out to a dismayed, "showers?! how can you go from '83 and sunny' to 'SHOWERS'?!! i understand going from 'mostly cloudy' to 'showers', but how can this be?!!"

accuweather, why do you tease me?

as of today, i'm settling for partly sunny and 72. don't even get me started on how they can drop the temperature 12 degrees in 4 days... how do these people keep their jobs?!!

so think of me tomorrow...the day april 23rd shows up on the weather.com 10-day forecast.

i hope i'm in a good mood tomorrow...


we're in the teens people.

19 and counting...


spring forward.

seriously. i can't remember a spring when not only i, but so many of my friends and family were springing forward. new jobs, new babies, new engagements, and soon...a new marriage.

its been quite the leap.

now i'm off to run a 10k : )


even after an evening of unloading all of my boxes into the empty new house, it still doesn't seem any more "real". it just hasn't hit me yet.

signs you're in love:

1- you dont get mad when someone calls your boxes upon boxes of treasured belongings "all of your crap"
2- when passing your new roommate with your hands full of heavy kitchen gear, he slaps you on the butt
3- every single time you pass him, he slaps you on the butt and despite yourself, you laugh
4- you think his obsessive need to pack every square inch of his car with boxes, bags, and loose items until literally bursting is kinda cute
5- you toast to your new house by 'clinking' pizza slices while sitting on the floor in an empty room- and you consider it romantic
we'll we're movin on uuuuuup!! (but not to the east side)

today we get the keys to the house where kevin and i will begin our married years. i have the distinct feeling that this whole transition is going to feel much more real very soon...


my mind is playing cruel tricks on me...

i had a dream last night that my mom called me to say how insightful and interesting my last blog posting was and we had a political conversation where she was actually not only agreeing with me, but commending me for being thoughtful about my beliefs.

i actually drove to the Y this morning thinking, "man that was awesome." until i realized it was a dream... dammit.

in other news, i'm temporarily walking like an 85-year old. i did spin class at lunch on tuesday and then my running class that night was a hill run and my calves have felt like they are bleeding and crying at the same time for over 24 hours. fun.


(this one's a little long winded, but it has great quotes in it)

i started reading c.s. lewis' mere christianity on my plane ride to seattle on tuesday. i'm about 2/3 of the way through and already i think i've underlined about half of the book. i read this portion today on my flight home and couldn't help but think of how applicable his political views are today, over 60 years later...

"how far aught christians try to force their views on marriage on the rest of the community by embodying them in divorce laws? a great many people seem to think that if you are a christian yourself you should try to make divorce difficult for everyone. i dont think that. churches should frankly recognize that the majority of the british people are not christians and, therefore, cannot be expected to live christian lives."

i can think of at least 3 or 4 current political topics that you could subsitute into that sentiment in place of divorce... man, c.s. lewis was a smartypants.

i also couldnt help but think of good old george w and his weapons of mass destruction hunt when i came across this section,

"the real test is this. suppose one reads a story of filthy atrocities in the paper. then suppose that something turns up suggesting that the story might not be quite true, or not quite so bad as it was made out. is one's first feeling, 'thank God, even they aren't quite so bad as that,' or is it a feeling of disappointment, and even a determination to cling to the first story for the sheer pleasure of thinking your enemies are as bad as possible? if it is the second then it is, i am afraid, the first step in a process which, if followed to the end, will make us into devils. you see, one is beginning to wish that black was a little blacker. if we give that wish its head, later on we shall wish to see grey as black, and then to see white itself as black. finally we shall insist on seeing everything—God and our friends and ourselves included—as bad, and not be able to stop doing it: we shall be fixed for ever in a universe of pure hatred."

scary, huh?
90% of communication is body language.

or something like that, right? honestly, i have to say at this point i agree. it sounds a bit absurd when you first think about it - but after over a year of working side-by-side with people up here in washington over the phone, apple finally sprung for me to make the trip up to the pacific northwest.

i've had more fun with these guys and made more connections in the past 2 days than i had in the past 14 months with only voice on voice action. and in at least a small way, i'm hoping that all of this hand shaking and drink toasting will make my daily grind a little less grinding.


seattle is really far away from austin.

deep thoughts...


