like mother like daughter...

i have had a collection of antique cameras forever and since my decorating taste doesn't really lend itself super well to collections, i am never sure what to do with them so a few have made their way into the playroom as bookends.

lily has started using this kodak brownie as a modern camera- holding it up to her face and saying 'cheeeese' or 'picture!'. it cracks me up- and its a little scary to see her emulating me already. i had better get my act together :)

taking a 'picture' out the window

also, here are a few snaps of miss eve. she hasn't changed a ton, but i do think she's starting to look different. its funny, when i look back on pictures of lily around 3 months i can 'see' what lily looks like now in the baby's face already. we still have a while before we hit that milestone, but it will be interesting to see how they develop differently!

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