lily had her very first play date this week with anna kate perry. lily is a whole 10 days older than anna kate and had a lot of wisdom to share about life and trials of being an infant. it was really nice for her to have someone to talk to about nipple confusion and how hard it is to get your days and nights straight.

clearly they both need to work on their picture taking skills. before you know it they will master the sorority girl 'lean in' for pictures, but for now its pure awkwardness. :)


much to kevin's disappointment i must announce that so far there is no indication that miss lily has the makings of a future tennis superstar.

she is starting to realize that the flailing appendages around her actually belong to her, but so far her hand-eye coordination is less than stellar (as should be expected). last night she was throwing her hands around in excitement and landed her hand smack dab in her left eye.

it took a moment for her to realize what happened, but then the screaming began. poor girl had a big red swollen eye for a while, but as with all things in her life, it was cured with a little time snuggled on daddy's chest.

anna kournikova? maybe not... but she might give laila ali a run for her money.


we had a party for my nephew charlie this weekend in dallas. he is such a cutie pie!

charlie + mollie

GaGa + charlie

the guest of honor!

mollie + a very surprised charlie + erin

michelle (mom) + happy charlie


i keep a daily log of lily's meals so that i can remember when it was that she ate last, which side she ate on, etc. it also serves as handy proof that i actually do get something accomplished during the day- an average of 4-5 hours are spent feeding her!

this log includes late night and the wee hours of the morning. for example, here are the entries from a typical night:

side: time
left: 10:00pm - 10:25
right: 1:00am - 1:35
left: 5:45am - 6:10

this is what i saw when i woke up this morning:

side: time
right: 11:40pm - 12:10am
left : 1:00am - seat air crashes
right: 3:45am - 4:05

i'd love to know several things about that log including, but not limited to,
a) what in the world happened at 1am
b) what exactly does "seat air crashes" mean
c) when writing apparently while sleeping or dreaming, do you at some point realize you're being an idiot talking nonsense or no?


babies are forever.

ok, maybe babies aren't forever, but kids are. i can't tell you how many times i've looked at lily and thought "well i guess we can't change our minds about having kids now, huh?" haha.

we definitely didn't read the fine print when deciding that babies were cute and maybe we should think about having one... just so you know, there is no return policy on these suckers.

truthfully, she is an amazing blessing and of course we wouldn't dream of returning or exchanging her (are you SURE you don't have one that sleeps through the night at birth??)

now i'm off to feed my baby for the 8th time today. no really, babies are SO fun. ;)


katy had the best find! check out this bumper sticker:

how funny is that? apparently there is an elementary school in fort worth called lily b. clayton. i gotta get my hands on one of those stickers!
vote for erin!

if you have a second, please vote for my friend erin HERE!

you can listen to her music HERE if you want to be sure i'm not leading you astray and encouraging you to vote for someone who sucks. she doesn't, i promise. she actually really rocks! :)

she even recorded a CD of lullabies for miss lily - soon you'll be able to sample them HERE


it was such a beautiful morning! lily and i decided to take advantage of the cool weather to shock the neighbors with a nude photo shoot out on the front lawn.

the look on her face in that last picture is her peeing all over herself and her blanket, signalling the end of our glamour shots session. :)


lily's week in pictures

nuzzling auntie e

celebrating hula style with kai


goofing around

such a cutie pie

dad gave me my very first bottle

sweetness with dad


i've been slacking this week. i don't know how the blog isn't on the top of my to-do list. i realize it should be right up there after breastfeeding. i mean this should definitely take precedence before sleep - sorry about that. i obviously need to get my priorities in order.

and who is sleeping these days anyway? no one at my house! :)

lily is doing really well and is already having her 3 week growth spurt. which is of course good news for her chubby cheeks, but not so good news for my mammary glands. these puppies are working overtime!

ahh... see just when i get to typing the beast is stirring! more later!


the pastor at church yesterday referenced this quote and i thought it was worth posting as food for thought:

"The great tragedy is not mainly masturbation or fornication or acting like a peeping Tom (or curious Cathy) on the internet. The tragedy is that Satan uses the guilt of these failures to strip you of every radical dream you ever had, or might have, and in its place give you a happy, safe, secure, American life of superficial pleasures until you die in your lakeside rocking chair, wrinkled and useless, leaving a big fat inheritance to your middle-aged children to confirm them in their worldliness. That’s the main tragedy." - John Piper

it is so interesting to think about how we allow Satan to put the guilt of sin (any sin, not just sexual as referenced in the quote) as a wedge between ourselves and God and therefore rob us of our potential and the greatness that God has planned for us.


its true what they say, you should never leave a baby within reach of a dog - especially a vicious pit bull.

look- he's already planning to eat her!!

mmm... gonna snack on some baby face

more pictures of lily here and here :)


my baby is two weeks old!!

we had our check-up today and baby girl is a champ at eating. i wonder who she gets that from... hah! she has gained almost a pound since she was born and is now 7lbs, 7ozs.

according to the charts she is:

50th percentile - weight
90th percentile - height
80th percentile - head circumference

on all accounts she is absolutely perfect! of course, she did pee all down my shirt while i was holding her to get weighed, but we'll strike that from the record for now :)


we've officially made it past week one! so far we've managed our way through the very emotional departure of my mom (aka. the most helpful GaGa in the universe), our first discount shopping trip to target, tacos at maria's, our first restaurant meal at maudies, and a lovely bout of mastitis.

lily and i are really excited because kevin is home for a few days this week to spend time with us and make sure i am getting a decent nap in every once in a while. he is such an amazing dad already - i can't believe how lucky lily is to have a dad who is so in love with her.


lily had her first outing with mom and dad today. to celebrate being a week old we went to maria's for breakfast tacos.

shout out to south austin!


my first week of life
by: lily

YAWN! this has been a tiring week!

my GaGa was here all week taking good care of me. mom and i both cried a lot when she left. we miss her already.

i had my first bath today. i'm not sure i like getting clean - i'm a dirty bird already!

mom calls this my 'drunk milk face' when i am in breastmilk coma

i kinda like this new shelf mom has.

the peavy boys came to visit me!

they are such hotties!

i tried to make out with kyle...

he is such a sweetheart!