moving on up

i had planned to post a LINK to our home for sale here to boost the possibility of a quick sale, but the austin market didn't need me to help find a buyer one bit.  if you live elsewhere in the world it might not be on your radar, but with our small town having on average 150 new people moving to it on the daily, the real estate market is insanity.

we started to feel the tug to move last summer.  despite having just put in an amazing pool of our design and loving having friends over to enjoy it almost daily, we still felt living in our current home left us with a feeling of lacking community.  those in big cities might not really understand how much of a difference 5-10 miles can make in austin (and especially southwest austin) but the stronger the tug felt and the closer we came to the prime selling season we felt it was time to leave.

every person that saw our listing asked me why in the world we were leaving this paradise and to that i really don't have an answer that has satisfied many of the inquirers.  i don't need an answer for anyone else and kevin and i are thankful to be 100% on the same page as far as leaving is concerned.  for some reason 'being closer to family' and 'closer to downtown' or 'we miss living in community' doesn't seem to convince anyone else we should be leaving.  i am going to miss this house.  i will likely never live in another one like it and i will miss just a million things about it.  in the end, it is just a house.

so where are we going?  well we aren't leaving austin (never, silly).  we are simply moving about 8 miles away, still in southwest austin in a neighborhood where my sister's family and several friends live. after much gnashing of teeth and worry and prayers for peace, i resigned to needing to get an apartment for the summer while we continued to home search (which in austin is more like stalking then pouncing and hoping your offer beats the other 5-10 they get the day the house hits the market).

and then our offer was chosen.  the first offer we put in on any home was selected.  for a house on my sister's street.  5 houses away from a family member!  that was one of those days when you don't have to convince me that God delights in the details of our lives.

wanting this to be a smooth transition for my girls, i already signed them up to be on the new neighborhood's swim team.  we are just two days into practice and standing yesterday watching the girls chatting with other 5-6 year old neighbors made me so happy.  i was able to talk to no less than 5 amazing women that i am thrilled to have in closer proximity of my life.  annie was able to play with her little cousins on the playground during practice.

sometimes it seems to good to be true.  i know its going to be a painful transition in some ways (goodbye yard, pool, and about 1200 sq feet!!!) but we are hoping the reward far outweighs those growing pains.  we are looking forward to our move in less than 6 weeks!


Unknown said...

I can totally relate! I have read your blog since before you had Lily. I have 3 girls myself, 2,4,& 6. I live in a similar situation you live in and my husband and I always talk about the lack of community. We always try to justify staying for the big house, yard, pool, ect. But know that in the end it is just a house! Glad you are making the move, you won't regret it.

Ashley B. said...

I'm one of those people that are currently in a smaller (1500 sqft) home wanting bigger but also wanting community. I like our neighborhood but there aren't that many families with children.

So happy to hear about your new adventure. Truly sounds like the best decision you could have made!

Larisa said...

congratulations! I *wish* I could be 5 houses away from my sister - that's incredible! Wishing you the best. :)

Larisa said...

oh wow - came back because I just watched the slideshow of your home! beautiful!! Love the light, but I do love that we are in a kid-heavy neighborhood and you definitely can't beat being so close to cousins and sisters!

Staci said...

sounds like a no brainer! so wish that we could live 5 houses down from you. i miss the great times we had and i'm sure they would have only gotten better with time!