in honor of my dad's birthday, i'd like to do a bit of a tribute to the coolest dad around.

ten things that make my dad the coolest:

1) he has what could easily be mistaken as either a sombrero or a ladies straw hat, wears it proudly and calls it his "sun management hat"

2) he is fiercely loyal

3) sometimes he sounds like a hick from alabama (which he in part is) and sometimes he sounds british (no one knows why!)

4) he is one of the best judges of character i have ever met

5) he loves bacon more than some people love their families

6) he has given me more chances and love than i ever deserved

7) his idea of wrapping a present is taking the bag from the store and stapling it shut

8) he still dances with my mom in the kitchen

9) he never apologizes for being himself, no matter what other people think

and finally....

10) his new restaurant has a BLOG (yeah, i barely believed it myself)


decisions, decisions...

stay at apple?
go back to school?
study physical therapy?
race the triahtlon this weekend?

so much floating through my head.


this weekend was wonderful! i had several confirmations/ understandings about friends that i think i really needed.

friends are an investment. the older we get, the more i start to grasp this. the time and effort i give to my friendships are an investment in those people and also in myself. i don't know if you can really know who cares about you the way you care about them until things get crazy and priorities change and life gets in the way- and then you know who keeps you on their list.

on one hand i have amazing friends from college that i will always have a BLAST with whenever i see them, and on the other hand i have friends from college i can still call at 3 in the morning when everything is going wrong and i just need to talk.

what i realized this weekend, is that for some people, i fall into that first category. i won't say that doesnt make me sad, but for the first time, i think i am going to be able to accept that and just love my friendships for what they are.

this weekend was really wonderful though. i had a GREAT time laughing with friends that i rarely get to see. i am very lucky to have such amazing people in my life.


so as a follow up to the last post (i'm sure you've been on the edge of your seat, chomping at the bit to know...what happened?!!) the race was cancelled. how's that for anti-climactic? i'll have more to report after THIS thursday's race.

i am so proud of myself right now, i just have to share it with you! i know it may seem like a less than herculean task for some, but for mollie donovan, it was a monumental occasion! i had a blood test this morning!!

i was that girl in college who refused to walk through the dorm lobby during 'blood drive week' and at one point, was attempting to be added to the national bank for bone marrow donors and cried so hard that they asked me to leave because "i was scaring other people off."

i have avoided doctors and more specifically, having blood tests for the past 7 years. i havent had a complete blood chemistry test since i was 13. for me, the fear and anxiety that i associated with needles and giving blood were too overwhelming to even talk about without a rush of heat searing through my entire body.

and so, though i did not take the test with the relaxed nerves that i was hoping for, i did manage to remain in the chair through the experience and i did not cry and i did not resist the nurse that administered my test.... all baby steps that were much needed!! YAY!! : ) heehee.


feliz cinco de mayo!

5th of may greetings from you favorite latin-themed site... the spicy world of hot ta-mollie.

now if only i was in the mood to shout "arriba aye aye!" and chug mexican beers and sip tequila...

tomorrow i am going to do something i've never done. i am going to do a road race crit (criterium: a short, looped, race...very fast, will probably be only 20 minutes) its no big deal for regular roadies who race a lot, but for a novice like me its a big step. i'm a bit frightened and very much intimidated by the idea and it will cost me $15, so why am i doing it? when i told my sister, she was clear in her disdain for the idea, dismissing it as crazy.

you be the judge - the crazy act of a desperate woman? or the exciting adventures of a young cyclist?
i like the challenge & i am excited even though i know i will probably completely fail. but in the end thats what eclipses the anxiety- the challenge of a new experience that will stretch myself beyond my comfort zone. lets just hope i dont crash (kevin featured prominently in green & blue ; )