your public service announcement for the day:

i was hoping for a sugar-free equivalent of juicy fruit. instead my mouth was assaulted by a mix of crappy tropical fruit flavor and artificial sweetner.


woohoo!! the kitchen is 95% complete! after we install a few more handles on the drawers- we're done.

kevin showing off his handiwork

the whole she-bang

finally... functional counter space AND storage!!

a BIG 'thank you' is owed to meagan for sharing her rockin' pottery barn discount with us- we love the shelves!


its time to add another girl to the list of donovan beach bunnies!


i am in the middle of a project at work for one of my clients called 'from' line testing. basically this is where you send out the same email to three different groups of consumers with three different 'from' lines and see which of the emails is opened most often. you use testing like this to determine the optimal set-up for an email program.

anywho- i am writing a document for this testing that outlines the process, evaluation, etc. and all of a sudden the word 'from' seems like the weirdest word in the universe.

does that ever happen to you? after you stare at a word for so long it just doesn't make sense anymore?

man, i'm glad its friday! austin or bust!!


things that make you go hmmm....

- working out this morning on the elliptical i noticed that of the 9 people running on a treadmill in front of me, 8 were watching CNN and 1 was watching an alternative news program. i was watching 'saved by the bell'.

- during a meeting yesterday in an effort to appease a designer i made a witty joke and winked at him. next thing you know i'll be shooting the double barrel while making a 'click' sound out the side of my mouth.


woooo hoooo! the kitchen is almost complete! all we have left to do is add the handles to the new set of cabinets and drawers and hang shelving above the addition.

let them eat cake! i have a feeling i'll be cooking up a storm now that i'll have a functioning kitchen with ample counter space.

i'm pumped! the contractor just showed up at our house with his crew to install our new kitchen cabinets and countertop. i am going to go home at lunch to check it out and if its finished, i'll take pics.

this post could go one of two ways, but since i have resolved to be more positive and just enjoy life without questioning things at every turn... i decided to not bitch and moan about the inane cost of quality kitchen finishouts like granite. but i could. i definitely could.


i had a great weekend! lots of quality time spent catching up with friends and family with just enough pool time thrown in for good measure.



does anyone else out there think ashlee simpson once resembled haley joel osment in drag?


something tells me we need a bigger dog bed...


target has done it again- they keep ripping off steve madden every season! can you imagine being a corporate shoe spy?! hah.


my sister was at garden ridge today out in the burbs. she picked up a watering can on sale (isn't everything at garden ridge on sale?). as she tipped the can over to read the price on the bottom, she inadvertently poured someone's urine all over the floor, splattering her feet.

several questions come to mind when pondering this story...

1. who pees in a watering can at garden ridge?
2. since when does erin shop in the burbs?

i should have known something like that was too good to be true.

now, i would like to take this moment to ask all of my email forwarding friends to please use snopes to check the validity of their emails before breaking out their address book in an attempt to either save me from eminent danger in a mall parking lot or to help a kid with cancer break a world record.