i couldn't be happier for meg and chris!


i was laying on the couch last night just after 10:00, browsing through email on my laptop when.... POKE!!

i tried not to move to see if i could get an encore and then faintly again - poke, POKE!
wow! tiny was waving hello!! as if to say "hey mama! i'm in here!!"

i couldn't stop smiling - i just wish kevin could feel it too. how amazing! there's really somebody in there :)


a HUGE congratulations is in store today for one very happy and very lucky couple. i'm afraid to post their picture or name names until she has a chance to spread her joy with everyone personally... but i'll only give her until tomorrow and then the cat's out of the bag!! :)


i was on the couch watching tv last night and bea jumped up to cuddle. she was making me laugh because she curled up with my legs and fell asleep.



my reasons for going home for lunch today were two-fold.

1. this weather is amazing!! i brought my potbelly home and ate on the back porch while the dogs enjoyed the warm sun.

2. i have a hole in my pants the size of cleveland that is located squarely in the crotch. safety pin, anyone?!!

bea had a ball rolling around in the grass until her back was sufficiently scratched


you only have three weeks to make your vote count! i thought it would be fun to see what everyone is guessing for the sex of the baby. hopefully i can keep myself entertained in the next few weeks to make the time fly by.


the big day is just 3 weeks away!
we will find out the sex of the baby on friday, march 9th!


crazy days around the burpo abode lately. here are a few pictures i've taken in the last week or so...


tired snuggles after playing all day

the dogs' favorite car ride positions. looks like a dog guillotine to me!

this warning sticker was on a storage container i bought. note to self: no babies in boxes.


this weekend kevin and i went to see the bodyworlds exhibit at the science museum. i thought the show was really amazing. i find it hard to believe that my body is making something as complicated and intricate as a human body right now!

the most moving portion of the show for me was the developmental section that housed fetuses and an 8-month pregnant woman. when i saw her body cradling the baby i was just overcome by how truly perfect pregnancy is. i definitely had tears in my eyes after seeing her as well as the small 16 week old fetus.

it is so perfectly formed and made- its tiny toes and sweet little eyelids. its hard to comprehend that i have one inside me right now.

for you formed my inward parts;
you wove me in my mother's womb.
i will give thanks to you,
for i am fearfully and wonderfully made;
wonderful are your works,
and my soul knows it very well.
psalm 139:13-14

the next morning at church we were singing a song that has made me cry ever since i found out i was pregnant. i just get this overwhelming realization that salvation has already been offered to my child and is waiting for him/her to grasp and accept. i imagine seeing my child finding its first joy in praise and honoring god and i just feel so much gratitude and responsibility all at once.

it is hard to describe, but i always end up crying! the song is called amazing love:

i'm forgiven because you were forsaken.
i'm accepted- you were condemmed.
i'm alive and well, your spirit lives within me
because you died and rose again.

amazing love, how can it be
that you my king would die for me
amazing love, i know its true
and its my joy to honor you.

in all i do, i honor you.


we had a blast playing around on the myheritage.com site at julie's house saturday night. we were howling with laughter at some of the celebrity lookalikes. if you haven't done it before, its really entertaining!

i uploaded a pic this morning...since when am i asian?

at least they threw grace kelly in there to make me feel better!


we have new audio of the tiny burps!

i could listen to this sound all day long! the pic is the only one we have of the little bugger, but in another month we'll get to see it again, get cute pics, and find out if its a he-burp or a she-burp.


pop quiz... what is the main difference in these two cribs?

give up? i'll tell ya.... about $400. bargain mollie strikes again!
fun info about the tiny burps this week!

Your baby's taste buds are beginning to form now, too, may be able to taste what you've been eating. Researchers found that flavors from the food pregnant women ate ended up in their amniotic fluid. They also found that eating healthy foods during pregnancy may help your baby develop a preference for those foods that could last a lifetime.

At around 4 inches long, crown to rump, your baby now weighs about 2.5 ounces.