what better way to enjoy the afternoon than with fabulous, talented friends, tasty margaritas, and gorgeous weather out in the trees at the nutty brown cafe?

here are a few pics courtesy of miss bonnie. i have to say i'm so thankful for every precious picture of me with my girls. i'm always the one behind the camera in our family!

she's eating mayonnaise with a fork!

lots more images from our lazy afternoon on bonnie's blog!


Candice said...

I LOVE these pics. The first one with the baby snuggles....awww. Can I just say that you look great? Looks like you bounced right back into shape, and your smile lights up your face.

Megan said...

you look amazing!! I nust say I wish I bounced back like you did! your girls are gorgeous!

Melissa said...

You look great! I don't feel so bad now for Julia eating ketchup with her fork yesterday at lunch. :)