lesson learned: no letting the girls split a milkshake at lunch.

the banging was actually quite loud in person :)

to add to the humor of the situation, lily was yelling from her room 'stop! i'm trying to sleep!!!'

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Emily said...

Too funny!! My brother and I shared a wall growing up and our beds were against it. We used to communicate by banging through the wall. (ie. when the phone would ring for him, when he needed to turn the music down, when I was bugging him, etc.) Now that we are grown up, if we are ever both at home and in bed, which is very rare and only for holidays. Every once in a while I will bang on the wall to him. Just for old times sake! He is 4 years older than me and "too cool" at times to act like he appreciates it, but he will still knock back, even if it is for no reason at all!
AWWW, not sure if they share a wall, but either way, this video made me think of my "stupid" big brother!!