there are just certain things in life that you don't know the depth of your passion for until pushed.  i have begun to realize how strongly i feel about the freedom of expression and worship lately.  it isn't something i have given much thought in the past and what a blessing it is to live in a country where i have been privileged to take this freedom for granted.

as a mom i allow and encourage my kiddos to worship every day- in songs, in dance, in our words, in the way we treat others.  it is all worship.  or rather it CAN all be worship.

i want my kids to be able to feel fully themselves in every environment.  to feel authentic and comfortable with all walks of people and in all places.  

we started at a new school this week.  kindergarten is becoming a reality very quickly.  i already feel fed and nurtured by our school choice and i am so so excited about this coming year.  as these random disparate thoughts were bouncing around my head this morning i sat in a lecture and heard a school leader say "don't reduce your faith to morals and behavior.  your kids need to know and trust the truth of the gospel" 

amen, hallelujah to that.  so here's to a year of character building.  i think lily and i both have a lot to learn in kindergarten, but my greatest hope is that she will feel fully able to be her true self, to find ways to worship in her own way daily, and to find a connection to the truth that is the gospel.

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The Writer Chic said...

Mollie, can I ask....are you doing a Christian school? (Or variation, non-denom, etc) My biggest starts the big K in a few weeks, too, and we are going public. Albeit in one of the best school districts in our area, I'm still hesitant. I was Christian school 1-12 and then postgrad; hubby was public all the way through. I'm feeling like this is very uncharted territory for me. I'd love to hear more about how you chose which path was right for your girl.