"you are not a beautiful or unique snowflake"
-tyler durden, fight club

"Be sure that the ins and outs of your individuality are no mystery to Him; and one day they will no longer be a mystery to you. The mold in which a key is made would be a strange thing, if you had never seen a key: and the key itself a strange thing if you had never seen a lock. Your soul has a curious shape because it is a hollow made to fit a particular swelling in the infinite contours of the divine substance, or a key to unlock one of the doors in the house with many mansions. For it is not humanity in the abstract that is to be saved, but you--you, the individual reader, Mollie Donovan. Blessed and fortunate creature, your eyes shall behold Him and not another's. All that you are, sins apart, is destined, if you will let God have His good way, to utter satisfaction.... God will look to every soul like its first love because He is its first love. Your place in heaven will seem to be made for you and you alone, because you were made for it--made for it stitch by stitch as a glove is made for a hand."
-c.s. lewis, the problem of pain


its funny what will make you feel better...

i was dreading tonight. i had plans with friends to go out dancing and i was just not looking forward to it at all. after such a stressful week- i felt like i just wanted to go home and veg on the couch and have a quiet night to myself.

well i rallied and met up with the group for about 3 hours at tambaleo and i feel SO much better. we just laughed and danced and had a great time- it was exactly the medicine i needed.

if i'd stayed home i just would have been thinking about my week and all of the things i still have to do for this wedding- but instead i got a night really away from all of that.

sigh. thank goodness.


its been over three weeks since lent began- this lent has been a conscious effort to be aware of my life, my stresses, and the transition i am facing right now by abstaining from alcohol and beginning to commit to a weekly bible study.

so far so good? i am more stressed than i can remember being in a really long time. i am overwhelmed by how much i have to do and i dont know to manage my stress. i am truly learning a lot about myself right now and at the same time i'm exhausted and at my wit's end with this wedding.

lent countdown- 3 weeks
wedding countdown- 7 weeks



we have a guest columnist today...

why lent rules
by mollie's liver

i have to say this past week has been absolute heaven for me- can you believe this has been my first full week of vacation in probably 5 years?! i swear, sometimes mollie just doesnt realize how hard my job is.

mollie can be so self-centered- she just thinks of herself and doesnt consider that girls' night with a bottle of shiraz is serious work for me. and don't get me started on the tequila quantities that chick drinks in the summer. sheesh.

well i'm off for a massage- i could really get used to this vacation stuff- and i still have 34 days left!


kevin and i had a meeting last night to discuss how we are going to handle our finances as a couple. i picked up pei-wei and headed to his house around 8.

the talk went well... we work very well together on strategic things like money.

the funny part of the evening came when i opened my fortune cookie that read:



i think i'm going to give up being a sailor for lent...

no drinking.
no smoking.
no swearing.

man, does that sound boring or what? ok, ok, so i already have the no smoking thing under control. its been just over a year now since i quit the daily puffing.

but no drinking and no swearing?! that would take some effort.

the more i think about it the more i'm not sure i want to spend 40 of my last 80 days as a single girl sober....


ooh ooh! lets take a sexy pic! ready?

one.... two.... three!

ew. oh wait, thats not sexy.

try again! try again! ready?

one.... two.... three!

dammit, that's not sexy either! i guess drunk isnt very sexy when you're sober.... or really even when you're drunk. but it sure is funny.


in visiting my mom's church last weekend, one thing sticks out in my mind that the preacher said. in fact, i even wrote it down. he said, "i'm sick and tired of the word "compassionate" being used only for the 'liberals'. WE should be the compassionate ones- the christians"

two things about that statement bother me.

1) he is clearly separating two groups as though there is no overlap. christians. liberals. as though the venn diagram of these two groups would be isolated floating circles with no middle ground.

