if you haven't caught on yet, we now live in what someone recently referred to as 'the sticks'.  now to be fair, it isn't exactly country living seeing as we are 15 minutes from downtown but on the other hand we DO have a septic tank.

to me in many ways it seems the best of both worlds.

until you take the bugs into consideration.  wait, not just bugs-   don't forget the vermin.

we were out on a walk yesterday in the rain.  it was just barely sprinkling when we headed out and the girls were loving it!  kevin was pushing annie in the stroller and i had a firm grasp on eve and lily's hands.  i was so happy when we got to meet another neighbor who was also outside- we haven't met as many as i'd like quite yet.

then as we round a bend in the road eve nonchalantly said 'that's kinda a big spider' and i glance in the general direction she is facing and HOLYFREAKINGSHIT i screamed 'KEVIN!!!!'

it was a full on huge tarantula just casually making its way across the street.  i jumped back and pulled the girls with me.  kevin reverted to his 11 year old self and set a fabulous example by spitting on the spider (which in the rain you would think it might not even notice?).  the thing literally charged kevin and thankfully 11 year-old kevin is a pretty quick runner.

we turned around on the walk since it was starting to actually rain rather than just drizzle and i promptly announced 'if we ever find one of THOSE in our house, i'm moving downtown'


Melissa said...

OMG! I am LOLLLLL at this post! We are stationed in OK and I know ALL about those tarantulas. I would be driving and you could see them crossing the road they were that big! Shivers!!

W said...

hilarious! I saw a 3 inch sized spider that had an egg attached to it. it was the biggest spider I've ever seen. I almost went into convulsions. I can't imagine seeing a tarantula just nonchalantly taking a stroll!

KK said...

haha omg I'm totally laughing and can picture this all so well! You are hilarious! I love love love your blog- so crazy because I don't even know you, but it's so refreshing to read because you're just so real. Thank you! :-)

Meegs said...

Epp! I definitely have the heeby-jeebies now!

Elizabeth Phillips said...

AND now I'm never coming to visit. Sorry. I don't do spiders. Or vermin.

Cindy Charlton-Matejka said...

LOL, loved the laugh this morning. We had an onslaught of wood roaches last week (typical in the country). They come around for a week, and then are gone, but EWWWW.