the phrase 'patience is a virtue' as well as the lyrics to the 'have patience' song pass my lips on a daily basis. both come in quite handy when a toddler has repeated her request for the 15th time in a row when you are usually very much occupied elsewhere. (for example, 'mommy, open please'... 'mommy open please'.... 'mommy open'...'pleeeeease'... 'mommy open please')

now that i have 2 under 2, the need for patience is much more of a two way street around here. not only could my toddler use a boost, but i run pretty low myself most days. i blame lack of sleep combined with the whole minor issue of also caring for a newborn.

its funny, i wouldn't have believed you a month ago, but at this point either a) having a newborn or b) having a toddler seem quite manageable and stress free. its c) having a newborn and a toddler that i'm not so adept at quite yet.

right when you think 'i am pretty sure i finally have this under control!' is when your 2-year-old lets go of your free hand and runs off while you chase her carrying an unwieldy infant carseat yelling 'come back here!' and by the time you reach her, she is sitting in the middle of the street and has removed her shoes.

this lack of patience leads to quick and sometimes unfairly directed frustration. now frustration is something any 2-year-old can relate to. heck, just pull out a puzzle or a shape sorter for the first time if you want to see some good toddler frustration.

not that mommies are immune. i was raising my voice and altering my tone on the telephone in frustration the other day and turned around to hear lily saying 'shh shh shhhhh. shh shh shhhhh.' as though i was a colicky baby she was trying to calm. now if that's not a giant slice of patience and humble pie, i don't know what is! it was darn funny too.

so for now i guess we'll both keep reminding each other to 'have patience, have patience, don't be in such a hurry' and have grace for each other when it doesn't quite work out that way.


johnwaire | photo said...

i'm gonna keep this one close for when october comes...and #2 arrives for us :)

i think letter c will replaced with d...where having a teenager becomes the stage that pushes the patience envelope.

keep up the good work. the way i look at things and settle myself -- none of these stages last forever.

Elizabeth Phillips said...

Too bad patience is something you can't fake. But how sweet it is that you can say to your girls, "Mommy needs Jesus to give her patience too."

Our Path to Parenthood said...

I admire you for your patience and the strength to manage 2 under 2 with such a great attitude. I had my first 7 weeks ago and still feel like everyday I get through is a blessing :)