have you ever finished eating something so mindlessly that you look around for it like you must have misplaced it, because surely you didn't eat all of it?

i remember stacking the final 4 fig newtons from the box on the counter.

i remember thinking about how good they would taste.

i remember eating the first one.

i walked back into the kitchen about 20 minutes later looking for my cookies... where did they go? i even gave casey an accusatory glance and held up the empty cookie box to see if he would flinch in guilt. no dice.

i guess i owe casey an apology.


i just came across this headline...

Woman ill after eating recalled dog food

an excerpt from the article reads "After noticing her dog, Missy, wasn't eating, Larabie said she took bites of the pet food in order to trick the terrier into thinking it was people food. The ploy worked and the mealtime routine continued for about two weeks until both dog and master became sick."



i never thought i'd be one of those pregnant ladies that uses her stomach as a resting place for food... until now.

as i was eating my dinner last night i was reclining on the couch and had my bowl of pasta balanced on my stomach. i thought it might be an anomaly, but here i lie, laptop on lap- and a container of icing on my belly.

so not only am i dipping pretzels in leftover cupcake icing... i'm doing it while pregnant and using my stomach as a table. yikes. next thing you know i'll be in a minivan. *shudder*
the weeks keep on flying by as we get closer and closer to the end of the world as we know it... aka. my due date.

i had my first braxton hicks contraction last night - it was so weird!! it also reminded me that my body is already preparing for lily's birth even though its still over 3 months away.

i came across this photo last night that i have seen several times before and was so taken back when i realized that lily is already 2 weeks older than the baby holding the doctor's hand in the picture. now THAT is strange...


sleep is extremely precious to me right now and i am a grumpy girl if you ruin it for me. two people i have a very hard time being mad at woke me up this morning with the following unpleasantness:

6:00 a.m. bea throws up

6:45 a.m. lily has the hiccups and is pressed firmly against my bladder... so approximately every 10 seconds i need to pee

mama needs a nap.


you know your belly is getting big when....

you accidentally bump it while doing upright rows at the gym.

i can only imagine this getting more and more interesting from here...


guess whose special day it is....

happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you!
happy birthday dear casey!
happy birthday to you!!

have you ever seen a cuter 7 year old?? i doubt it!


this seems to be just as good of a march madness theory as any...


what a truly truly amazing weekend of answered prayers! we got to see our sweet baby and found out that it is completely healthy and growing perfectly :) amen!!

we had the ultrasound on friday afternoon and could not have been happier with the results. we had them write down the sex of the baby and kevin and i went to the park to have a picnic and open up the envelope with the big news inside...

we are excited to share that we have a baby GIRL joining our family and she is due july 24th!

here are some pictures from the weekend.

our picnic

the big news!

proud mom

scared dad! :)

sweet lily

thumbs up guys! its nice and warm in here!

just getting ready for a leg workout - i love kicking mom!

proud granparents - gaga and moon!

my girls!

auntie e!


we know what we're having!! we know what we're having!!

i'll tell you this much- one of the dogs was right!! heehee


casey and bea try to answer the question of the day...

we'll know soon enough who is right!
it's a.....

oh, come on you guys!! you know the ultrasound isn't until tomorrow!! :)

i couldn't help myself, but i promise to post the REAL results over the weekend! we only have 30 hours to go, but who's counting?

(oh yeah, i am!)


for those of you keeping score of my lent infractions ( right ------>) you might notice i'm up to a whopping $13. at least the pace has slowed down a bit... i quickly learned that i curse entirely too much when playing a highly competitive game of air hockey. i was so excited when we got the air hockey table at work - its too bad it makes me swear like a sailor!

and for anyone needing a little eye-candy this morning, i give you a beautiful picture taken by miss brenda on her cell phone in the grocery store checkout:
note to self: never wear mom jeans with a thong.


i am SO SO happy its friday! this means several things:

1. only 7 days until i find out if tiny is a girl or boy!

2. engagement celebration tonight with chris and meg!

3. three words: sleep in tomorrow!

4. 2 full days until i have to come back to work!

and MOST importantly....

5. i get to see kevin tonight!! :)