my day in numbers...

7... minutes eve has been crying since going down (overtired) for her nap
1... times i have shouted 'that's ENOUGH!'
2... shots lily got at the doctor
3... times eve threw up last night
15... times lily shouted 'mommy turn the hall light OFF' while i was trying to clean up puke at 2am
5... days until lily's birthday party and i've done zilch to prepare
3... diapers our dog dug out of the trash and ate while we were out
2... playgrounds already visited today in an effort to keep grumpy girls happy until nap time
0... the amount of motivation i have to clean my house in the first quiet moment i've had since waking up
6... rooms in my house need to be cleaned
154... days until i can crack open a cold one during nap time after mornings like this


Bonnie said...

This made me smile and feel horribly for you at the same time. Poor Molly.

mollie said...

whatever, bonnY. ;)

Holly and Sean said...

LOL, I can totally relate! I think we hit 3 parks on Saturday... great while we're there but when we leave she knows how to make a scene.
Here's hoping they give you at least an hour of peace and quiet!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you're having a rough day, but thank you for making it entertainment for us blog readers