cheers to becky and frank for creating my favorite person and introducing him to the world 30 years ago today!

happy birthday kevin!!! lily and i are so lucky to have you in our lives :)


i have a new photography blog up and running where you will be able to see the latest and greatest photography i am doing. come check it out!


i will hopefully keep it up to date with lots of fun pictures! don't forget to pass the word on to friends so i have LOTS of pictures to share from being soooo busy ;)


the kids at my bus stop are NOT friends. in case you maybe thought they were, they wanted to make sure you are aware that there is no way they are friends.


we had such a fun weekend. auntie e and uncle mike came over on saturday to spend the night with lily pants so that kevin and i could celebrate our anniversary. i still can't believe it has been THREE years!

we checked into the hilton and had amazing massages before we went out to dinner and dessert and watched a movie! it was really so fun. we both got over ten hours of uninterrupted sleep. it doesn't get much better than that!

we went on a walk on the greenbelt with erin, mike, and lily on sunday and it was so nice! lil might turn out to be a nature girl afterall! she loved it.

here are a few silly pics from the week so far.



happy monday to all :)


i am a big dork about photography equipment and got a new lens yesterday that i am super excited about! i couldn't play with it because i was preparing a dinner for our new neighbors, so i busted it out first thing this morning and made lily hang out with me on the lawn in her pajamas :)

i love the bird fuzz

love that gorgeous early morning glow

looks like someone is getting more comfortable with grass!


for those of you admiring lily's cute new hair clips in the pics below, you should check out the site - click here! i am doing my best to throw some of my extra pennies in the direction of other moms starting creative businesses, so i was happy to order the adorable clips from a fun mom.

if you haven't wasted a few good hours browsing all the adorable home made items on etsy.com in general, you really should! you can find great stuff on there!


our day in pictures...

we went to the bluebonnets again and she gave me her best smile!

then we got the cutest hair clips in the mail!

and then lily got tired of me taking her picture...

then dad came home and the big grins were back!
(along with her new strawberry clip!)


'they' say that everyone has a twin out there. i have gotten several emails telling me that my twin is showing up in dove advertisements in various magazines and i finally tracked this twin down online.

you be the judge... i don't really see it, but kevin and others agree!

personally i'd be pretty happy with that tan and her physique! hah :)


spring has sprung! the bluebonnets are here!!


i nearly peed my pants tonight when i saw the one and only miss erin ivey on perez hilton's infamous site!! hundreds of thousands of people read his site daily and i am thrilled that they have all had the opportunity to sneak a peek at erin's amazing voice!

click here to read his plug of her song chocolate!

so many people have emailed to ask about the song on my photography site. erin wrote and recorded those lullabies as a gift to lily and i thought they fit the site perfectly! to hear more of her lullabies and download them for yourself, go to austinlullabies.com!