we had such a fun time celebrating miss mary's bachelorette party last night. it was a great group of girls and a gorgeous day in austin!

here are a few pics from the evening...

baylor girls

katy & jill

toast to mary!

mary's on fire!

brooke & mary

me & katy

baby link's first (and probably last) bachelorette party :)


the combination of a new baby and a new camera = insane numbers of pictures taken in the past month. here are a few from today.

first miss eve and her new attempts at smiling...

lily and eve in the 'studio'...

(yes she is pushing eve in her baby stroller!)

and then lily played with blankie in the wind...


aaaah!!! eve has the most beautiful smile :) she was grinning at me just now and it made me smile SO big and in return she smiled as big as she could and her whole face truly lit up. it was absolutely beautiful!

i can't wait to share it all with you. this one was just for me. no camera necessary :)
like mother like daughter...

i have had a collection of antique cameras forever and since my decorating taste doesn't really lend itself super well to collections, i am never sure what to do with them so a few have made their way into the playroom as bookends.

lily has started using this kodak brownie as a modern camera- holding it up to her face and saying 'cheeeese' or 'picture!'. it cracks me up- and its a little scary to see her emulating me already. i had better get my act together :)

taking a 'picture' out the window

also, here are a few snaps of miss eve. she hasn't changed a ton, but i do think she's starting to look different. its funny, when i look back on pictures of lily around 3 months i can 'see' what lily looks like now in the baby's face already. we still have a while before we hit that milestone, but it will be interesting to see how they develop differently!


the donovans are in town again and lily could not be more thrilled. they had an absolute blast in the backyard this afternoon!

precious charlie

can you see lily behind the giant ball? :)

beautiful lucy

sprinkler madness

after bathtime they all pretended to sleep in lily's tent!


i finally had a chance to pull out my new camera this morning while eve was napping and lily and i were playing in the front yard. i love it so far but what i love even more is having regular lazy days of summer captured. one day i'll love remembering what her chubby feet looked like dancing on the utility cover and how goofy she was.

big smiles for the camera

carrying her stroller

so coy

showing off her smile

tap dancing

such a silly girl

carrying teddy to his stroller

checking on eve napping on the video monitor

tracing her feet

tracing teddy

then after her nap, we had some fun in the sun with auntie e in the backyard


today i have a few oldies but goodies. i finally sat down to look through the rest of the amazing maternity pics and these are a few favorites :)

and look at these last two- its amazing how much lily has changed and grown. these were taken only about 7 months apart!

march 09:

july 08:

these were all taken by jennifer cota and processed by me :)