i respected the turkey, so today it was go time for christmas celebrations! we planned to head out first thing in the morning to get a tree, but i was sidelined for a bit with the happy surprise that a client of mine was in labor. i headed out and BARELY made it in time to photograph her birth as planned (she was about to push when i walked in the door!)

we headed out after that to find a tree and lily was PUMPED. she enjoyed every single moment. here are a few pics


The Barron's said...

Oh my gosh... your tree is beautiful!!! I love the pic with Lily in the background. So precious!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, once again. And glad to see the hub's foot is healing!

lena said...

Lily's smile is pure joy.

The Lunoff Adventures said...

First, Kevin makes me nervous on the ladder....didn't he just get out of the "boot". Second, the pic's of the girls together is priceless. Third, I love Lily's bob hair cut. So so cute.

A Wedding Story said...

What wonderful pictures!! May I ask which lens you used for these pictures. They seem to have a beautiful light to them. Do you post these SOOC or fix them?

If you have 2 seconds to email me that would be awesome!

Just trying to take better pictures with my Nikon D90!

Montag said...

I am not usually one to linger too long over pictures of children, but you seem to have things just right.
Everything seems balanced: the cute with the thoughtful...the humorous with the serious...the picture of the Christmas tree balanced by the husband on ladder is a surprisingly wonderful construction.
And the things the kids say are very enjoyable.
I like every bit of it.