conversation with lily this morning:

l: can mommy get the cheese off my toast?
(pointing at a few yellowy white remnants of butter that didnt melt)
m: lil, that's butter not cheese
l: i no like cheese
m: its butter, you like butter
l: can mommy get it off?
m: no, its butter. its all spread on the whole toast, i promise you like it.
(lily stares at the toast)
m: just try it lil
(lily gently licks the little yellow white pat in the corner of her toast, realizing how wonderfully delicious melted butter can be)
l: can i have more butter please?

that's my girl. :)


Dania said...

Love it. Bean now turns to me and says "mommy, I want too much butter!". Gotta love the way toddler little minds work.

Bonnie said...

Ben is the same way about the butter when it isn't completely melted. Everything has to be just right and the same every day.

Erin Ivey said...

waaaaait wait wait... a child of Mollie Donovan does not like CHEESE???

blondie42107 said...

Love it!