2) he sounded baffled that any non-christian could be considered compassionate- as in people who don't believe in jesus shouldnt be capable of being compassionate.

what he is really sad about has nothing to do with anyone else- it has to do with the fact that the group he belongs to doesn't represent the characteristics that it should.

its interesting that people who label themselves as christians that make closed minded judgements, stand by deceptive leaders because they pray with them on sunday, and send people to die for a war that is being fought for the most selfish of reasons can wonder why they arent considered compassionate.

one question- if you were going to identify yourself with a group of people... would you choose the group based on their actions and what others say about them OR would you choose them based on what they claim they believe?

sometimes it sucks to be known as a christian. because the collective of that word doesn't mean what it should- its the singular description that i prefer.


this weekend was our first wedding shower. it was really so much fun!! my friends went out of their way to make it a really fun shindig and it was awesome.

it was so interesting being at a party where everyone is there because they love you and are important to you and they want to help celebrate your future. its kinda like a birthday party on crack. parts of it are awkward- i mean everyone was so generous with their gifts, its a bit overwhelming. its such a unique experience and we had a really great time. i just appreciate my friends so much!

i took lots of pictures - click here if you wanna see!


thought provoking excerpts from a new york times article a friend emailed me today...

So is the U.S. "stingy" about helping poor countries?

The tsunami illustrates the problem: When grieving victims intrude onto our TV screens, we dig into our pockets and provide the massive, heartwarming response that we're now displaying in Asia; the rest of the time, we're tightwads who turn away as people die in far greater numbers.

But the bottom line is that this month and every month, more people will die of malaria (165,000 or more) and AIDS (240,000) than died in the tsunamis, and almost as many will die because of diarrhea ( 140,000).

And that's where we're stingy. Americans give 15 cents per day per person in official development assistance to poor countries. The average American spends four times that on soft drinks daily.

We gave 15 cents for every $100 of national income to poor countries. Denmark gave 84 cents, the Netherlands gave 80 cents, Belgium gave 60 cents, France gave 41 cents, and Greece gave 21 cents (that was the lowest share, beside our own).

With America's image tarnished around the world, one of the most effective steps Mr. Bush could take to revive it would be to lead a global effort to confront an ongoing challenge like malaria. That would also give Mr. Bush more credibility by suggesting that the "culture of life" he talks about embraces not just fetuses, but also African children crying from hunger.

The best response to accusations of stinginess is not to be defensive, but to be generous. And the measure of generosity is not what you offer when the spotlight is upon you, but what you do when the spotlight moves on.

..... Nicholas D. Kristoff, New York Times

man, that last paragraph gets me everytime...


in honor of the new year, i would like to take a moment to do my own 'best of' list for 2004. judging on this was really strict, but here's what our panel of judges could agree on...

best day of 2004: august 6th, engagement day! (this one was easy...)

best purchase: ruby the subaru for sure.

best new drink: espresso martini from halcyon. (kevin i'm sure would vote for his newfound love, the white russian)

biggest splurge: i have joined the ranks of the girls whose jean pockets have designs on them. i sold my soul to seven jeans and i kinda like it.

worst haircut: avant on guadalupe.

best nightlife discovery: 80's night at the parish

worst workout: america's triathlon, memorial day. hottest day on record + back injury = no fun.

saddest day: may 23rd, the day alias left us for over 7 months. shame on them.

biggest waste of time: TIE! either the easter debacle with rhonda my honda- the straw that broke the camel's back OR sales methodology training at work. (that one's a toss up!)

best new queso: vivo on manor- definitely the best addition to the austin tex mex scene this year.

best concert: surprisingly- i'm gonna have to give this one to 'the darkness'. definitely the best showmanship of the year.

best meal: TIE! either my birthday dinner at mars (get the kaimen ken shiba- trust me) OR christmas dinner at my parents house. what can i say- the woman can COOK!

worst meal: easily the thai lunch i had at some random place off rundburg with kevin. i cant remember the name of the place... and i kinda dont want to.

most touching suprise: how excited my dad is about kevin & i getting married. its just the best!