this year for the christmas i gifted my dad with the promise of an experience.  we've done this before and always enjoyed it.  i loved the year my sister and i took him zip lining!  the promise was a trip to the shooting range. 

i have never been to a range, never shot a handgun.  two things he is very experienced with!

moon is in town helping my sister and knowing the littles would be at preschool today, i decided it was the day for our outing!  i picked him up 9:30 after finding out the shooting range is open 9-9 7 days a week.  (because of course being in a shooting range at 8pm on sunday night makes total sense.)

the indoor range is located logically next door to a pawn shop.  so clearly we're talking a top notch joint.  the folks at the range helped dad guide me to a small semi-automatic pistol.  we donned our earphones and protective eyewear and headed for our target!

we opted to share a 'lane' (is this the correct terminology?  is it like bowling??)  i have to admit for the first 10 minutes every time someone shot their firearm i flinched.  it is freaking LOUD in there even with the headphones on- and the air pressure changes every time someone shoots.  its a little unnerving at first.

i would like to brag that i'm a pretty good shot.  maybe its all that time i spend staring down the barrel of my heavy 70-200 zoom lens sure-ing up my hands?  ha!

the most 'mollie' moment of the morning came when a bullet casing flew out of my gun and into my cleavage.  wearing a glamorous sports bra (as usual), the thing was burning hot and stuck to my skin.  i turned around to shake it out of my top, unwittingly while pointing an armed gun at my dad and the shooting range attendant.  neither of them were amused.  and i have the battle scars to prove it.

(taken 5 hours later!)

all in all it was a fun experience.  i'm glad to have shared it with moon and i still love 'experiences' as gifts.  now i just have to think of what to give him for father's day...

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