in honor of valentine's day right around the corner, i bring you pigtails and pink!

first it was all cuteness...





then she took a bite out of love (the marshmellow kind)...



a BIG bite...



in case you need more proof of the vast humor inhabiting my fine city, this was the traffic sign on the corner of lamar and mlk yesterday...


i just got my print from etsy for the kitchen and i love it!! its 16x20 and i wish it was even bigger!


if you look carefully you can see a silver sparkly puma in the chair on bottom right. haha :)

hats off to persimmon and pink for their cute etsy shop!

since i inadvertently ordered it a little small for the full wall, i think i'm going to make digital silhouettes of kevin, me, lily, and baby all in fun colors to frame on either side of the print. i learned to do this today and this is my first try at lily:

a glimpse into the mutual love and respect that lily and i already have for each other:

lily is sitting in her high chair eating breakfast, talking to her 'e' on the computer and watching me make lunch for her to take to school...

mollie: uh oh lily, we are out of jelly!
lily: (blank stare)

(mollie looks in the pantry and finds a new jar of jelly on the shelf)

mollie: yay lily! a new jar of jelly! mama is organized!
lily: HAHAHA

(e also joins in the laughter via computer)

its good to know i'm highly respected around here.


for those of you who share my deep love of all things erin ivey, here is the new reids commercial for your viewing pleasure :)

we were having lunch together the day she had her fitting for her attire and i must say she looks darn cute!


we had a surprisingly busy weekend. friends of kevin's were in town friday night and stayed with us. we got to go out to dinner and introduce them to the joys of rock band. that was good times!

saturday auntie e babysat while we saw gran torino. great movie. it really hit a nerve with me and i'd be lying if i said i didn't wish there were some asian kids living next door to a certain man i love telling him to go to the doctor.

at church we signed up for a parenting class that i'm excited about. it starts in about a month and ends right when baby 2 is scheduled to debut. i'm thinking about signing up for a class on the screwtape letters too- such a great book.

now i'm totally exhausted and looking forward to a lazy monday. here's hoping everyone had a great weekend!


if loving austin is wrong, i don't want to be right.

not only was it a gorgeous 80 degree day in january, i went swimming with e and lily in barton springs (brrrr) and was greeted with this glorious sight from our towels.


way to keep austin weird, old man.


what a gorgeous day! we seem to be having so many of these lately- makes me happy its 'winter'. haha :)

erin and i took lily to town lake today and fed the ducks. she was content to throw anything into the 'agua'. rocks.... dirt.... bread... whatever! she sure does love her e. when i tried to put her in her carseat to go home she was crying for her e. she wakes up asking for gaga, pretends to call moon on her cellphone toy, and then cries when e leaves. what am i, chopped liver?

we had her 18 month appointment today - she is developing perfectly and is still 50% for height and 30% for weight. she's my little bird! she cried and cried when she got a shot, but was sure to say 'thank you' before the nurse left the room. her manners really are quite impressive :)

and because it seems i can't go a post without a picture these days, here is a gorgeous peacock i met on sunday morning while waiting for clients at a park. the blue is just amazing!



what a fun week! i don't know what is in the air, but this house has been full of laughter and appreciation for each other and i love it! :) lily is being more and more free with her smiles and laughs and at least once a day we are both laughing so hard we can barely catch our breath.

she is more and more excited to hang out with kevin when he gets home from work and when i'm cleaning the kitchen after dinner i can hear their giggles coming down from bath time. what a great sound.

its hard to believe everything is going to change in just over 3 months...


just a smile or two for your monday morning. :)




what a GORGEOUS day. 80 degrees, sunny, and i got to spend it with some of my favorite people. lily and i had a picnic with erin ivey and then went down to the springs with auntie e.

i can't tell you how big my smile was watching e and lily have a BLAST in the water. looking at the pictures i just sit and smile- she was literally having the time of her life and loving every minute of being in the water. i just love watching her become this person who finds joy in things that have brought ME so much joy in my life. its really amazing.

its also so fun to see her loving and trusting her e. they have such a special relationship. have i mentioned i love these pictures? :)