when i was little i loved to wear big t-shirts as nightgowns.  whenever i was in trouble my dad noticed i would tend to wear one of his old shirts just when i knew he was angry with me.  he would come in at bedtime for my 'talk' and there i was innocently wearing his worn out 'lone star beer' ringer tee.  (my favorite had a scene of armadillos drinking beer.... i know you're shaking your head right now and that's okay with me)

it was totally subconscious.  i really wasn't that smart, but dad noticed it enough to finally point it out.

today i was in a crummy mood.  just grumpy all around yuck and i noticed for the second time that when i'm in a bad mood i keep wearing my haiti clothes.  i have on the t-shirt i wore during most of the trip and the bracelet i bought at heartline.  i guess i figure somewhere deep down that was a time i found simple joy.  that i had perspective.  that i thought less of myself.

i'm not sure the outfit helped today but it made me smile when i realized the more things change, the more i seem to stay the same. 

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